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The Surprising Benefits of Earthing

earthing doesn't mean just standing in dirt. Stand in a stream, creek or river if you wish. CBD for wellness. CBD for clairvoyance. CBD for extra senses.
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When you hear the word “earthing” or “grounding”, it may sound a bit woo woo or “new age” at first, but there is a fair amount of history, scientific evidence and studies that support the possible benefits of earthing for your mind, body and spirit.

Generally speaking, the term grounding, or earthing, has been commonly linked to electrical power systems. The intention and benefit of grounding these systems, is to protect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the installation. Essentially, to keep electrical currents or the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at their desired levels, and preventing them from going haywire or out into the atmosphere where they can disrupt satellite systems, airplanes and national security. Our cell phones are just one example of a device that emits moderate amounts of EMFs. This is why we are asked to turn our phones to “airplane mode” when we fly, (contrary to popular beliefs, no it is not to annoy you) but rather, so our devices do not emit radio waves that pose a risk to avionics technology and communications. Grounding is necessary and an every day practice in the engineering world.

What Does Earthing Have To Do With Me?

So what does earthing have to do with these bodies we inhabit and walk around in? Well, your body is one of the most complex, electrical systems on this earth. We contain our own electromagnetic fields that play a direct role in our overall well being and balance. The elements in our body, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium have a specific electric charge. Almost every cell in our body uses these charged elements (called ions) to generate electricity. In fact, the human brain produces enough electrical current to power a 15-20 watt light bulb. In the world in which we currently live, we are surrounded and bombarded by electromagnetic fields. Everyday our bodies are absorbing a plethora of electromagnetic radiation, and there are some people walking around with up to 20 volts of electricity in their bodies, from just their surroundings. Seems unreal, but it is indeed a disturbing truth. So in theory it would make sense that this same practice of earthing could in fact, benefit our internal electrical systems and our overall health as well. It is becoming more apparent that it is not just a theory, but indeed becoming a fact, as more and more research has started to support what is known as earthing. Scientists and doctors everywhere are becoming increasingly fascinated with this idea. Researchers and scientists all over the world are determined to prove its validity, and how it supports homeostasis within our bodies.

History Of Earthing

Stick your feet in the sand and feel a better connection to the earth around you. CBD may not heighten your senses, but it can make an experience like earthing a bit more special. Please shop Synchronicity Hemp Oil for all your spiritual CBD needs.

Earthing, as it relates to humans, has been around for centuries. Indigineous people around the world, and our ancestors, have been practicing “earthing” long before it had a name. Simply walking this earth barefoot, absorbing the earth’s frequencies was an everyday practice, not much thought about, but intuitively ingrained within our heritage and history. The Native communities knew the importance of being in touch with mother earth, and all her energy. Although at some point, many indiginous people and tribes developed and wore leather moccasins of some sort, these foot coverings still allowed the earth’s frequencies to penetrate the body. They also still walked most places, slept on the earth’s floor, and bathed in the sunlight. We definitely could use a reminder and take note from our ancestors, on the benefits of being in touch with nature and our earth. As we move into the future, the disconnect between humans and earth continues to increase. In the 1920’s where the rubber sole had begun to take over the world, and we no longer had that close physical connection and bond with the earth. Sneakers were not only functional, but became a fashion staple as well. Suddenly every man, woman, and child were wearing sneakers with rubber soles. These soles instantly stopped the earth’s magnetic frequency from entering the body, a relationship that earth and humans had, since the beginning of time. It was as if overnight, we had disrupted our connection to the earth and its potential to heal, ground, and protect the human body. As time went on, we began to have less and less contact with the earth’s ground below us, and more and more electromagnetic fields began to be introduced into our world through satellite, radar, and WI-FI technology. What was all that change really doing to our bodies? Our electromagnetic systems within our bodies, began to shift and attempt to adapt, holding more unwanted electricity than ever before. It seems that many would never know any other way of life, nothing to compare it to, therefore, nothing really seemed “different”. That is where we were wrong, and we had no idea of the natural consequences of this shift.

