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What a Synchronicity and USL Partnership Means

Synchronicity Hemp Oil and the USL have partnered up! USL is full of soccer players who perform their very best every match, and have some aching muscles to prove it. CBD has given some relief from those discomforts, can it help soccer players too?
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A match made in heaven or an unlikely couple? We’ll let you decide. This summer, Synchronicity entered into a 4-year partnership agreement with the United Soccer League (USL), marking a first in the history of hemp (and sports). Yes, a Synchronicity and USL partnership is unprecedented.

Certainly, the partnership is a significant development for both organizations. The hemp and cannabis industry has fought for recognition for a number of years and has finally seen a few breakthroughs in recent times.

Specifically, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp production in the United States. Essentially, the new law re-established the production of a crop that hasn’t been grown for decades. Today, 22 states have pilot programs growing hemp. We’ve come a long way since hemp was outlawed in America in the 20th century. By 1931, 29 states had outlawed cannabis. However, the war against hemp paused during World War Two. To fight the Axis powers, the Department of Agriculture launched a “Hemp for Victory” program. Farmers who stayed home to grow hemp for producing parachutes and other military necessities were given draft deferments.

Fast forward to 2020: hemp is everywhere. The first partnership of a Hemp Oil company with a major American sports league may be a harbinger of things to come as hemp gains popular acceptance in the United States and abroad.

So, how did it come to pass? And, why did we enter into such an unprecedented partnership? Join us as we break down our reasons, and what the future holds for us and the hemp industry as a whole.

The Natural Connection Between Athletes and Hemp Oil Products

Active followers of our blog will be familiar with our firm belief in the potential benefits of Hemp Oil, particularly Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Compared to CBD isolate products offering less than the Whole-Plant benefits of hemp, Full-Spectrum is superior. Today, healthcare researchers have begun to uncover findings that are relevant for injury recovery, sleep health, and mood support.

These potential benefits, in turn, are especially critical for athletes, making the new partnership a natural fit for both parties.

The Synchronicity and USL Partnership Benefits Athletes

As we’ve detailed in a previous post, the advantages of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for athletes are numerous. Five stand out in particular:

  1. The potential for physical relief. Recent studies have shown significant increases in physical relief thanks to hemp’s ability to act as a natural analgesic.
  2. The potential to recover faster from injuries. Physical stress on an athlete’s body can slow injury recovery, with mental and physical fatigue becoming major issues. A potential for muscle relaxation may help to mitigate these challenges.
  3. The potential for stress relief. Athletes, in particular, suffer from immense pressure to perform. In addition, the fear of failure stalks even the most successful athlete. Add this to the physical and emotional toll of constant travel and the probability for prolonged stress increases. The natural stress relief potential of Hemp Oil may help.
  4. The potential for healthy weight maintenance. One study on the subject found that Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil helps to restore balance to the endocannabinoid system. In other words, hemp supports optimal physical performance and frees up energy for health maintenance.
Athletes experience muscle cramps, body aches and other discomfort after performing at max capacity. CBD for athletes has some anecdotal evidence out there of relieving some of the discomfort related to working out.
  1. The potential to help promote better sleep. The need for sleep exists for everyone but is even more critical for athletes whose minds and bodies require significant recovery time. One study found that Hemp Oil produces a calming effect on the central nervous system, promoting better sleep. Athletes who enjoy better sleep quality make fewer mistakes and have faster reaction times.

How Much Sleep Does An Athlete Really Need?

Do you count the proverbial sheep to fall asleep? If you struggle with sleep issues, it may surprise you to know that athletes also experience similar challenges. Most athletes need to sleep at least seven to nine hours per night. Some athletes resort to protein drinks and fruit juices to induce sleep. Others, like Tom Brady, take naps whenever they can. The popular athlete famously took a pregame nap in the locker room before his first Super Bowl win.

For athletes, the importance of sleep is paramount. And, hemp can help. In a 2019 study, almost 70% of participants reported better sleep after ingesting 25 milligrams (mg) of CBD in capsule form each day.

What the Experts Say About the Synchronicity and USL Partnership

The medical community is still studying the connection between hemp and health. Still, the connection between a natural product and the active sports community is almost too obvious to ignore.

That’s probably why our CEO, Andrew Campbell, was so excited about the partnership when discussing the initial announcement:

Athletes—young and young at heart—are looking for natural and organic remedies and supplements to improve performance, and professional athletes specifically are adopting these types of products into their regimen. This is beyond a sponsorship for us, it’s an opportunity to continue to educate consumers on the incredible benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and spread the message of Wellness Through Oneness.”

In other words, it’s not just about the athletes playing in the league. It’s about the countless fans watching, imagining themselves on the field. It’s about young people playing youth or recreational soccer in their hometown leagues.

