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Guide to Hemp Oil Tinctures, Capsules, and Topicals

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

Whole-Plant Hemp Oil is remarkably versatile. The plant’s cannabinoid-rich extracts provide considerable health and wellness benefits. However, with the diversity of products on the market, you may wonder which product type best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Although tinctures are quite popular with many first-time Hemp Oil users, there are many reasons you may prefer going in another direction. Knowing how tinctures, capsules, and topicals work can help you determine which Synchronicity™ product is right for you.

Appreciating the Synchronicity™ Whole-Plant, Full- Spectrum Difference for Tinctures, Capsules, and Topicals

The quality of the products you select will considerably impact your overall experience. We ensure the integrity of our tinctures, capsules, and topicals by cultivating non-GMO hemp. We also use no insecticides or herbicides. Once our hemp crops mature, we harvest nutrient-rich oils from their stalks, stems, and flowers.

While most companies tout the importance of natural hemp cultivation, many drop the ball by relying on chemical solvents and extreme temperatures to extract the cannabinoid-rich oil from harvested plants. Harsh extraction methods can strip the delicate hemp plant of its vital oils and phytonutrients.

Synchronicity™  products are never compromised by heat or harsh chemicals. With more than two decades dedicated to cultivating proprietary hemp plants, we understand how each plant element enhances product potency. Our commitment to quality demands attention to details other companies overlook.

Rather than relying on harsh extraction methods, our unique LipidTrans Infusion™ process preserves and transfers the plant’s many phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to a heart-healthy oil (MCT oil). We process our popular Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil in small hand-pressed batches. This distinction sets us apart from the competition.

Selecting the Ideal Synchronicity™ Hemp Oil Tinctures, Capsules, and Topicals for Your Needs

Functional Remedies™ is a vertically integrated company. This means that we have full control over every aspect of production, from seed selection to product distribution. Our proprietary infusion process allows us to create top quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures, topicals, and capsules. While the best way to know how a Hemp Oil product may affect you is to try it, the following considerations may help you decide which Hemp Oil product best suits your unique interests.

When to Select a Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant Hemp Oil Tincture

Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture is not a simple CBD oil. It’s far superior. Unlike the manufacturing practices utilized by other companies, our sustainable processes deliver supreme value.

Selecting one of our Hemp Oil tinctures may be your best option if you’re intrigued by one or more of the following examples of product versatility:

Determining Your Ideal Serving Size

Everyone responds to the cannabinoids in Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil differently. It’s perfectly fine to stick with the serving size recommendations on product labels. However, the ideal amount for you may differ from that of your neighbor.

Using a Hemp Oil tincture makes it easy to start with a smaller serving size. A few hours after using a Hemp Oil tincture for the first time, Ask Your Body™ if that amount needs calibrating. Using a Hemp Oil tincture makes it easy to increase your serving size gradually.

Crafting Your Own Cannabinoid-Infused Edibles

Creative types often enjoy cooking and baking with Hemp Oil tinctures. Use your tincture to add the health and wellness potential of CBD, CBN, CBG, and essential fatty acids to your morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, or hot cereal.

The convenient dropper cap makes it easy to know how many milligrams of plant phytonutrients you’re adding to each recipe. Plus, when you make your own cannabinoid-infused edibles, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a high-quality Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil tinctures can also be added to your favorite shampoo or conditioner to nurture and protect your hair and scalp.

Utilizing a Faster Cannabinoid Delivery Option

When you add Hemp Oil to your favorite snack or beverage, it can take up to two hours to notice the full effects. For faster results, Hemp Oil tinctures can also be used sublingually. Simply place the oil under your tongue and hold for 15-20 seconds before swallowing.

The sublingual method allows the blood vessels under your tongue to absorb the cannabinoids. Not only does the sublingual method preserve product potency, but it also delivers noticeable results in as little as 15-20 minutes.

