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How To Take Hemp Oil?

Wondering how to take CBD oil? CBD oil method of ingestion are plentiful, but Synchronicity discusses dosages and various methods in a blog post all about how to take hemp oil
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Whether you’re convinced that full-spectrum hemp oil is the best thing since sliced bread or you’re just trying it out, cannabinoids are a relatively new option for health and wellness. Since hemp oil is such a new product there can be a lot of questions around its usage. One of the biggest questions we get is: what is the best time of day to use hemp oil to get the most benefits from the hemp oil?

Full-spectrum cbd oil products have many applications and its proper usage is really up to you and what your goals are in taking it. The best way to decide the right way for you to use your cbd oil is to have as much information as possible. Check out this list of situations in which cbd oil might be applicable with some tips on what time of day may allow you to get the most out of taking it. 

Why Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Pure hemp oil is an incredibly versatile product and people of all ages are trying it out for a variety of reasons to promote an overall sense of wellness and balance. A growing number of people are even trying out giving hemp oil products to their dogs!

Synchronicity further expands this versatility by putting CBD oil products for sale in different dosages as well as forms like tinctures, salves, and capsules. The diverse range of reasons and ways to take hemp oil means that every person with their own unique needs will likely find that some methods of taking hemp oil work better for them than others. This is also true for the time of day one takes their hemp oil.

How to Take Hemp Oil?

To determine what method of taking hemp oil works best for you, we recommend starting off with small doses and taking note of the time of day you take it as well as how much you are taking. From there, you can adjust the dosage size as needed, until you find the right dosage for your needs.

You can experiment with hemp oil without worrying about negatively impacting your normal routine or activities. This is because Synchronicity’ hemp oil contains such a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%) that it has no psychotropic effects whatsoever, no matter what dosage is taken, or how frequently it’s taken. And because our hemp oil only has trace amounts of THC, it’s legal in all fifty US states.

How to Take Tincture?

If you’ve determined that taking hemp oil via a tincture is the best course of action, how then do you make best use of the solution? Do you cook with it, do you mix it into a drink? How about a few drops in the mouth?

Almost all of the above are good avenues. Mixing a full-spectrum hemp oil into your favorite drink, smoothie, or cocktail can add an extra dimension to your night or day. Using a dropper, and putting some under your tongue comes very widely recommended for the quickest onset of effects. Leave the tincture mix sublingual for about 20 seconds and then feel free to swallow.

It’s not recommended however to heat the tincture to cooking temperatures as you will ruin the CBD within the mix. You don’t want to render your hemp oil useless, so instead, drizzle it on a salad, or part of your dipping sauce for your snack of choice. These is not a conclusive list, try different things out yourself with Synchronicity’s Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture.

Figuring Out What’s Right For Your Body

Depending on the method and dosage you’re taking, how hemp oil affects you, and what you’re trying to get out of using it, you may find a certain time of day is better for you than others. Some experiment with hemp oil as a tool for promoting relaxation and might prefer to take it before going to sleep. Others might find it more beneficial to take their hemp oil in the morning before they begin work, school, or other activities.

If you’re taking hemp oil products during the day, you may decide it’s more effective to dose up multiple times per day, depending on the dosage and how you’re consuming the hemp oil. Keep in mind that depending on the method you use, it may take longer for your body to absorb the hemp oil, and it may have less potency. For instance, capsules will take longer for your body to absorb than using tinctures or oils orally, and less of a capsule’s contents will be absorbed.

The Best Time To Take Hemp Oil for Stress Relief

Hemp oil is often used to help with mood and potentially alleviate emotional distress in a number of ways, including using it to prevent the body from having as strong of a stress response in the first place. If you’re trying to decide when to take hemp oil to alleviate stress you may want to first consider the type of emotional strain or tension you’re experiencing.

When you take full-spectrum hemp oil in particular, you’re actually getting the advantage of over 100 cannabinoids which all connect to your endocannabinoid system, resulting in what is known as the entourage effect. This means that each cannabinoid can make all the others more effective, resulting in a greater benefit than simply taking CBD alone would.

