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My daily ‘go to’

I am on auto shipment now, after I ordered the trial kit. Two months in, I take two capsules every day and get a better handle on my pain. At night I add a dropper full of the 1000 mg oil. I use the body butter as needed, loving the little bits of goodness that melt away the stress points. All of it together takes the overall edge off and allow me to function better.
Thanks Synchronicity

Slowly Healing Heat

I like it as the heat comes in slowly instead of instantly like the other balms I've had. Just remember to apply thoroughly on the area that's hurting at least twice a day. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase.

CBD capsules that blew me away

I got these in the trial kit and decided to order more. Taking a cbd pill when I wake up and after I get off work has truly made an impact on some back issues and if I'm being honest, some irritability. I'm pleased to say Synchronicity made a customer out of me with these cbd soft gels.

Trial Kit that surpasses all expectations.

For $20, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. But what I got was not only 4 products to try, but something I hadn't felt before, and I can only assume it was this entourage effect. I was very relaxed and even a bit silly, and totally enjoying it. CBD I don't think gets any better, and I've only just got the trial box.

The real deal

I’ve tried several brands of hemp oil products and never had any results. The synchronicity sampler pack completely changed my thoughts on hemp oil. The oil and the capsules relaxed me and I slept better than I had in months while taking them. The spray was fantastic on sore and aching muscles. I haven’t gotten to the butter but it’s next. This stuff is the real deal!

The Glow

I love it! I use it at nignt, I struggle with muscle spams and I apply to jawline and neck and wake up refreshed and glowing!


I received Synchronicity Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in the mail and I must say I am impressed. My favorite of the set was the hemp oil spray. This stuff really works on sore muscles.. Also enjoyed the Berry Lemonade oil. Taste okay and it totally helped me relax in the evening. Overall opinion I really enjoyed the full spectrum experience


I'm not a big fan of the tincture because of the taste but I'm all good with the capsules. I use hemp to help get good sleep. And this one didn't fail me. It helped me get sleep like a baby.

A great full spectrum hemp oil that helps with my pain and sleeplessness. Hemp drops help with my pain so I can relax and sleep, great products.

Amazing product

This is an incredibly helpful product!

Very nice kit!

Very generous sample size! Very nice and classy box! Great service! I got mainly for sleep, but nothing seems to work. So it's worth trying, different things work for different people 🤔

Love them!

The new 50mgs are perfect when winding down at night and getting ready for a "good nights" sleep!

Did nothing for me

As with all hemp/CBDA products, I felt absolutely nothing. I was really excited because of all the hype.

Helps with sleep!

So far, when I use 25mg tincture just before bed, I fall asleep fairly quickly and stay asleep most of the time. Sleep has been and issue for me for some years now and I am grateful for the help. I also give a few drops in the am and pm to my two pups to help them.

Great product

Love the scent and especially how soft my hands feel after using it.

I haven’t felt the benefits everyone is talking about. Still isn’t helping greatly with waking up at night and trying to fall back to sleep. Take 2 capsules and 2 dropperfuls of the tincture right before bed.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

If the true efficacy of a product can be measured by its benefits through daily usage, then consider me impressed. Even though it may appear to be contradictory, the Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules' effect is both subtle and dynamic.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

Trial kit review

Liked it very much. Using all!

Great product

I bought this for sleep issues. I seem to be staying asleep for longer periods of time now. I still wake up a few times a night but I can tell I’m sleeping deeper and feeling more refreshed.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Trial Kit
I'm i.l.w.t.o.b.I.n.t.g.m.
My trial Kit

I'm very satisfied with all the products ☺

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Trial Kit

Best balm I’ve used for pain relief

Nice texture and smell


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