The Advantages of Selecting Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules

Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum Capsules Contain the same high-quality Whole-Plant infusions as our popular Hemp Oil tinctures. The concentrated oil is encased in an easy-to-swallow gelatin shell. Available in concentrations of 25mg or 50mg of hemp phytonutrients per serving, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules are great if you’re intrigued by any of the following advantages:

  • Consistent, Pre-measured Daily Dosing

    Although Hemp Oil Tinctures are exceptionally versatile, many people prefer to use a pre-measured Hemp Oil product. Ideal for busy people who value convenience, Full-Spectrum capsules make it easy to add the health and wellness potential of Whole-Plant Hemp Oil to your daily routine. Since each gelatin capsule contains a consistent amount of phytonutrients, you’ll never have to worry about shaking bottles, measuring milliliters, or counting drops.

  • A Discrete, Portable Product Option

    Capsules may be the ideal option if you travel frequently. They’re also great if you plan on carrying your Hemp Oil with you throughout the day. With capsules, there’s no risk of bottle breakage or spillage. Since capsules are taken like any other over-the-counter pill or vitamin supplement, you won’t have to field questions from curious onlookers. This makes Hemp Oil capsules one of the most discreet product options available.

  • Avoiding the Flavor of Full-Spectrum Oils

    Many Hemp Oil users appreciate the therapeutic potential of Full-Spectrum products but don’t necessarily care for the way natural (or flavored) Hemp Oil tastes. If you’re worried about how the “earthy” or “grassy” flavor of industrial hemp may affect your overall experience, Hemp Oil capsules may be your best option. The gelatin capsule begins to dissolve within minutes of swallowing. So, you’ll notice the potential impact almost immediately.

Reasons to Consider a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Topical

Using a Hemp Oil infused cream, lotion, or sports balm topically allows the CBD, additional cannabinoids, and wholesome plant nutrients to target specific areas below the surface of your skin. That level of absorption delivers a wide range of potential health and wellness benefits. Consider using a topical for the following concerns or to complement the therapeutic potential of tinctures or capsules:

  • Targeting Specific Joints and Muscles

    Hemp Oil products are popular with those looking for a safe, natural alternative for overworked joints. Hemp also reduces muscle tension and supports athletic recovery. Not thrilled with the prospect of ingesting Hemp Oil? If so, Hemp Oil tinctures can also be applied topically.

    Best of all, products specifically formulated for joints and muscles tend to also contain powerfully effective botanicals. Since applying Hemp Oil topically bypasses digestive processes, most people using Hemp Oil topicals find they work much faster than capsules.

  • Supporting Healthy Skin Function

    Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil delivers an impressive combination of active cannabinoids and plant terpenes to tissues below the skin’s surface. Current research suggests that phytocannabinoids contain skin-friendly nutrients. They restore balance to processes essential for skin health.

    Hemp Oil skincare products may be your best option if your current skincare routine isn’t delivering the results you want. If you’re looking for a natural product for a wide range of skin concerns, hemp is your best bet.

  • Resolving Concerns About THC Content

    Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent or less). Moderate consumption of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is unlikely to sound alarms during a routine drug test. However, many people don’t feel comfortable ingesting THC in any amount.

    Using a Full-Spectrum topical eliminates the risk of THC detection. With topical use, the cannabinoids don’t enter the bloodstream. That makes topical products the best Full-Spectrum option for anyone concerned about the potential implications of THC consumption.

How Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures and Capsules Work

If you’ve been investigating the virtues of Hemp Oil, you’ve likely concluded that people use tinctures, capsules, and topicals for a wide range of seemingly unrelated concerns. They look to hemp to achieve positive results in physical and emotional wellbeing.

The interaction of hemp phytocannabinoids with ECS receptors produces those results. The ECS (also known as the endocannabinoid system) is the largest regulatory system in the body.

This essential messaging system helps regulate nearly every crucial function in the body, from your emotions to organ function and muscle movement. Current research suggests that the CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), and other phytocannabinoids mimic the effects of important ECS messengers. In the body, these messengers relay urgent signals to their corresponding receptors.