A good partnership, of course, goes both ways. Josh Keller, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Partnerships at the United Soccer League, was similarly excited about this newly forged partnership:

The USL is thrilled to partner with Synchronicity, as both of our organizations are at the forefront of growth in our respective industries. This partnership is not only pioneering in the space but also takes into consideration the wellness and recovery of our athletes and fans. We look forward to accomplishing great things together and believe the future is very bright.”

Synchronicity and USL: Two Organizations on the Move Find a Common Goal

As both of the above quotes show, it’s not just about an abstract connection between a product and an audience. More specifically, it’s about two organizations with common goals moving closer together and looking towards the future.

Both are national leaders in an industry that’s growing rapidly. The still relatively recent full legalization of hemp has led to rapid industry growth, with retail revenue projected to almost double between 2020 and 2024. Plus, the increasing medical evidence of its benefits along with growing demand for natural products are among the many reasons for hemp’s growing popularity.

Soccer, meanwhile, is on a similar growth path. This exciting game has always been beloved around the globe, but its popularity in the United States has been traditionally more muted. That’s beginning to change. Between 2003 and 2019, participation in high school soccer grew by more than 30%, with similar increases in both youth level and professional sports attendance.

On that growth trajectory, both USL and Synchronicity™ are finding new and creative ways to move into the future. They’re unlocking new consumer bases with new messages and innovations.

Synchronicity Hemp Oil celebrates its partnership with the United Soccer League. Synchronicity Hemp Oil sells CBD products for athletes and average joes alike

In fact, innovation is among the core tenets of the USL as it seeks to compete with other professional sports leagues. Meanwhile, Synchronicity™ has blazed new paths with its True Entourage Effect™ to fully unlock the potential benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Add in the natural connection between their audiences, and it becomes less surprising that the two organizations find mutual benefit in a partnership.

Synchronicity and USL: A Partnership That Benefits Both the Sports and Wellness Industries

It’s not just about our own company, of course. Despite positive trends and the recent legalization of hemp, products based on the cannabis plant still have to battle significant biases from large parts of the general population. As a result, major brands across industries (including professional sports leagues) have yet to embrace a potential partnership opportunity with the hemp sector.

Increasing scientific evidence of hemp’s potential benefits is beginning to change that sentiment, however. As a result, the partnership with the United Soccer League may be the first of many to come in bringing hemp products to not just individual teams but also entire sports leagues. The natural health benefits will also make hemp difficult to ignore for competitors and others watching the USL’s growth.

In other words, it’s a signpost: hemp-based companies are appropriate and ethical financial partners, and the advantages for sporting leagues are worth exploring.

Bringing a Natural Wellness Product to the Public's Attention

Another reason for the partnership is to introduce Synchronicity™ products to a vast audience. After all, the USL has a significant audience across the United States. It’s also the fastest-growing provider of soccer on live TV. Effectively, the USL consists of professional, amateur, and youth leagues all across the United States and Canada. In total, the league is home to 47 professional clubs and another 180 clubs in the amateur and youth ranks.

Thanks to a television rights contract with ESPN last year, team games are available to millions of households across the United States. Through LED screens and digital channels, this new partnership will enable us to educate a broad part of the American population about the potential benefits and viability of natural wellness products.

This campaign, of course, goes beyond simple revenue generation. Our goal is to continue educating consumers across the nation about the hemp industry. We want to talk about the history of the hemp plant and how it has promoted healing throughout the ages. We also want to highlight the differences between Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD.

The legalization of cannabis has brought with it an explosion of CBD products of potentially questionable quality. That crowded environment requires innovative measures to cut through the advertising clutter. 

There's no doubt a lot of fun to be had with heading to the pitch with your mates to watch a match between rival clubs. Imagine adding some CBD for fun into the mixture of all the fire and energy of a football match.

We remain focused on studying and highlighting the efficacy of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products, regardless of the specific brand. Or, as our CEO puts it, “We are always educating consumers on the reality given the noise in this category.”

What Does the Future Hold for Synchronicity and USL?

Welcome to the world of hemp, where the evidence-based benefits continue to exceed conventional predictions. And, we’re just getting started. The partnership, which will initially last four years, is a great opportunity to break into the soccer market and professional sports field. But, as mentioned above, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hemp.

After all, more medical research will likely deliver more positive news about the plant. In addition, the more we move beyond the legalization of cannabis, the more its acceptance will accelerate in society. And of course, other brands and products will likely follow in our footsteps, further advancing the unlocking of the hemp market.

For now, we’re excited about a partnership that promises untold benefits for physical relief and improved athletic performance. And, we’re ready to look to the future and to share the full power of Synchronicity™ products with the whole world.

Do you have a hemp story to share? To learn more about the Synchronicity and USL partnership, contact us today. And, if you want to sound off on the subject, share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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