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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

My cholesteral has always been off the chart for both good and bad cholesteral all my life. I've been taking Synchrony Full Spectrum for almost 2 years. I go to the Doctor twice a year for blood work. Since I have been taking this hemp oil, my numbers have been getting better. My Doctor has been amazed at my numbers. On my last Doctors visit when he saw the blood work he could'nt believe it - My cholesteral is perfect. The only thing I have changed in my life has been taking two droppers of Synchrony Full Spectrum every night before bed.

Heartburn & Acid reflux

For too many of my adult years I suffered from the subject ills. I literally could not go 24-hours without a dose of Nexium or Prilosec. About 10 years ago I started taking the Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules developed and produced by the company now know as Synchronicity. Within a 2 year period my reliance on heart burn & reflux meds was history. I couldn't prove it, but it happened. I know the capsules help my aging joints and I get a lot of relief from Synchronicity's Body Butter. Judy G. Noble.

Helps me to sleep. I have insomnia and borderline apnea. Tincture helps me to remain asleep. Love the product.

works wonders

i havw
e been taking one of your capsules on days my bones really hurt. I,m 83 years old & things ache. Then 5 weeks ago I fell down stairs & had a fractured collar bone & 4 ribs. Let me tell you the capsules helped enormously. Made it liv
able. Thank you.

Wow !

Now they cost $95 for 30 caps ‘ omg !!

Cbd oil

It’s a great product. I’m 67 and my joints were sore after gardening and just housework. My nephew suggested I try this and it’s wonderful.

This is an amazing product. My joints feel better and my hot flashes have disappeared!

Body Butter is a Treasure!

I had not used the Body Butter but use it daily now. I had been using the sports roll on balm. I actually prefer the butter. It is smooth, not to odorful, and effective. So glad I have it in my daily routine. Thank you!

Good stuff

Great balm. Love the soothing scent. Would recommend!

Did not get the product I ordered.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Facial Cream 250mg

Best Tincture!

I have been using this Tincture for years. In the past, I have used the 500mg and the 1000 mg. Now, the 1500 mg natural flavor. Wow. This is fantastic. Thank you for such a first rate product.

Great cbd oil

So far so good

Haven't used this too much yet, but the times I have it has worked well! I'm glad I have this a try. I am really getting into cbd. Love all the benefits.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

I take the capsules at night, seems to help with sleep, & leg cramps

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Facial Cream 250mg

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Body Butter 450mg

Try it....

It has really helped my pain and anxiety! And vey easy to measure out...with the dropper in the liquid.....Great product!🤩🤩

Love that Facial Cream

We been using Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Facial Cream for several years and we just love it. It makes our face soft and eliminates facial wrinkles! Great product and we plan on continuing to use it!

Great for rosacea

Only product that helps my rosacea

This product is the reason 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog .

She still has a quality of life thanks to the CBD, I give her twice a day.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Body Lotion
Amanda M.
The best

Live it

Hemp capsules

I like your product very much but the monthly delivery system to where I live is too slow; causing a few days to lapse between having them


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