Since internal and external factors can increase the need for these messengers, supporting ECS function with cannabinoid-rich Hemp Oil helps restore essential balance. Although research shows that CBD and other cannabinoids in Hemp Oil provide anxiolytic, analgesic, antispasmodic, and neuroprotective potential, individual effects differ.

How Full-Spectrum Topical Creams, Lotions, Serums, and Balms Work

Topical Hemp Oil products work similarly. However, rather than targeting ECS receptors throughout the body and brain, the cannabinoids interact with ECS receptors in every skin cell. This includes receptors that help regulate skin cell formation, inflammatory responses, collagen production, and moisture retention.

Based on laboratory test results, animal-based studies, and user testimonials, phytocannabinoids have the ability to restore balance to essential skin functions. They can address a wide range of chronic skin conditions and even reduce the visible signs of premature aging.

As the cannabinoids penetrate the surface of the skin, they also interact with receptors in the subdermal layers. This likely explains why so many Hemp Oil users report favorable results using topical products for joint and muscle support.

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Experience a Potent True Entourage Effect™ With Synchronicity™ Hemp Oil Tinctures, Capsules, and Topicals

Whether you decide to support ECS function with Hemp Oil tinctures, capsules, or topicals, there’s something you should know. Many companies offer hemp-derived products with just one ingredient. That ingredient is CBD isolate, a white crystalline powder comprised of a single cannabinoid.

Although current research shows that CBD has the potential to deliver a wide range of benefits on its own, pure isolate powders have a major disadvantage. They don’t contain many of the plant elements known to contribute to a full Entourage Effect. Most hemp enthusiasts consider products made with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil far more potent.

The Entourage Effect is a theory that explains how all the elements in hemp work together to magnify the therapeutic potential of the plant. You’ve likely encountered companies claiming that their Full-Spectrum products deliver all the cannabinoids in the same ratios as the original plant source.

However, any company using harsh extraction methods is likely selling “Full-Spectrum” products incapable of delivering a True Entourage Effect™.

For a True Entourage Effect™ from Whole-Plant, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, visit Functional Remedies to view our collection of Synchronicity™ tinctures, capsules, topicals, and personal care products. While you’re there, consider browsing our blog, reading our FAQs (frequently asked questions), or scheduling a personalized, one-on-one session with one of our Hemp Oil consultants.

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Choosing the Perfect Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product

People turn to Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for a wide variety of reasons. The most common are physical discomfort (40%), mood tension (20%), and sleeplessness (11%). At Functional Remedies, we always stress the importance of choosing the best Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil product/s for your unique needs.

The ideal dose depends on several factors, such as weight, body chemistry, and physical condition. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for how much Hemp Oil you should use to see the best results. However, with a little experimentation, you can find what works best for you.

Just as there are optimal doses for various situations, there are also different methods of delivery. To get the full benefits from your Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil use, it helps to consider what the different products are and how they can work for you. The right product will integrate seamlessly into your day and provide the results you’re seeking. Here’s a rundown of nine of the products we offer and how each option can fit into your life.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #1: Tincture

This is, hands-down, our most versatile product. It provides an easily adjustable dosage, which is especially helpful when figuring out how much Hemp Oil to use. It’s also a great option for those who want to avoid swallowing pills. However, the benefits don’t stop there.

This tincture combines our exceptionally bioavailable Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil with a proprietary oil blend for maximum absorption. People find that it’s the fastest method of delivery. A dropper-full placed under the tongue is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so you can feel the effects of it right away.

Some people also like to keep Hemp Oil tinctures on hand to boost their well-being as needed. A 2018 study showed that 300 mg of Hemp Oil can significantly reduce a speaker’s anxiety 90 minutes before a high-pressure presentation.

This tincture is also an easy way to add Hemp Oil to your diet. Simply stir a few drops into a morning smoothie, latte, or bowl of oatmeal. Some people find that a low, steady dose of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil throughout the day works best for them. Adding a little of the tincture to beverages, meals, and snacks helps them maintain that level of intake. If you’re interested in adding Hemp Oil to your diet, here are some delicious recipes to get you started.

