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Top 10 Health Influencers on Instagram

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Who are your favorite health influencers on Instagram? According to a study, Instagram is the second most influential social media platform in the world (just behind Facebook). And, more than 50% of health influencers on Instagram create content to inspire rather than sell products.

At Functional Remedies, we share the same goals. In fact, we take a focused approach to wellness, from our special lipid infusion process to our sustainable manufacturing practices. However, we also know that hemp is just a small part of a comprehensive wellness strategy.

As believers in sustainable living, we understand the challenges involved in setting out on the journey to health. In order to achieve optimal wellness, there are many factors to consider. These include diet, exercise, emotional health, and hydration. When you try to address them all at once, it can feel a little overwhelming.

For those looking for guidance to lead longer and more satisfying lives, Instagram is an excellent resource for information and inspiration. Experts on the social media platform support users in their wellness goals, and the information they offer can lead to constructive results.

Below are ten influencers you may want to check out. They offer more than just beautiful images on their account. All are committed to smart, healthy choices that are backed by solid information. That’s the sort of thing we can really get behind!

Tatiana Houser @tatianahouser

If you’re looking for health inspiration but can’t relate to many of the fit, perfectly poised, and expertly coiffed wellness influencers out there, check out Tatiana Houser’s page. She’s like an easygoing friend you can look up to and still feel comfortable hanging out with. Her recipes are easy to follow, nutritious, and delicious. She knows how to hit that sweet spot, combining “healthy” with “lots of chocolate” and comfort food favorites.

As a busy mom to her son Huck, an adorable toddler, Tatiana is a big fan of simplifying life to give herself enough room for meaningful self-care. Her approach to wellness is refreshingly laid back, and her style is both elegant and down-to-earth. Be sure to check out her stunning crocheted wedding dress!

While you’re there, take a look at Randy Houser, her husband. He’s a successful country music artist who released his fifth studio album, Magnolia, last year. He and Tatiana share a relaxed approach to healthy living, and together with their lovely baby Huck, they represent one of the most relatable health influencers on Instagram.

Danette May @thedanettemay

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You’ll find plenty of meal prep and fitness tips here. Be sure to check out Danette’s delicious recipe for breakfast cookies. Her approach to healthy eating is relaxed and still leaves room for favorites like chai smoothies and cupcakes.

That said, what sets Danette apart is her focus on self-belief. She gently encourages her followers to rethink their mindsets. Danette maintains that all the kale, yogurt, and yoga in the world can’t overcome the effects of negative self-talk or toxic self-criticism.

She also offers practical workout advice, along with unique challenges to try. This includes focusing on your ability to balance or spending a full seven days unplugged from technology. You’ll also find tips on protecting your skin from the sun. But, don’t think Danette is all work and no play. She’s certainly committed to maintaining a sense of fun in her life.

In all, Danette has a wealth of useful information to share, and she’s passionate about focusing on the choices that can help increase your joy and wellbeing.

Kim Kine @kim_kine

Her work as a holistic chiropractor is what guides Kim’s approach to wellness. She focuses on posture and exercises to help counteract the effects of prolonged sitting on the body. According to studies, sitting for more than eight hours a day exposes one to the same risks posed by smoking. In other words, you incur a similar risk of dying from either prolonged sitting or smoking.

Sure, working on your posture may not sound like a sexy undertaking. However, addressing the reasons for a slumped posture can also help ease chronic pain, especially in the back. Kim offers tips to deal with different kinds of back pain, whether it’s situated in the lower or mid-back.

She also offers posture tips to help you stand tall. If you’d like to further improve your posture, Kim has a number of simple exercise routines to help. This includes a quick, five-minute workout to reset your posture as well as important stretches to help you end the day with a flexible and more relaxed body. And, here’s a bonus: studies show that improving your posture can also make you happier.

In all, Kim is an excellent resource for learning about protecting yourself from injury when exercising. Plus, her channel isn’t just about sitting up straight. It offers tips on diet and lifestyle choices to help you build a strong, functional body.

The HIIT Man @courtneyfearon_

Sometimes, you just want a no-nonsense, challenging workout that will get you in and out of the gym quickly. If that’s you, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an unbeatable choice, and Courtney is the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

He demonstrates effective bodyweight exercises that will target just about every muscle group in your body. HIIT workouts are remarkably effective and quick — but not exactly easy.

Still, Courtney is an encouraging resource to turn to if you’re looking for vigorous, efficient exercises that deliver results. He offers equal parts support and challenge, to help you stretch a little further to meet your fitness goals. There’s no denying he’s impressively muscular, but he’s also a warm, uplifting source of support. If you’re looking to achieve a sculpted look, Courtney is one of the best health influencers on Instagram to follow.

QiQi H. @thequii_tofitness

As she puts it, QiQi is the one to turn to if you’re looking for “Not your average fitspo.” She is an enthusiastic fan of weight training, HIIT workouts, and bodyweight exercises. She’s also unapologetic in her acceptance of her body. Or, in her words, “The thighs are staying, but you can go.” You won’t see her hoisting tiny pink dumbbells every morning. In fact, she prefers lifting impressively sized free weights. She also works out with kettlebells and performs challenging bodyweight exercises.

