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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Youth Serum 100mg

Helps ease pain in fingers

Will purchase again in future

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Hemp Oil Capsules

I was very impressed after using these for one week. They have helped with my digestion problems, colon issues and I have also noticed that I am sleeping better since I started taking them. So happy my neighbor referred your company.

It’s good.

It tastes good. Feels good without ripping a bong hit. Not as strong obviously as that, but a nice substitute for an older guy without taking the Delta 8 stuff.

Never received order

Last purchase has still not arrived in mail

Eye Distress

I woke up this morning, unable to open my left eye. The pain was very uncomfortable and I felt like I had an ingrown eyelash or stye under my left upper eyelid. I immediately put a warm washcloth on my eye and sat down in a chair. I was becoming concerned with what was going on. Here in Florida the pollen count is quite high and my husband suggested it may be due to the pollen. I did feel like the left side of my face had some congestion. My sister-in-law uses these hemp pills (25mg) and suggested I try one. Literally within 15 minutes of taking one my sinuses began to drain and drain and drain! Honestly, I was very surprised. I began to notice that the pain in my eye had subsided, I can open my eye now but I do still feel like I have something underneath my eyelid, I am thankful for the relief! The one pill definitely made a difference for the stress and discomfort in my eye. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.… Thankful for this cbd help!

It works great

I have nerve damage in my feet and if I run around without the correct shoes I can’t sleep because of the pain. I use this hemp oil and it works wonders. I love it

Hemp oil capsules

They upset my stomach

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

Amazing product

We love this hemp oil it has helped to stop/shorten the seizure activity my child has had over the last 2 years and I am grateful for that!

Best CBD on the market. Love the option to plant a tree with my purchase.

Product is great

Need to talk to someone regarding my delivery

awesome had a pinched nerve and helped relieve !!

The Sports Balm that will change your life!

This is by far the best CBD topical I have ever used and have been a CBD fan since 2019. I have tried various products but have never experienced one that worked this fast. It was instant relief that lasted for days. I have tendonitis in my shoulder from a fall, and now that aching pain is almost gone. I have since ordered the sports balm for my family and friends. I was also a Functional Remedies fan but this new formulation sports balm is unbelievable!

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Hemp Oil is great

I take a hemp oil capsule every day. I really think it helps with arthritis and overall well being. Thank you, Synchroncity!

Part of my daily routine

I have been using Synchronicity since 2019 in my daily routine. I take the 1000 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture every night before going to bed. It helps calm my busy mind and body. For about a year during COVID I took it during the day too when I was feeling anxious and stressed. This Tincture supports me relaxing, quiet my busy mind, and I sleep better at night when I take it. What I also love about this company is their commitment to the environment, making sure they control every part of the production to ensure their values are maintained from the seed to the bottle, 3rd party testing, and so much more. I have given their products as gifts and I always recommend them to others. I am pretty sure they have a lifelong customer. Oh, and their customer service is unparallel. In my experience they truly center the customer in the whole experience from purchasing to satisfaction in using their products. There are not many brands that I would say that I have been a customer of as long as I have with Synchronicity. Well done to the whole team.

Very helpful for sleep

Post menopause, sleep has been challenging. Synchronicity hemp oil is part of my bedtime routine; it helps me fall asleep quickly and easily.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

A life changer.

Very Satisfied Customer

The ordering process is easy, and the delivery prompt. More important, the product performs as expected. I use it for relaxation and sleep, and it works like a charm. On the days I don’t use it, I notice a difference in my sleep quality. Pretty sure it’s not a placebo effect, as some of my variables change, but the results don’t.


The product is excellent and works instantly.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture


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