Our tincture is available in peppermint or berry lemonade flavors. You can also choose a natural hemp variety that has no added flavoring. Depending on your dosage preferences, you can choose either a 500 or 1,000 mg bottle. A single drop from a 500 mg bottle gives you 12.5 mg of hemp phytonutrients.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #2: Capsules

For ease of use, you just can’t beat capsules. With this method of delivery, you won’t have to worry about spilling any of that precious Hemp Oil. Capsules also provide consistent, pre-measured dosing, which is especially convenient once you’ve found the right dose for your unique needs.

Our gelatin capsules contain the same Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil that we put in the tincture. A capsule takes about an hour longer to absorb than the tincture does. However, once you determine how Hemp Oil affects your body, it’s simple to plan your usage to fit your needs.

Some people find that Hemp Oil supports restful sleep, so they take a capsule an hour or two before they go to bed. By the time their head hits the pillow, their body will have absorbed high levels of hemp’s beneficial compounds.

Our capsules are available in 25 or 50 mg doses and in a 30 or 60 count bottle.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #3: Hand Sanitizer With Thieves Oil

In light of COVID-19, the use of hand sanitizers has increased exponentially. Many of us are using more hand sanitizer these days. At Functional Remedies, we felt that the ubiquitous alcohol gel could be improved upon. Not only can the average sanitizer dry the skin, but it also has an off-putting smell. Even worse, the high demand has led to substandard, toxic products hitting the market.

Our hand sanitizer not only contains germ-killing alcohol, but it also has aloe to soothe irritated skin. In addition, it’s enriched with Thieves Oil, an essential oil blend that has been used since the 14th century. The name comes from the claim that this mix of oils enabled thieves to avoid infection during the massive outbreak of bubonic plague in Europe.

While we can’t recommend using this mix of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oil to support a criminal lifestyle, we’re intrigued by the research surrounding it. Studies suggest that it may be useful against a number of dangerous microbes. Some of the individual oils that it contains have been shown to have an inhibitory effect against stubborn methicillin‐resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Yet another study demonstrates that Thieves Oil also seems to inhibit various forms of Enterobacteriaceae and multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Of course, our main passion is the multiple ways Hemp Oil supports physical and mental wellbeing, and that’s why we’ve also added 500 mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to our hand sanitizer. It provides another layer of soothing support as you fight infection.

As an added benefit, the essential oils in the Thieves Oil blend also provides a tantalizingly spicy aroma, making the hand sanitizing experience pleasanter than most.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #4: Body Butter

There’s nothing quite like a lush body butter to soothe dry, irritated skin. Our body butter nourishes dehydrated skin with shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, and a blend of soothing essential oils. Lavender, arnica, orange, and grapefruit essential oils give the butter a fresh, delicate smell. In all, each essential oil was chosen for its soothing effects on the skin.

To this rich base, we added 450 mg of our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, which is rich in phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, terpenes, and a full array of cannabinoids. The research is mounting about how Hemp Oil and CBD can support skin health. If you’re interested in more information about how Hemp Oil interacts with skin conditions such as acne, aging, autoimmune skin disorders, and atopic dermatitis, read our article on the benefits of hemp oil facial cream.

Try smoothing this body butter on rough skin before bedtime, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the morning. Prefer to DIY? If so, combine our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil with mango butter, essential oils, and shea butter to make a luscious body butter at home.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #5: Body Lotion

For a lightweight moisturizer, our body lotion is your best bet. Use it to incorporate Hemp Oil into your daily skin pampering sessions. Jojoba, macadamia nut, avocado, and watermelon seed oils mingle with shea and cocoa butter to leave your skin smooth and radiant. Skincare ingredients such as squalene and glycerine add even more support for youthful, hydrated skin.

