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The Shark Tank Hoax with CBD Gummies

As Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil producers, we are constantly amazed at the quantity of new Hemp Oil products that hit the market shelves every day. From CBD coffee, teas, and cocktails to gummies, tinctures, and oil, not to mention bath bombs and even mattresses, CBD seems to have reached into every aspect of people’s lives.

Just like any other business, CBD companies want to advertise their products and gain consumer recognition. However, in doing so, some CBD businesses have gone a step too far. Some of them even claimed that their CBD gummies had been featured on Shark Tank—when that was not the case. The companies’ aim was to dupe consumers into believing that their products are superior to the competition. They also made extravagant health claims that have not been proven by scientific studies.

Our team at Synchronicity believes that we should let our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products speak for themselves. Our Certificates of Analysis, guarantees on all our products, multiple certifications, as well as our gentle production process are all testimonies to our dedication to the world of Hemp Oil.

Here is what the Shark Tank hoax with CBD gummies entails and how consumers can protect themselves.

What Is Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank reality television series airs on ABC. In this show, entrepreneurs show their patents, ideas, products, and businesses to a set of investors, also called Sharks. The Sharks decide whether the idea or product is worth investing in. A product or business that has the support of the Shark Tank gains in recognition and popularity.

What Is the Shark Tank CBD Gummies Hoax?

Certain CBD gummies businesses have presented themselves as having the backing of the Shark Tank team. They have claimed that their business had received offers from the Shark Tank team and that they even got all Sharks to make an offer.

However, to date, the Shark Tank reality series has never endorsed a CBD producer, manufacturer, or any other CBD-related business.

How Do These Hoaxes Promote CBD Products?

Companies that falsely claim to have the support of the Shark Tank team have run misleading ads on various search platforms. Their claims, overall presentation, and apparent Shark Tank endorsement are all designed to make their CBD gummies more appealing than the competition. It is hoped that the fake Shark Tank backing will dazzle people into thinking that these CBD gummies must be truly special.

Such companies have created whole business profiles where they photoshop the Shark Tank logo onto their CBD products packaging. They then make claims they had been featured on the series and have received extraordinary offers.

They usually support their claims by presenting fake reviews and claims on social media and their official website, from supposedly verified customers. They also try to make their whole business look as legitimate as possible.

How Do They Make Their CBD Gummy Business So Appealing?

The last thing such companies do is to offer astounding discounts on an overpriced product. These special discounts are usually time-sensitive and only available to you, thus urging customers to rush to buy these CBD gummies in case they miss out on the offer.

Are Shark Tank CBD Gummies Worth It?

No legitimate CBD gummy company would go to such unethical lengths to promote their products. Only scammers would try to deceive people in such preposterous ways.

Inferior Products

Unethical companies usually carry inferior products. Their CBD gummies often lack a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from a third-party lab, which means that consumers can’t know the true percentage of cannabinoids and other ingredients in the products. Previous studies on Hemp Oil products Experience have demonstrated that the CBD content in many products is often less than what the label is claiming.


Even with the astonishing discounts and offers, the CBD gummies in question are usually overpriced. Because of their supposed Shark Tank endorsement, the companies producing them seem to feel they can overprice their CBD gummies, even though their products don’t qualify for such prices.


The lack of a Certificate of Analysis means that consumers can’t really know what’s inside the CBD gummies. Are THC levels below the legal threshold of 0.3%? Will a drug test show positive after consuming these CBD gummies? How about other ingredients that should be mentioned? What if people are allergic to some unnamed contents?

Extravagant Health Claims

We always advise our customers to stay away from CBD businesses that make extraordinary health claims. Even though CBD and other cannabinoids have displayed promising results with regards to inflammation, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, we still need clinical trials, performed on humans, to explore and confirm this potential. Until then, we can only make assumptions.

Companies willing to perform a CBD hoax are likely to claim that their gummies will cure pretty much everything from cancer to heart disease and arthritis. These claims are unproven and the FDA will eventually intervene when businesses make such claims.


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