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The Most Innovative Wellness Companies to Recognize and Celebrate

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

True innovation facilitates meaningful change without endangering stability. While many companies make grand statements about innovation, little is accomplished unless that innovation translates into real solutions that deliver intrinsic value.

In reality, true innovators are a step ahead of the pack. They’re the people questioning the status quo, launching new concepts, and highlighting what can be accomplished by living outside the box. Some innovators introduce ideas that change the trajectory of an entire industry. Meanwhile, others create products and services that keep us healthier, happier, and more connected to the world around us. Today, we take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate some of the most innovative wellness companies in the world.

SheFinds.com: Offering Stress-Free Shopping and the Latest Lifestyle Trends

SheFinds.com is a virtual shopping destination, a favorite among passionate, engaged, and socially-aware women. With a motto of “Life Stage, Not Age”, SheFinds.com offers articles on fashion trends, life hacks, product launches, beauty news, and style tips. The content is meant to inspire and educate. Above all, the site’s content creators write for women grappling with life, social, and health challenges.

At this premier online destination, you’ll find the editorial approach undeniably candid, inspiring, and eloquent. Whether you’re looking for the latest in style trends, ideas for a weekend getaway, or new brands to try, there’s something for everyone at SheFinds.com.

The owners created the site with the busy career woman in mind. As a result of hectic schedules, the latter may have little time to shop or surf the internet. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women own close to 10 million businesses, and 75% of mothers with young children are fully employed. With featured deals from popular fashion retailers and up-to-the-minute trend coverage, this click-to-buy site takes the stress out of shopping. Site visitors can also shop Korean and Asian beauty brands, bridal jewelry, fitness accessories, and wellness products. Overall, SheFinds.com is one of the most innovative wellness companies dedicated to the empowerment of women.

Purple®: Online Access to Innovative Sleep Technology at Affordable Prices

Brothers Tony and Terry Pearce founded Purple® in 1989. Combining their expertise in advanced aerospace engineering, manufacturing, and project management, the brothers set out to create high-tech wheelchairs and carbon-fiber sporting goods. In due time, however, the chairs needed better cushioning. This eventually led to the creation of Floam™, the lightest-weight cushioning fluid on earth.

Basically, the brothers used Floam™ to cushion footwear, golf bag straps, critical care medical beds, and even NICU preemie “nests.” In their quest to develop a revolutionary, lower-cost Floam™ alternative, the Pearce brothers subsequently developed Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, the predecessor to Purple®.

By 2013, the brothers set out to use their knowledge of cushioning to develop a new type of mattress. However, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ had never been molded into pieces large enough for a king-sized mattress. The brothers solved this challenge by creating a machine called Mattress Max™. With Mattress Max™, the Pearce brothers were able to achieve their goal of selling high quality, no-pressure mattresses online at affordable prices.

Dubbed “the bed that broke the internet,” the Purple® mattress adapts instantly to every body type. The inner “Purple Grid” intelligently flexes to adjust to pressure points for a unique zero gravity-like sleeping experience. In addition, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ also neutralizes body heat, so Purple® mattress customers can sleep comfortably throughout the night. And, as producers of the most advanced cushioning products in the world, Purple® has unquestionably become one of the most innovative wellness companies on earth.

Getaway: Innovative Getaways to Unplug, Rewind, and Reconnect With Nature

A growing body of evidence suggests that spending time in a natural environment can positively impact health and wellbeing. Although many people find the Great Outdoors relaxing, most don’t have access to a secluded cabin in the woods.

While living in a travel trailer, working remotely, and traveling the country, Jon Staff discovered the joy and simplicity of tiny house living. Today, Staff is the CEO and Co-Founder of Getaway, a company that constructs outposts replete with luxurious eco-cabins. Staff and co-founder Pete Davis started the company by renting three cabins on land leased in New Hampshire. Their business soon expanded to include outposts in several states.

When booking a cabin at a Getaway outpost, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable overnight experience, such as queen beds, clean towels, fresh linens, a mini-fridge, and a two-burner stove. You’ll also have the option of purchasing any extras you may need. Each cabin has its own fire pit, chairs, and a picnic table.

