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Amazing products

I first became aware of your products when a friend gave me the 1000mg full strength Synchroncity lotion. I was hooked from the first time I used it.
While I've not been able to find thr lotion, the body butter works just as well.
Your amazing products have made me a loyal customer!

Wonderful hand sanitizer

I just ordered 8. I give as gifts. Will use as stocking stuffers. This Amazing havd sanitizer smells so good-and is not hard. Every time I use it someone asks about if and wants ut

I am not feeling any noticeable change after about three weeks… might it be necessary to continue daily dosage ( 50 mg ) to begin to see results?

did not work for me- didn't feel anything at all

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Facial Cream 250mg

Amazing product!

I have neuropathy from Lyme disease and this body butter really helps take the edge off the nerve pain in my toes and feet. I also use it on my achy muscles. It is part of my daily regime in dealing with Lyme. It will soften and moisturize your skin. LOVE IT!

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

One Tree Planted
Luciana P.

It really helps with anxiety, it slows down the brain a lot, so relief


Great product and great company!

Never received order

Order seems to be lost in mail. Previous orders took 4-5 days for delivery

One Tree Planted
Great Company to Purchase From

I've been a huge fan of this company since the first time I bought the sports balm (oil)
Their customer service is exceptional and they actually really care about whether you're satisfied or not. With so many unknown products these days.....I don't have to worry or wonder if something is legit - I have been purchasing from Synchronicity for a while now and they are superior in every way.

Aroma therapy and soft smooth skin

Service and price are nice, recommend giving it a try.

My favorite choice of CBD

I always buy from them since I know the quality is the best and very trustworthy!

This is by far the best product I have ever tried. And I’m not about to change. When you find something that works as well in this space, stick with it

One Tree Planted


Best thing about the sports balm is easy to use and smells good. For me it works several hours before I need to use it again, if I even have to use it again

Full spectrum hemp oil tincture

I have been using a double dose each morning and have found it beneficial in reducing arthritic pain in my foot and an increased feeling of calm in coping with all the ups and downs of my health and life in general. Thank you for this product!

My arthritis thanks you

My arthritis thanks you Synchronicity!
I’ve cut my usage of NSAIDS by two thirds…. so my stomach thanks you as well.
I have a very active and physically demanding job and I needed a product that was effective and I could trust. Synchronicity touches all the bases and I don’t have to worry about failing a drug test due to low quality.
Thank you!

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Body Butter 450mg

It’s a miracle product

Love this product. Purchased several times. Pain disappears after applying to my back. Also use on knees. It truly works. Great product…great company.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Eases anxiety

I have been able to replace 99% of my prescription anxiety medication with CBD. I am very grateful.

Get rid of your aches and pains!

Luv the roll on sports balm...easy to use and throw it in your bag!


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