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What is Nano-CBD?

What is Nano CBD and is more dangerous than regular CBD?

Along with the exploding popularity of Hemp Oil came new products developed with new technologies. One of these novelties is nano-CBD or water-based CBD.

The philosophy behind nano-CBD is that smaller particles are easier to reach their destination. This, it’s claimed, may increase bioavailability and the absorption rate of CBD by the human body.

Nanotechnology is used by the pharmaceutical and medical industries to carry their healing compounds to their targeted area. However, when it comes to CBD, the jury is still out as to whether nano-CBD is indeed better performing and more bioavailable compared to conventional CBD.

If your body is absorbing and holding onto parts of what you consume, wouldn't you want to consume only pure things, like a pure hemp oil.

What Is the Theory behind Nano-CBD?

Nano-CBD refers to CBD that has been engineered to be in the form of tiny particles, one-millionth of a meter.

Nanoparticles are supposed to be more agile and quicker to move around the body due to their small size. Nanotechnology is claimed to help increase the bioavailability of a compound in the body and how fast it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to the rate of absorption of any compound by the human body.

When you take CBD orally, it has to pass through your digestive system. It is then broken down by the liver before it is allowed to reach the bloodstream. This can take up to one to two hours after ingestion.
This lengthy process breaks down a large part of the compound before it ever reaches the bloodstream. The ultimate quantity of the compound that reaches the bloodstream is a percentage of the initial quantity ingested.

In the case of CBD, only 5 to 20% of the initial quantity ends up in the bloodstream when it is consumed orally. This means that between 80% and 95% is lost during the digestive process, so it has no effect on you.

All pharmaceutical companies are aware of bioavailability and calculated dosages taking into account how much of a substance will reach the bloodstream.

Why Is Nano-Technology Considered Better?

Nano-technology is based on the minuscule size of the particles. It is believed that this makes it easier for them to reach their targeted spot as smaller drops have an increased surface compared to one single larger one.

Imagine a large ball’s surface and then divide this ball into thousands of smaller ones: their combined surface is greater than the surface of the large ball. This increased surface multiplies the particles’ absorptive tissue and may help them be absorbed faster. This would mean that more CBD ends up in the body.

CBD Is Lipophilic

An added argument used by the nano-technology industry is that CBD is lipophilic. This means it attaches itself to fatty tissue and does not blend in water. Have you ever tried to mix water with oil? The oil just sits on top of the water and never blends with it.

The same can be said of CBD. It binds to oily compounds, but our body is mainly made of water.

How does nano-technology help with that? The theory is that minuscule CBD particles behave like water-based ones inside the body. Therefore, instead of them lingering around without mixing with the body’s water, they start blending.

Nanotechnology has some real power to do good, but research is needed to confirm that all of its effects are safe.

What Are the Drawbacks of Nanotechnology?

While the theory of nano-technology is very promising, it is still unclear how beneficial it is to the human body.

Nanotechnology Uses Added Chemicals

In order to reduce CBD into tiny particles, nanotechnology uses chemicals. Each nano-globule is covered in these. People interested in the natural and wholesome aspect of Hemp Oil may wish to avoid the chemicals found in nano-CBD products.

What If Nano-Globules Enter Body Organs They Are Not Supposed to?

Smaller particles can enter body tissues and organs that larger ones can’t. We are still unsure what effect nano-compounds can have on the body.

What Happens to the Nano-Droplets?

The nano-droplets are so small that they may build up inside cells. This could potentially lead to inflammation, swelling, and tissue damage. The technology is still young and a lot remains to be investigated about nano-technology and the possible risks.

Synchronicity Has Chosen the Natural Way

Our team at Synchronicity has chosen to respect Hemp’s integrity and involve the least processing possible.

Hemp Is a Natural Product

Nature has given us a plant that is brimming with far more than CBD. Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins are all included in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Instead of processing Hemp’s botanical compounds, we have decided to respect nature and offer you as natural a product as possible.

While nano-technology could be promising, we dislike the processing and the chemicals involved in the production process.

A Gentle Processing Method

Our method is based on the least intervention possible. For instance, instead of using a harsh extraction process that uses CO2 or ethanol, we have developed our own process called LipidTrans™. We infuse whole-plant Hemp into coconut oil or MCT and let the botanical compounds of Hemp seep into the carrier oil before gently hand-pressing to produce our Synchronicity Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Our method of infusion doesn’t involve any chemicals or solvents and is the most natural and gentle way of processing Hemp.

Pure Hemp, Grown in the United States

Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products are American-made.

We care about the quality and excellence of the Hemp used. We believe that the purer the Hemp, the better-performing the final product will be. CBDRx18, our proprietary Hemp plant, has been carefully chosen to have an abundance of CBD. We grow our Hemp locally in Colorado using sustainable methods.

A clean and safe product has an increased bioavailability because it has undergone very little processing. The body recognizes it as a natural compound and quickly adjusts to its consumption.

Whole Plant Hemp Oil with no additives or harsh extraction chemicals will always be the best way to take hemp oil.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our entire product range is based on Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil instead of CBD isolate.

Hemp is teeming with helpful cannabinoids and other natural compounds. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all the natural compounds found in Hemp, such as CBC, CBN, CBG, CBDV, CBDA, THCV, and more. It also contains terpenes, which are the natural aromatic oils of Hemp, as well as antioxidant flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and essential oils.

In contrast, CBD isolate contains only CBD without any of the other helpful and beneficial compounds.

Research suggests that each compound increases the efficiency of the others. When all the wholesomeness of Hemp is combined, the whole effect is greater than the sum of the parts. Each compound enhances the strength of the rest and all together produce a more potent result. This is known as the entourage effect. With Synchronicity, you feel the True Entourage Effect™.

Why should we put Hemp through chemicals and solvents to produce nano-CBD when we can have excellent results with nothing more than a little help from nature?

Our full range of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products includes face creams and serums, sunscreen, body lotions, oils, butters and balms, as well as tinctures and capsules.

See our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products online or try out our trial kit to decide which ones work best for you. We offer free shipping on all orders.

Feel the Full Effect™ with Synchronicity and enjoy the purest Hemp Oil.


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