While the cabin is equipped with a landline for calls to emergency services and the Gateway team, there’s no Wi-Fi. By and large, this vacation concept centers on providing a respite from modern distractions and stresses. Plus, you won’t need to leave Fido at home: Getaway offers dog-friendly accommodations and provides dog bowls, waste bags, and treats for canine visitors.

companies that focus on human wellness and promote it, maybe even the expense of themselves should be celebrated.

Clark's Botanicals: Innovative Skincare Products Combining the Best of Science and Nature

In 2002, a young man with a promising career became paralyzed from the neck down after diving into a pool. Then 24-year-old Francesco Clark lost the ability to walk, the tragedy throwing his life into turmoil. The damage to Francesco’s central nervous system also impaired his ability to sweat. Subsequently, he experienced facial skin problems, and his appearance became haggard. With the help of his father, an M.D. and homeopath, the duo set out to find a solution for Francesco’s prematurely aging skin.

After four years and nearly 80 iterations, Francesco and his father determined that the antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of jasmine produced favorable results. In essence, the discovery of Jasmine Absolute, the proprietary ingredient in many Clark’s Botanicals products, changed Francesco’s life. The pair also found that combining jasmine with other natural ingredients delivered spectacular results. With its first product Smoothing Marine Cream, Clark’s Botanicals was born.  

Today, jasmine remains at the core of Clark’s Botanicals. Its skin-soothing properties deliver gentle, non-toxic skincare. That’s what makes Clark’s Botanicals wholly unique and one of the most innovative wellness companies out there. As a company that adheres to the strictest industry standards, all Clark’s Botanicals skincare products are naturally fragranced, environmentally friendly, gluten-free, and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

Wthn: An Innovative Modern Aesthetic Based on Ancient Healing Practices

With the goal of bringing ancient medicines to a national audience, Wthn (pronounced within) offers herbal remedies, facial rejuvenation sessions, and acupuncture treatments in a spa-like setting. Based in New York City, Wthn demystifies acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with a “cheeky” menu, sound therapy, and warm tea. Wthn’s herbal remedies are divided into three categories: “Prevent,” “Heal,” and “Glow.” 

The Wthn approach to health and wellness is based on 2,500 years of time-tested practices. Significantly, the efficacy of these practices has been verified by the latest scientific research. Within five months of opening their first Wthn location, co-creators Michelle Larivee and Dr. Shari Auth launched a line of herbal supplements. Wthn herbal blends comprise a modern mix of traditional Chinese formulas and adaptogens that offer maximum therapeutic potential. Covering a wide range of wellness concerns, including mood support, digestive health, and sleep support, Wthn makes it easy to find the best combination of Chinese herbs for your needs.

Haielle: Innovative Beauty Products that Won't Harm Your Health or the Environment

After working behind the scenes as the COO of a salon product manufacturer in Venezuela, Haielle founder, Yoel Vaisberg, decided to step out of his comfort zone. With hopes of expanding his business, he brought salon-quality hair and nail products from Venezuela to the U.S. Soon, the stress of relocating to a new country and planning a wedding triggered sudden hair loss and a chronic skin condition. After trying different topical products for his symptoms, Vaisberg decided that the solution required a balanced, holistic approach. 

With a new awareness of the therapeutic potential of natural ingredients, Vaisberg and his partners crafted another business plan. In light of the change in direction, they determined that beauty products should never compromise personal or environmental health.

Noting the widespread belief that all-natural ingredients are safe and all synthetics harmful, Vaisberg decided to change the narrative. Thus, Haielle is based on the premise that a “holistic perspective” is the path to true wellbeing. The founders believe modern beauty care requires balance, social awareness, and openness to make the best decisions for personal health and the environment.

innovative companies pop up in places all over the world, and all with different reasons for incorporating themselves for health or human wellness.