The Discovery Of Earthing In The Modern World

Clinton Ober was a cable TV salesman, in the 1980’s, who formed Telecrafter Corporation, which is the largest provider of cable marketing installation services in the United States. In fact, his research spawned the first creation of the cable modem. His insurmountable intelligence, and curiosity, combined with his knowledge of electrical grounding, was the perfect cornerstone for the beginnings of what is now known as earthing. The more he learned about the earth’s electrical current, and its role in “grounding” with our everyday technology, the more he wondered if people needed to be grounded as well. It wasn’t until his own health problems began in the 1980’s where he was bedridden from an unexpected liver complication and surgery. This surgery left him with only a percentage of his liver, and by default a myriad of secondary health issues. This became the catalyst that sparked Clinton’s quest for the benefits of earthing. He conducted his first personal experiment, by actually using metal duct tape, that he laid across his bed, attached to a wire and then to a grounding rod, that he then plunged into the earth’s surface outside his window. This contraption allowed him to be grounded while laying in his bed. The next morning when he awoke he was dumbfounded, and overcome with elation. The results were astounding. Not only did he wake up feeling refreshed and renewed, but he usually had to take Advil to fall asleep, and yet for the first time in over a year, he fell asleep and stayed asleep, drug free. Excited by his findings, he eagerly began to research, and found absolutely nothing anywhere on the topic. In fact, he couldn’t find anything on the cause of chronic pain and inflammation either. 

Earthing can be experienced even if the purpose of being outside isn't to "go earth yourself." A day at the beach can be all that much more special because you realize you're creating an extra connection between you and the earth.

His brain began to question and wonder what the connection was between chronic inflammation and EMFs. Nobody had ever asked this question before. This propelled Clinton’s research, which over the years, has included many different doctors and scientists who were skeptical, but willing to participate in his research. In fact, many who participated, did so, to prove his theory wrong. The findings were overwhelming, and surprising to say the least. Clinton began with his first medical study that was composed of sixty people, all who had a varied experience with chronic inflammation, ranging from TMJ, arthritis, M.S., migraines and insomnia. All of them found relief, some even had all symptoms disappear. This initial study and its profound findings, began to make its way around to renowned physicists, researchers, PHD’s, doctors, and scientists, who all wanted to participate in further studies. As time went on, and these studies continued, there was a theme emerging. It was apparent that earthing played a direct role in decreasing chronic inflammation within the body. Research had shown grounding was indeed diffusing the excess amount of electrical charges in the body that were stemming from the environment, and actually balancing the Electrical Magnetic Field within the human body.

Inflammation… Frustration

These studies zeroed in on one particular focal element that we all struggle with to some degree…inflammation. What causes it, where does it come from, and how do we get rid of it? While some inflammation is natural and needed to protect the body when it gets injured, most long term and chronic inflammation that we know of, causes a myriad of secondary mental and physical health issues, ranging from moderate to severe, that we often find ourselves trying to combat with medication, versus determining and treating the actual issue. A task which does seem to be much more difficult and daunting to accomplish.. Most western medicine doctors to date, cannot agree upon where inflammation comes from, or how to rid your body of it. While there are many practitioners and naturopaths out there that have taken into consideration the effect of EMFs on the human body, there is still much to be researched and shared on this intriguing topic and to take into consideration. What these studies on grounding have determined however, is a direct correlation between chronic inflammation and the electromagnetic fields that our bodies are immersed in, and absorb (from WI-FI, cell phones, wiring etc). They found that the electromagnetic radiation from our modern devices disturbs our natural electrical balance and we become “charged”. Their studies concluded that the earth’s floor, with the help from the sun’s rays, has a built in system, to ground (negatively charge) our bodies, realign and combat inflammation.

This sounds nuts, and yet so simple and intuitive at the same time. While our world is ever changing and evolving for the better, in that process we have also disconnected from our essence, and from the earth itself. As children we may have spent ample time running around barefoot in our backyards, playing in the soil and grass, but as adults with responsibilities, that needed time has dwindled, and it has become more and more difficult to find that “barefoot time”. We wear shoes pretty much all day, we go into offices and homes surrounded by EMFs, we drive cars instead of walking, we watch TV instead of reading, and we are on our cell phones more than we have ever been. We are so immersed in electrical fields, we have forgotten the power of nature, or yet, we just don’t have the lifestyle or the time anymore, to relax, breath and well, be barefoot.

How Do We Earth?

