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Superior Plant Genetics. Gentle Hand-Pressed. The Most 3rd Party Certified Products in the Industry.

Synchronicity responsibly sources and produces hemp extracts to bring you full flavored and Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures and other products

We’ve set the standard for the highest quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil you can find anywhere. Our superior plant genetics, gentle hand-pressed process, and 3rd party certifications guarantee that our products deliver the most nutrient dense oil and powerful natural benefits – so you can Feel the Full Effect™ your body deserves.

Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil has patents on both its plant and infusion process. We call our infusion process LipidTrans™, but all you need to know is it’s a natural process that has the highest degrees of bioavailability on the market. Most competitive products use harsh chemical extraction and infusion practices – diminishing the natural benefits of the Hemp plant.

We are a unique Hemp Oil producer and go above and beyond to certify our products’ quality – using the most respected independent labs to test and verify their ingredient specifications and nutrient content. Moreover, we continue to set the standard for organic and sustainable farming and lab practices. We think of ourselves as stewards of the land and the environment.

Based in Colorado, Synchronicity owns every part of the production – from farm to cultivation to finished goods. The industry calls this vertically integrated; we call it setting the highest quality standards – our entire process is kept close to home. 

Be sure to read our page with useful CBD terminology and definitions if terms like vertically integrated or LipidTrans™ have gone right over your head (that’s ok!)

While some companies that produce CBD might use any old hemp plant, or any hemp they can get their hands on, Synchronicity grows their own special hemp species and processes it in house in accordance with stringent CBD quality control


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