Petite Histoire: An Innovative Luxury Fragrance Company that Believes in Sustainability and Fair Trade

Many perfumes, colognes, and body sprays explicitly contain hazardous ingredients. As consumer awareness of the associated health risks increases, so does the demand for natural fragrances. Yet, far too many natural perfumes lack the “finesse” of their synthetic counterparts. Thus, many people never get the chance to experience the sublime nature of natural fragrances.

After five years in the fashion and beauty industry, Jeff Smith began exploring green beauty brands and natural fragrances. Not finding anything he cared for, Smith created his own, Petite Histoire.

A French phrase meaning “the backstory between lovers,” Petite Histoire offers luxury perfumes crafted from earth’s most natural ingredients. In addition, each fragrance features aromatherapy grade extracts in a moisturizing coconut oil base. By comparison with many other green companies that tend to be vague about their production practices, Petite Histoire is refreshingly transparent.

Presently, the company’s ingredient partner Robertet has a “seed to scent” partnership with global communities to deliver sustainable raw materials. The partnership protects crops in ecologically fragile regions through reforestation programs, solar-powered extraction methods, and distillation processes that utilize recycled materials. As a result, Petite Histoire perfumes and candles are indulgent, seductive, intoxicating, and completely natural.

The Most Innovative Wellness Companies Offer Products with Full Therapeutic Potential

As our national fascination with all things hemp continues to grow, many companies are eager to add CBD and other Hemp Oil products to their inventory. Many of those companies are experimenting with planting, harvesting, and extraction for the very first time. While most companies claim their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil contains all the additional cannabinoids and other phytonutrients as the original plant, these claims can be misleading for the most part.

For example, many CBD companies use harsh extraction methods, processes that can include high heat, pressurized CO2, or chemical solvents. These extraction methods subsequently compromise the integrity of the Hemp Oil by damaging its active plant elements, stripping its essential fatty acids, and removing plant waxes and fibers that contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

By comparison, Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant Hemp Oil tinctures, capsules, and skincare products are different.  With more than two decades of experience cultivating proprietary hemp plants, Synchronicity™ understands that preserving the integrity of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil requires gentle production methods.

Hand holding hemp leaf. Hemp plants are grown the world over, but only the best hemp is grown in Colorado

Specifically, the Functional Remedies LipidTrans Infusion™ process preserves and transfers the plant’s phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other potentially beneficial plant elements to a heart-healthy oil (MCT or coconut oil) in small hand-pressed batches. Preserving all the active components like terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients ensures a True Entourage Effect™, where plant elements work synergistically with each other to enhance their therapeutic potential.

Pampering Yourself with Products from the Most Innovative Wellness Companies in the World

While we recognize that innovation inspires change, the latter rarely qualifies as true innovation. Instead, the true innovators are those who identify the gaps between what’s available and what’s needed. They apply their talents and unique perspectives to provide meaningful solutions. It’s these innovators that give us new ways to calm our minds, nurture our bodies, and reconnect with our inner selves. For that, they should be celebrated.  

If you’re intrigued by some of the latest innovations in the wellness industry, consider entering the Pamper Yourself Sweepstakes at FindKeep.Love. This co-branded giveaway features $2,875 in prizes from the most innovative wellness companies on earth, many featured above. Enter to win a two-night cabin stay, valuable gift cards, holistic hair care, and more!

Discover What the True Entourage Effect™ of Synchronicity™ Can Do for You

Once you’ve entered the sweepstakes, visit Synchronicity™ to view our selection of Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant Hemp Oil Tinctures, topicals, and capsules. While there, take a few minutes to browse our blog or read the answers to frequently asked questions.

The many cannabinoids and phytonutrients in Synchronicity™ Hemp Oil interact with receptors throughout the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), the largest regulatory system in the body. In essence, Hemp Oil provides ECS support, restoring balance to bodily processes. The only way to know what Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant Hemp Oil can do for your overall wellbeing, skin, hair, and sleep quality is to try it and then Ask Your Body™. For your safety and peace of mind, all Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant Hemp Oil products are produced in a cGMP certified facility and third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.

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