With 1,000 mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil per bottle, we recommend that you start by using a small amount. This way, you can get a good feel for how your body responds to Hemp Oil. Some of our customers find that our body lotion fits perfectly into their daily routine, while others prefer to use it periodically, as the need arises.

Our body lotion also comes in a convenient pump-dispensing bottle. Studies show that these types of bottles are the most popular — 67% of lotion users prefer bottles with pump dispensers to tubes, squeeze bottles, and jars. At Functional Remedies, we make skincare easy and convenient.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #6: Body Oil

Whether you’re using it for a deep massage or to slather on damp skin after a shower, this body oil adds luxury to your life. The base of our body oil is organic fractionated coconut oil, enriched with jojoba and sunflower oil. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate the fact that jojoba oil has hypoallergenic properties. Our body oil provides soothing relief for dehydrated skin, especially during the colder months.

Lavender, peppermint, and arnica oil pamper the skin, while vitamin E offers antioxidant protection.

Our body oil also contains 200 mg of Hemp Oil, making it a good choice for people who’d like a smaller dose or to use in combination with other Hemp Oil products. For an indulgent treat, add a little to your bath water to create a moisturizing and relaxing experience. You can also enrich your favorite body lotion with a few drops of this body oil.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #7: Facial Cream

Healthy, hydrated skin is radiantly beautiful, and we meticulously formulated our facial cream to give you that glow. It’s rich with nourishing ingredients, including aloe vera juice, rosehip seed oil, and rice bran extract. Advanced skincare ingredients such as ceramide, lecithin, and rosemary leaf extract give your skin a glowing resilience.

The fragile skin on the face requires extra care, and this antioxidant-rich cream saturates the skin in nourishing moisture. When you factor in the balancing, soothing effects of the 250 mg of Hemp Oil, you have a facial cream that protects and pampers.

Our facial cream can be used at any time in place of your regular moisturizer. However, its restorative effects are especially helpful for supporting the skin’s healing and regenerative processes at night.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #8: Youth Serum

This light facial oil serum contains 100 mg of Hemp Oil and is a great way to add hemp to your existing skincare routine. Argon, sunflower, and rosehip seed oil moisturize the skin. Meanwhile, sodium hyaluronate, rice bran extract, and squalene deliver advanced anti-aging benefits. In fact, studies show that regular use of squalene can boost collagen production.

Essential oils, including lavender and rosemary, provide gentle antioxidant support, while tea tree oil fights microbes.

The light texture of our SynchronicityYouth Serum makes it easy to add Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to your favorite skincare products. Smooth it onto your skin before slathering on your favorite moisturizer. You can also mix it with your favorite facial mask to boost its effectiveness. Here are several recipes for DIY masks that bring together our potent Youth Serum and familiar (yet powerful ingredients) you can find in your kitchen.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Product #9: Sports Balm

We know: your sore muscles and joints are crying out for relief. You don’t just want a temporary solution to those dull aches and pains. You want a product that reduces the physical discomfort you feel and promotes the healing you need. Scientific research into topical CBD suggests that it can help do just this. Hemp has been shown to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and peripheral neuropathy, both of which are notoriously resistant forms of pain.

With that in mind, our sports balm contains a potent 2,500 mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. So, you can experience optimum benefits even from using just a small amount. Simply rub the balm into the affected area for localized results. Our sports balm includes popular pain-reducing ingredients such as arnica, peppermint, camphor, and menthol.

At Synchronicity™ we’re committed to bringing the best of the hemp plant to you. That’s why we developed our unique LipidTrans™Infusion Process. During the manufacturing phase, we carefully draw out the full array of cannabinoids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes from the hemp plant.

This creates an exceptionally bioavailable product. Many of our customers say that our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products are superior to the standard CBD products on the market.

Our manufacturing process speaks to our love for sustainability. We’re not interested in rushing anything to market. In fact, we spent two decades learning about hemp and studying the science behind its potency. We used that information to inform our work. Today, we offer the most effective Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products in the world.

If you have questions about any of our products, contact us. Join us in the hemp revolution and experience the Synchronicitydifference today!