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The Who’s Who of Hemp & CBD

Looking for more resources on hemp? Look no further! Here are eight great resources, from individuals who’ve made it their business to learn and disseminate everything about hemp to organizations and businesses providing community and resources to the hemp industry. If you’re curious about the folks who help make the hemp industry tick, be sure to check these out:

National Industrial Hemp Council

Overseen by a board of prestigious and experienced directors, the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) was formed to provide networking and resources to members of the hemp at every stage within the industry. From consumers to processing plants, to farmers, NIHC works to educate and move the industry forward. NIHC works to provide fact-based information in support of high industry standards to ensure safety and quality for the consumer as organizations such as the FDA work to catch up to the boom in hemp production.

Ministry of Hemp​

Ministry of Hemp is a great all-around resource if you’re looking to get another perspective on hemp. Their goal is to educate consumers on the benefits of hemp and CBD and the Ministry of Hemp blog offers a great place to get caught up on all the latest news as well as fun historical articles about the role hemp has played historically. They also offer basic information about hemp and CBD such as the difference between CBD and THC, what Terpenes are, and the many uses for hemp, as well as reviews of CBD products.

Perhaps their most interesting offering is the Ministry of Hemp podcast available on their site. They’ve created a wide-ranging set of content in which they bring important players in the world of hemp to talk about fresh topics like sex & CBD, sustainable construction, industrial hemp products, and perspectives on farming hemp. With new content made available every week, it’s definitely worth checking back on a regular basis!

Big Wigs in CBD. Big Wigs in Hemp. Leaders of hemp culture. CBD and Hemp Culture

Tak About Hemp

Tak About Hemp is a site run by Netaka White who has been developing his knowledge of hemp since 1988. He devotes himself to hemp business consulting, writing, and advocating for hemp in Vermont as well as running workshops on growing hemp at home. Tak About Hemp focuses on all aspects of the hemp industry from farming to hemp products, engaging topics such as artisanal hemp in Vermont and with a particular focus on the shift with regulations around hemp since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Hemp Inc.

Established in 2008, Hemp Inc. is at the forefront of hemp processing and creating new hemp-based products, all with the foundation of reducing environmental impact and disseminating the incredible properties of hemp. As a sustainability-focused public company, they are working to create green solutions with hemp to replace petroleum-based products. Hemp Inc. focuses almost entirely on the valuable fibers and non-CBD properties of the industrial hemp plant.  The Hemp Inc. blog is a great place to insight into the world of hemp outside of cannabidiol products and learn about their process of growing a sustainable, hemp focused business. Hemp Inc. also offers consulting for anyone interested in venturing into hemp production!

CBD School

CBD School is another excellent educational resource for all things cannabis, from medical marijuana to CBD, along with some great information and comparisons on the differences between CBD and THC in practical everyday uses such as aiding sleep.

Like Ministry of Hemp, CBD School also hosts a long-running podcast (over 100 episodes to date) in which they discuss important hemp related topics with folks in the industry, interview members of the hemp & CBD community on all levels of the supply chain, and provide recaps of the latest news. With an aim to educate and help the community, CBD school provides tons of information on potential health benefits of CBD, times of days and ways to take it, as well as regularly updated reviews of hemp products and brands.

CBD Origin

CBD Origin is another great, in-depth education site that’s all about CBD. The site is chock full of well-researched information on hemp laws, news, reviews and more. One of its most unique offerings is the Library of Medical Studies which comprises a list of 50+ medical studies that have been or are currently being conducted on the effects of CBD on medical conditions. This extensive list of studies with links to research articles ranging from studies on CBD for anxiety to CBD for inflammation to CBD for sleep. The list is nearly exhaustive and an excellent resource for anyone hoping to learn more about cutting edge CBD research projects.

CBD Origin also features all the latest news on CBD including the ever-evolving laws and politics surrounding hemp & CBD, the industry as a whole, and culture.

CBD Woman

CBD Woman a.k.a Rachael has spent years researching CBD and shares her knowledge through her popular YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. Rachael’s vlog explores a variety of topics, with a big focus on how CBD has personally helped her maintain her mental health. She uses a combination of research and experience to help guide viewers from a beginner’s intro to CBD and how it works, to how to calculate dosage for CBD, as well as recipes for homemade CBD edibles. Rachael’s channel is especially helpful for people just getting into hemp products who are curious to learn about someone’s first hand experience using it and the benefits she’s experienced.

Project CBD​

Last but not least, Project CBD! A CBD-focused organization, Project CBD was established with a vision to change how the world sees hemp and cannabis, expanding its reach and ensuring that one day everyone can enjoy its benefits. They are a non-profit company with a focus on leading with truth and being an industry ally, providing workshops and education about CBD. They are also an excellent resource for information about CBD, including hemp. Their newsletter has articles on topics ranging from science to tech to product recommendations. They also have a great podcast and tons of videos.


It’s an exciting time for hemp and CBD and thanks to the internet, there’s really no shortage of information and knowledge to be gained about this fascinating industry. Given how new the industry is, it’s important to understand and vet where your information is coming from, and pay attention to who is disseminating it and why.

Synchronicity prides itself on providing the highest quality information on hemp on the web, but with the range of options out there we encourage you to broaden your horizons! Whether you’re a long time consumer of hemp products or relatively new to the game, there’s always more to learn and each of these resources provides a unique point of view, specialized knowledge, and/or enjoyable content all about their favorite subject: hemp and hemp oil!

While you’re here, have a look at some of Synchronicity’s CBD products like our new Hemp Sanitizer.


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