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Let’s Talk About CBDA and Its Possible Benefits

CBDA is part of a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture sold at Synchronicity Hemp Oil
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

As researchers and scientists enthusiastically continue their expanding research on the hemp plant and its consequent products, such as Hemp Oil, more new and exciting discoveries are being regularly revealed. During this “Gold Rush” era, where deeper dives into various components and elements are uncovered, there is a lot of exciting talk concerning cannabidiolic acid (hereinafter referred to as CBDA in this article) and its possible benefits to humans. So, it is time we talk about CBDA and its possible benefits – a topic particularly close to our hearts, since all products at Synchronicity™ are manufactured using Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, which is the only way you can benefit from all the compounds found in the miraculous hemp plant (including CBDA) and experience a True Entourage Effect™.

Understanding the Basics of the CBDA Compound

If it seems like CBD and CBDA should be related to each (at least closer than other compounds also found in the hemp plant), you are already on the right track. The best clue to this logical conclusion is to take a closer peek at their formal scientific names: CBD is cannabidiol and CBDA is cannabidiolic acid, so clearly the two compounds must have a closer relationship. And they do…

Basically, hemp plants produce an abundance of CBDA in its early stage of growth and maturity; either over time, or by undergoing a decarboxylation process (by exposure to heat or sunlight), CBDA converts to the more common and popular cannabinoid which has today’s world agog: CBD. Humans love analogies, so let’s use one for this changing compound; the compound itself undergoes change, just like children mature into adults. This doesn’t mean that children are useless or valueless, even though their skill sets and physical functioning may need more years of maturity until they become fully beneficial.

Another, perhaps more fitting, analogy would be a plant-to-plant comparison. We may tend towards thinking of consuming only those edible plants which have grown to full maturity and ripened to a juicy flavor, but we can and do eat the nutrients generated by plants at nearly every stage of development. Consider the many seeds we add to our salads, snacks, cereals, and other foods; then there are the wonderful sprouts to enjoy, which are seedlings beginning to sprout (and which many enthusiasts claim may be healthier than their fully-matured counterparts).

Life is all about balance. CBD products too are about balancing different cannabinoids into one effective mix. CBDA is just one of those cannabinoids that can be introduced to have a varying effect from maybe another CBD concoction.

Even fruits and vegetables well past their maturation age may have a place on a dish or in a glass; especially crazy is the fact that we let some foods, such as grapes, go so old as to begin fermenting, after which, voilà!, you may be decanting a fine and expensive wine or popping open a pricey bottle of champagne!

So let’s not be too hasty in belittling the young upstart, CBDA which often matures into CBD. As many people and researching continue to learn, CBD presents an alternative approach to some health and wellness conditions, with many individuals experiencing positive results and benefits through regular use.

Some of the more common conditions and discomforts for which many people are now applying or consuming CBD products with the hope of relief include:

  • Acne – with many researchers extolling CBD as a possible therapeutic agent for treating acne, those suffering from acne are not waiting for an absolute verdict that CBD can eradicate acne but are already including it in their daily face cleansing regimen, with many claiming outstanding results.
  • Anxiety and/or Depression – we all suffer from anxiety and depression to varying degrees; CBD is a natural and gentle way to approach possible relief, partly because it doesn’t appear to interfere with other compounds and medicines, with its inclusion sometimes seeming to help.
  • High Blood Pressure – multiple studies examining the relationship of CBD to heart health matters encourages further studies, as early results appear to indicate CBD has the potential ability to reduce and maintain a lower, healthier blood pressure level, which health professionals agree can lead to an improved circulatory system and strengthened heart muscles.
  • Insomnia – those with difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping restlessly all suffer from insomnia; this problem affects over 3 million Americans annually, and a good percentage of those people have chosen CBD as a preferred avenue for seeking potential relief (treating yourself to nightly relaxation sessions can also help establish the right mood and setting for a better sleep.)
  • Pain – whether you are dealing with chronic pain or the occasional aches and pains which accompany the journey of life, CBD may be a valuable addition to your pain alleviation kit, particularly in the form of topical products since they can be directly applied to specific pain points.
  • Side Effects from Cancer Treatments – chemotherapy is a tough cancer treatment therapy, with many of its patients experiencing severe nausea after each session; continuing studies consistently show a strong potential for CBD to help offset nausea resulting from chemotherapy (daily use of our Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules can provide a stable supply of potentially helpful cannabinoids which may be able to offer extra relief after cancer treatment sessions)

Okay, so we see how CBDA, when transformed into CBD, can significantly heighten or boost one’s well-being, but its ability to convert into its trendy older sibling should not overshadow other potential promises being uncovered, as is being realized as expanding research into CBDA continues.

Early CBDA Research Points to Exciting Promises

Researchers are still learning the ins and outs of this marvelous little compound, but they already know that CBDA interacts differently with our endocannabinoid system than other compounds found in the hemp plant. Even though CBDA doesn’t interact directly with our CB1 or CB2 receptors (like most other cannabinoids do), it is neither inactive nor dormant but may play several key roles in helping us achieve and maintain optimal states of health and wellness. Of course, key research will continue to unveil new possibilities and potentialities, but already early studies are hinting at promising results in a variety of health and wellness situations. Keep in mind that all of our Synchronicity™ products employ Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, which takes full advantage of all the key cannabinoids found in the hemp plant; this includes CBDA, which may be one of the stronger participants in producing that True Entourage Effect™ which can make the difference between a ho-hum day and an absolutely fantastic day. Not all the results concerning the studies of CBDA are completely in and fully tested, but early indicators are indeed encouraging; in this spirit of hopefulness, we have included a Synchronicity™ product suggestion for each possible situation highlighted below.