If you’re looking for a balanced approach to health, QiQi offers both food tips and workout routines. She also provides sensible, supportive advice for people who are trying to lose weight. However, QiQi never takes on the chastising tone many weight-loss experts seem to adopt. Instead, she treats wellness as an adventure of sorts. She’ll leave you feeling like you can achieve just about anything in your quest for better health.

Amy Michaels Koberling @the_skinthusiast

Social media isn't always a positive thing for young people. Some call it addictive. All things in moderation is a good phrase to live by. What affects could other concepts, services, or substances have on young adults and teenagers?

While many Instagram influencers will dole out advice about how to have glowing skin, Amy has the credentials to back up her words of wisdom. As a dermatologist, she provides science-backed information to help you care for your skin in the best and most effective way.

Amy takes time to explain the modern approach to skin health. She provides information on things like protecting your skin from the blue lights emanating from your digital devices. Be sure to check out her helpful video busting retinoid myths.

Most importantly, her no-nonsense critique of popular skincare products offers great value to her followers. Much information exists online about how to take care of the skin, but not all of it is helpful or safe. Instead of peddling another skincare fad, Amy can be trusted to give you information that’s based on facts, not filters and fantasies.

Carly @lessthandomesticgoddes

Wellness isn’t just about pretty lattes and yoga on the beach at sunset. Carly focuses on a set of different but vital issues for women, including infertility and endometriosis. She’s very open about her own health journey and offers a safe space for those who struggle with the same conditions.

According to the CDC, 12% of women ages 15 to 44 years of age have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. So, you don’t have to face infertility alone. Visit Carly’s Instagram page for helpful tips and encouragement as you ponder important life decisions.

Carly has gone through multiple rounds of IVF, and she shares openly about her experiences. In addition, she struggled with endometriosis for years before getting a diagnosis, which is often true for people with this condition. Her hard-won knowledge means that she is able to provide a wealth of information for those who struggle with similar challenges.

In addition, she talks freely about the importance of therapy. Carly is frank about it being one of the things that helps her handle the demands of infertility treatments and life as a mom of one (so far). For people who are dealing with the challenges of infertility and endometriosis, Carly is a compassionate source of support.

Shana Minei Spence @thenutritiontea

As a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Shana has lots of solid advice about how to have a healthy diet. However, her focus isn’t on what foods you should cut out of your diet or a list of superfoods you “must” eat. You also won’t find any strict eating plans here. Her take on healthy eating goes much deeper than that.

Shana’s focus is on helping people develop a healthy, balanced relationship with food while leaving the diet mentality behind. She offers support and science-backed information about feeding yourself compassionately and accepting yourself as you are. She also has some great tips to help you deal with all the stress that the current news cycle tends to bring.

If all of that sounds a little too serious, rest assured that her sense of humor makes the discussion a fun one. Her upbeat, supportive advice is a welcome voice in a world that often promotes stringent diets.

Lili Hayim @thewellnecessities

The Well Necessities account is like a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air in Instagram form. Lili offers guided meditations and mindful eating exercises to help followers pursue inner peace and calm amidst the chaos. For example, she recently focused on ways to process some of the grief, loneliness, and anxiety that many people are struggling with in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. She makes it clear that there’s no reason to wait for “real life” to start again before taking care of one’s wellbeing.

Lili likes to share healthy recipes with her followers. However, she also stresses that fad diets and a punitive approach to eating never helps. As a Registered Dietitian, she’s seen the damage that extreme diets can do, and she’s passionate about making sure people know how dangerous they are. She believes that it’s possible to make your peace with food and nourish your body. Most of all, she maintains that true health requires kindness to the self. Her calming approach to caring for the body is both courageous and inspiring.

Jeanette Ogden @shutthekaleup

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For those trying to encourage smart eating habits at home, Jeanette is one of the best health influencers on Instagram to follow. As a mother of two little ones (one of whom is still breastfeeding), she shares the real struggles and triumphs of focusing on health and family life. Jeanette is forthright about the challenges, offering sympathy and encouragement to her fellow parents in the trenches.

Her food pictures are mouthwatering, whether they are of chocolate-drizzled cookies or platters laden with colorful fruits and vegetables. She shares recipes for gorgeous salads as well as kid-friendly fare like waffles and pepperoni pizza. Like all parents, Jeanette understands the all-consuming search for food everyone in the family will eat. Join her as she celebrates healthy foods, happy movements, and a joy-filled family life.

Join Synchronicity in the Journey to Health

At Synchronicity™ , we appreciate the work of these top health influencers on Instagram. At the same time, we also believe that hemp can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

This is why we developed our unique LipidTrans™ Infusion Process, so we can make available to you the most potent cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients in the hemp plant. These powerful compounds work together to deliver a supremely bioavailable hemp product to YOU, the consumer. Try it out and see how it can support you on your journey to better health.

As you consider your lifestyle choices, we invite you to see how Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil can support your wellness goals. To learn more about our products and the science behind them, contact us. Have your own list of health influencers on Instagram you like to follow? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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