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How Long Can Hemp Oil Last?

Hemp Oil Shelf Life can vary. Hemp Oil affects, do they diminish over time? How should I store my hemp oil products? Should they be put into a fridge?

The amount of time it takes to go through a bottle of full-spectrum cbd tincture or a jar of hemp oil capsules varies dramatically with each user, as serving sizes can be dramatically different for each person. Still, a common question is how long hemp oil can last from the date of purchase. The last thing users want is to purchase a product, only to be restricted by a “use by” date that forces them to waste the remains of their natural herbal remedy. Let’s take a look closer at what we know as to how long hemp oil can last:

How Is Hemp Oil Made?

To understand how long a product can last, it’s smart to start at the beginning. At Synchronicity with our CBD products, our professional growers in Colorado harvest hemp plants grown from the clones of patented seeds that have the highest level of cannabinoids possible with less than 0.3 percent THC levels. The whole plant – the flowers, leaves and stem materials – are then transported three hours to the company’s laboratory, where it is soaked in a gentle lipid infusion to transfer the healing benefits from the plant into a medium of either coconut or MCT oil, depending on the product. The lab technicians test each batch for consistency and potency before adding to the company’s collection of hemp oil for sale. Tim Gordon, President of Synchronicity, has been growing and optimizing hemp plants for the oil for nearly 30 years. Currently, his plants consistently produce 400% more cannabinoids and 500% more terpenes than any other hemp oil company’s plants. This enables us to offer hemp oil for sale that is better than anyone else’s.  

Trying to figure out how to store or keep your hemp oil products? If you don't trust what the label is telling for it's best storage environment, putting it in the refrigerator will increase the lifespan of the effective ingredients within the hemp oil

Serving Sizes Vary With Each User

As mentioned, serving sizes for hemp oil vary with each user, depending on the person’s age, weight, metabolic state and health concerns that the user seeks to address. While independent user reviews and experience may differ, our recommendation is to first decide on the delivery method that is best for you: tincture, capsule or salve. For tincture use, depress the bulb of the dropper once (the dropper itself will fill about halfway) for a single serving. Begin with one serving (one capsule also equals one serving) in the morning and the evening. Try it for a few days and increase mindfully as appropriate. Salves can be used topically as needed.

Hemp oil and hemp oil products can mold if stored improperly. Always keep your hemp oil products within recommended containers, and at temperatures recommended by the manufacturer, usually a cool, dark space.

Very Long Shelf Life

Synchronicity decided to test to determine how long our full-spectrum CBD oil products will be shelf-stable. We used a third-party laboratory and brought them 25 samples of each product, in the same containers as available for purchase. The lab technicians then exposed all samples except for one to high temperatures and high humidity to simulate the environment a product may face over the course of a month. They then tested each sample for peroxides, which is a chemical byproduct that is detected once lipids (oils) start to break down.

Week after week, the products were tested to discover that even after 24 months they were still good. After 2 years, we recommend replacing your product only because the oil may start to lose its taste.

Tips To Keep Hemp Oil At Home

Once the products are open, it is recommended to keep them in a cool, dry and dark place – like a medicine cabinet with other herbal remedies. High-quality hemp oil does not need to be refrigerated but beware of exposing your products to bacteria, microbes or fungus spores. With the tinctures, be sure not to touch the dropper to your tongue or mouth, as that may introduce germs from your mouth into the hemp oil. This is especially true if you are using the tincture while caring for pets. Squeeze the dropper on to a spoon instead.

Should You Refrigerate hemp Seed Oil? What about just hemp oil, should I refrigerate hemp oil? Hemp seed oil and hemp oil are different things with different purposes, but refrigeration is recommended to increase what's already a long shelf life.

Interested in learning more about the hemp oil products available from our CBD catalog? Hemp oil for sale is easily found here at Synchronicity and to browse either our hemp tincture, our full-spectrum hemp capsules, or our hemp salve.


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