CBDA and Pain Management

It appears at first glance that CBDA may be able to inhibit the COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2) enzyme, which is directly linked to inflammation normally occurring from an injury or infection. By blocking this enzyme, it seems that CBDA may be capable of relieving inflammation and pain associated with such damage. If true, this helps the human body perform its own natural healing process more effectively by the elimination or reduction of swelling and discomfort which can lead to other problems and conditions.

Synchronicity™ product to consider: our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Sports Balm was designed and manufactured so those suffering from specific points of pain can provide a direct application which can hopefully deliver extra relief from pain and discomforts; give it a try!

CBDA and Nausea Management

In a study with rodents, scientists were able to use CDBA to affect levels of serotonin, a chemical our nerve cells produce to support such vital functions such as eating and digestion, motor skills, sleeping, and even emotions. As mentioned in one of the conditions in which CBD shows great promise, that of helping to reduce nausea caused by cancer treatment programs, the idea of controlling serotonin levels is especially intriguing as radiation and chemotherapy often are such strong stressors against which the body defensively reacts by generating excess serotonin, which unfortunately intensifies the sensation of nausea.

Due to CBDA relation to pain in the body, people have taken CBDA for pain in some cases. Find CBD at Synchronicity that has CBDA.

Synchronicity™ product to consider: our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Aromatherapy was designed to aid in obtaining a fuller relaxed state, which may soften nauseous effects; our Lavender Chamomile fragrance uses soothing and relaxing natural ingredients, which may help you float lighter than before.

CBDA and Anxiety/Depression Mediation

Serotonin can also impact how we feel; some studies link depression to lowered serotonin levels, but it is not yet certain that this could be the major cause of depression. However, serotonin is also known as the “happy chemical” since it does appear to boost the sense of happiness and well-being. Perhaps what is most interesting in studies examining the potential for CBDA to treat depression and anxiety is that it appears CBDA interacts with 5-HT receptors (which mediates both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmissions) in a manner similar to other antidepressant medications.

Synchronicity™ product to consider: sometimes establishing a solid and reliable routine can create a sense of stabilization and comfort, so beginning a daily regimen of our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules ensures you are receiving a precise and consistent amount of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil cannabinoids.

CBDA and Seizure/Convulsion Regulation

For years, CBD has shown great promise in aiding those suffering from seizures and convulsions; in fact, Epidiolex is an FDA-approved prescription which uses CBD to treat seizures. Now, because of the unique interaction of CBDA and 5-HT receptors, which results in an anticonvulsive effect, many professionals are suspecting that CBDA may display greater powers in controlling convulsions; already, scientists have determined that the affinity CBDA has towards 5-HT receptors can be as much as 100 times stronger than CBD. Expect to see more interesting and revealing research in this important medical field in the near future!

Synchronicity™ product to consider: a regular intake of CBDA is accomplished when using Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil cannabinoids on a daily basis; so many people find that starting (and sometimes finishing) their day with our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture is an easy and effective way to get that CBDA and those other valuable cannabinoids.

CBDA and Breast Cancer Treatments

This may seem as if it’s out in the far-flung reaches of left field, but it’s still in the ballpark… initial research on isolated cells indicates that CBDA may have the ability to stop metastasis, particularly with MDA-MB-231, an infamously aggressive breast cancer cell.

With no pain, life just seems better again. CBD is what some people turn to for a better feeling of wellness.

Obviously, lots more research is necessary before it can be concluded without a doubt that CBDA can be a successfully combatant against breast cancer, but if proven, it’s surely a spectacular home run with the bases loaded for the medical profession. Simply put, for decades we have been trying to find a cure for cancer; to date, nothing has proven to be entirely effective, but with hard work and some good luck, maybe CBDA can be the hero we have been seeking.

Synchronicity™ product to consider: as with any serious and/or life-threatening illness, most health care professionals urge their patients to perform regular self-care practices which may lower their level of stress and anxiety; our Relax Now Pairing – Full-Spectrum Hemp Body Oil and Aromatherapy could be just the formula to keep you at ease during trying times.

CBDA - The Little Player with the Big Heart

At first glance, it appeared that CBDA was just a little cannabinoid waiting to mature into its more popular and famous mate, CBD. Now that more research and attention is being focused on CBDA, we are learning that this little-known cannabinoid seems to be bursting with incredible potential waiting to be revealed and applied. Yes, we are eternally grateful to CBDA for being an all-important stepping stone to the amazing CBD compound; now however, we are also curiously thrilled as we anticipate what new wonders and possibilities CBDA on its own may introduce into our lives.

You might have noticed several of our Synchronicity™ pairings mentioned above as possible product combinations you may want to try out. But we are also curious to learn if you have imagined your own pairs of Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum CBD Products which have proven effective in your own regimen. If so, we would love to hear from you; as you might imagine, we get a lot of inspiration for our products and pairings by listening to our customers who know and love Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products, as represented in our exquisite Synchronicity™ line.


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ContentsThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare

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