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Every body is unique, so we suggest you experiment and take it all in – one drop, one capsule, or one rub of salve at a time. If you’re not sure where to start, begin your journey with our Potent Base Series, so you can Feel the Full Effect. We offer a 15mg Capsule, 250mg Berry Lemonade Tincture, 500mg Sports Balm, 100mg Body Oil, and 500mg Body Lotion in our Potent Base Series. Scroll down to learn more.

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Full-Spectrum CBD Products By Synchronicity Hemp Oil

Quality Guarantee

All of our products are produced and packaged in our own NSF-certified and triple GMP-certified lab. We utilize independent, third-party lab-testing to ensure quality and safety of all Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products.

Two Membership Programs

We get it. Taking care of your body is hard. Save time, money, and stress by signing up for one of our loyalty programs. Whether you decide to have your favorite Full-Spectrum CBD product arrive on your doorstep monthly, bimonthly, or opt to become a Synchronicity member, you’ll enjoy big savings while feeling good about making your wellness a priority. No more empty bottles just when you need the healing benefits of Hemp Oil the most!

See what customers are saying about us

“But honestly now–I am a believer! I was able to go off my Flexeril and stop taking Motrin. I suffered from a severe concussion this past April and I’ve had constant headaches everyday. And now–no more headaches upon waking and so much less pain.”

— Kristen N.

“Something strong that works well. Really good stuff. The pain in my neck and shoulders seems much better. I’ve noticed better results in comparison to other CBD balms and products.”

— John K.

“I have tried absolutely everything to help with insomnia and nothing has worked for me. I decided to try hemp oil. I’m about 2 weeks in and I feel like I am falling asleep a little easier all the time! I take 2 droppers full at supper time and it’s really making a difference. Hope it continues!”

— Lisa L.

“Since I started using these products I have felt an uplift in my sense of well being. I have suffered severe stress during this recent time period as many people have. I have been using a range of these pure wonderful products and as a normally skeptical person I was pleasantly surprised with the overall results. I highly recommend this product and this also is my new go to gift to send. I can only say thank you!!!!”

— Ellie

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