So how do we earth? Well, simply put, ditch the phone, step away from the computer or T.V. walk outside, take your shoes and socks off, and stand barefoot on the earth. Not on the concrete, but on the actual ground itself. This practice is very similar, or rather a close sibling to “Forest Bathing”, which is the practice of walking into a forest and absorbing, observing, the natural sights around you, while consciously observing the breath upon each step. Conscious breathing (following your breath all the way in and all the way out) is a welcome addition to your earthing routine. So, get up, get outside, and go get your hands and feet dirty. Playing with soil, and planting flowers with your bare hands, is also a welcome way to absorb some of the earth’s healing frequencies, while channelling that inner child that lives within us all. The practice of earthing is beneficial for all ages, and even your pets! Scientists and doctors that are well versed in earthing recommend at least 20 minutes a day, (and you definitely deserve this quiet time) although grounding for any amount of time is seen as having some beneficial rewards. As you ground, you may begin to notice a slight tingling sensation in the soles of your feet, or the overwhelming sense of tranquility that takes over. While it helps to tune in, and be still, it is also almost impossible not to notice these subtleties within you. As winter approaches in parts of the world, and it becomes cold and snowy, grounding becomes more difficult, but not to worry, we have got you covered. There are actual grounding and earthing mats that you can stand or sit on while at work in front of your computer, and sleep on in your bed. These mats are all attuned to earth’s natural magnetic frequency. We recommend checking out the company Ultimate Longevity for their wide range of earthing mats, education, and testimonials. Not to mention, the products are designed and produced by the grounding father himself, Clinton Ober. There are also “Earthing Shoes” that offer an amazing connection to the earth while still protecting your feet. “Earth Runners were created to rewild our lives in response to the typical modern domesticated lifestyle, which is causing numerous health, psychological and social issues. Through rewilding we aim to bring stronger, healthier, and more resilient individuals and communities back to our society”- Earth Runners 

finding a spiritual connection with the earth is different for everyone, but finding it is a meaningful experience. Find your attunement with Mother Nature through earthing, and other natural activity. Take all natural CBD hemp oil products in various strengths at Synchronicity Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil and Grounding—The Connection

So you may be asking yourself, what does Hemp Oil and CBD have to do with earthing? Simply put.. a lot. Similar to our connection with mother earth, we also share a strong bond and connection with the cannabis plant. In fact, we share about 40% of our genome with this beauty. CBD is just one of many Cannabinoids within our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. The human body contains an intricate biological system, called the Endocannabinoid System, where we actually create our own cannabinoids internally. There are hundreds of ECS receptors all throughout your organs, cells, and even skin, that aid in the regulation and homeostasis of your overall health. Emerging research is beginning to find a link between a depleted ECS, inflammation, and discord within the human body. Studies have shown that our ECS may become depleted from medications, stress, alcohol, inflammatory foods, and a myriad of other “everyday life” factors. Did you know there are even ECS receptors that play a role in your immune system? Yep, that’s right, your immune system. In these tough and stressful times, that is an area that we all wish and strive to strengthen. So what does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil do for the ECS? Well, at Synchronicity™, we take Full-Spectrum very seriously. We believe in not isolating just one cannabinoid within the plant, but utilizing all of the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring, to maximize synergy within the body. We use our patented hand press, LipidTrans™ infusion process that protects the integrity of the plant, allowing us to capture all of the cannabinoids, nutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids (read more about this here) . We then gently infuse those components into an organic coconut oil. We like to keep our approach with hemp as nature intended it, balanced, synergistic, and grounded. Studies show that taking a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil product, with the full range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBD-A, CBG, CBC, CBN,) may actually help support, rebalance and aid in the overall homeostasis of your ECS, and therefore your overall well being. Preserving all these important nutrients and components in our Hemp Oil, creates what we refer to as the True Entourage Effect™. Similar to a symphony, where every musician and every instrument plays a role in creating a perfect harmonious tune, we believe every cannabinoid, every nutrient, is important and vital to feel the full effect™.

Earthing Practice with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

To reap the benefits of earthing, all you really need is your feet or hands, an open mind, and some land. However, if you are looking for maximum relaxation and connection, we encourage you to try incorporating Hemp Oil into your earthing practice. Our tinctures are a great starting point, or if you prefer a topical option, our Lavender Chamomile Aromatherapy can be applied virtually anywhere. We especially enjoy applying it to our temples, back of the neck, and under our nose. The relaxing scent of lavender helps your senses unwind, while our Hemp Oil gently brings you closer to nature and closer to the earth, a perfect addition to any grounding ritual.

If we have piqued your curiosity (and we hope we have), we encourage you to check out the award winning documentary “The Earthing Movie” starring Clinton Ober, world renowned scientists, doctors, and patients who all share their own personal journeys with earthing. Don’t forget to explore our extensive blog library for more educational content, or you can also schedule a personal one on one session with one of our Hemp Oil consultants to learn more about the benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.


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