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Best pain killer on the market

My family uses this for back and muscle pain. We like that it works almost instantly and lasts quite awhile without a burning or freezing sensation that you get from many OTC balms. I keep ordering it because I keep giving it away to friends, mostly banged up veterans.

No effect

Wrote to the company, no response yet. I’m very disappointed with this product and customer service

As a physician I demand high quality organic products that are manufactured locally for my patients. Synchronicity meets and exceeds my expectations

Fast shipping and quick process

Hemp oil capsules

My husband has been taking these capsules for about 2 years now. Every once in a while he is feeling so good that maybe he doesn’t need them anymore. He stops taking them for about 2 weeks and is in so much pain he doesn’t understand what is happening. I remind him he is no longer taking his kemp oil capsules. He starts back on them and wal-la he is again in no pain.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Sports Balm

Great but options?

The 25 mg capsules are great for sleep but liked the 15 mg for golf. Please bring back the option.

so far so good

So far the hemp oil seems to help in combination with other medications

Hemp body butter

This is by far the best butter I've ever purchased. It relieves my carpal tunnel pain that I have from years of playing video games. I've tried many different brand and this is by far the best. I will definitely be a loyal customer for years to come.

Helps me so much!!

I have chronic back pain due to an accident and this helps so much with the pain! I recommend it to everyone with chronic pain

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

great stuff to use

Very helpful

I was skeptical that this could help with my pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc. I was so wrong!!! One of my doctors recommended it, and it really helps!!! I will definitely keep it in stock!!!

Helping with my allergies

It seems to help me with seasonal allergies. I used to suffer from inch eyes, nasal congestion and inch throat during early spring but this year so far so good. I have been taking 25 mg in the morning and night daily.

I use on my bodywork clients, works in easily; need to use very little.

Pain relief in minutes

I am 65 years old (excellent physical health) and will walk/jog 3 miles several times a month. I am a limping mess when I get home. Take a Hemp capsule and pain and aches reduced by 80-90% in minutes. Very effective product.

Love the oil

I really like all the oils. I like to take some before work. It makes me feel nice and relaxed. Especially helps when my job is busy and hectic. I notice I feel a lot calmer.

Muscle pain

Great product for muscle pain.

Hemp Oil Solution

I have used the Hemp oil on days that my Neuropathy in my feet was awful. It took the pain away within minutes. If you are sensitive, I do NOT recommend to use this daily. I will use a less effective cream when my feet only bother me a little.
My husband is awaiting knee replacement surgery, he Does use the cream Daily.

Love them

They really do relieve anxiety. They don't make you drowsy. They make you feel content.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Body Butter 450mg

Roll on CBD

Love the smell and use it a few times every day.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Sports Balm

Great Product!

I like using the Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Body Butter 450mg. I use it on my knees. It relieves paid and makes my skin smooth and soft.


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