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The Full Story About Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil & Inflammation

CBD Oil post workout, CBD Oil for yoga, cbd oil for stretching muscles.
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Lots of conditions in the body are caused by inflammation – things like sleep, anxiety, joint and muscle relief, and skincare are related to some type of inflammation. The way Synchronicity works is our plant and your body each have what is called an Endocannabinoid System. When the hemp oil is in the body the two systems connect and the nutrients from the hemp plant help regulate the inflammation. That’s the simple science.

You can measure how well a product can support decreased inflammation by measuring its bioavailability – how available the plant’s nutrients are to your body. Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil has the highest standards for bioavailability so your body can Feel the Full Effect™.

Densely loaded with nutrients, Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil patented blend of oils are easily absorbed by the body for inflammation and are aimed at sleep, anxiety, pain, and improving your skin. Our topical formulas relieve weary muscles and joints and take performance recovery to the next level. The Hemp-powered Synchronicity Skincare line is enriched with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, brilliant botanicals, and cutting-edge skin science for a holistic beauty regimen.


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