For chronic daily stress, like a stressful job, you may find that regularly taking hemp oil in the morning helps you stay calm throughout the day and more resilient in the face of an aggressive boss or tedious tasks. Cannabinoids (of which CBD is one) work with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a system that is intimately related to the regulation of stress and mood. Taking hemp oil on a regular basis might help support this system, allowing it to function optimally, even when you have a lot of stressors putting pressure on you.

This lady is admiring the scenery after having taken some CBD tincture. She knows to keep the tincture under her tongue for 20-30 seconds and then she can gut it for full effect. Capsules take too long for her liking, so tinctures work the best for her.

If you’re experiencing acute stress due to a life event, you may find it helpful to supplement your daily routine with an extra dose. If you anticipate a stressful event in your day like a long flight, or in your week (for example your in-laws coming into town for Thanksgiving!) you may find it helpful to take a little extra in the days leading up to the event as well as right before, for example, when you leave for the airport.

Best Time To Take Hemp Oil for Sleep

While the timing might seem obvious when taking hemp oil for sleep, there are a few things worth considering before you commit to a routine. Taking hemp oil in the evening before you go to bed can be a great option for occasional insomnia as it helps your body relax, may reduce pain and restlessness, and help shut your mind down as you fall asleep.

However, if you suffer from chronic insomnia, you may find that simply taking hemp oil right before you go to bed will not get to the root of the problem. Insomnia is often associated with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain, which may need to be addressed more directly, and can be assisted by a different approach using hemp oil.

In this case, taking full-spectrum hemp oil more therapeutically to potentially reduce stress and tension throughout your day might be a better long term plan. An example is taking it in the morning to support your endocannabinoid system, which may have a more noticeable, if not indirect, effect on your ability to sleep. The endocannabinoid system has a direct relationship to or ability to regulate serotonin and dopamine so by taking care of your ECS you may find your overall mood improving.

You might also find that combining hemp oil at any time of day with other methods for relaxation and pain relief such as yoga or meditation will help you reach a state of greater overall relaxation, thereby allowing you to achieve a deeper more peaceful rest at night.

Sleep and hemp, CBN, CBD have been widely talked about, but have you really tried it for yourself? CBN for sleep has a lot of anecdotal evidence, and we're hoping science picks up the pace on CBD research in relation to sleep and other things that can improve our day to day well being.

Best Time To Take Hemp Oil for Exercise Routine

Hemp oil might play a role in improving exercise routines, whether you ingest it or use it as a salve on sore muscles. This particular usage is especially flexible when it comes to timing, and it is worth taking the time to test exactly the right timing for your body.

Taking a dose of hemp oil half an hour to an hour before exercising can help relax your body and reduce the chance of a stress injury or muscular strain, as well as improving your overall experience. Some forms of physical activity may be more or less conducive to a pre-workout dose especially workouts that involve a lot of stretching, such as yoga, or workouts that you want to make a more full-body, mindful experience.

Taking a dose of full-spectrum hemp oil is also a potentially great way to recover post-workout and may reduce any associated aches and pains. Muscular soreness or stiffness is the result of inflammation – hemp oil may reduce overall inflammation in the body when taken orally and might be especially beneficial when rubbed on sore muscles. Often used to help with joint pain, this method can be especially beneficial after a tough workout or one in which you’ve put a lot of pressure on your body such as a long run or a particularly aggressive Crossfit workout.

These ladies are discussing tips on taking CBD while exercising. They've incorporated some for CBD protein shakes as part of the warm up, and they have some CBD Tincture they'll use to relax a little later. They like to mix CBD into a drink.

Best Time To Take Hemp Oil: Pair It With Coffee Or Booze

Sometimes the timing for a little hemp oil is directly related to what else you’re putting in your body! Pairing hemp oil and alcohol is all the rage these days, and the combination has become famous for increasing the enjoyable side effects of both substances. Hemp oil’s potential to increase one’s sense of relaxation and well-being has made it a popular addition to cocktails at any time of day (although it’s worth considering whether an extra relaxing mid-day cocktail will put you out of commission if you’re planning on a productive day!)

Hemp oil has a similarly great effect when paired with coffee, helping to tone down the more intense qualities of caffeine and many find that it allows for a more mellow pick-me-up. It can be a great addition to your morning coffee to help clear your mind and start your day in a good mental space, or in your afternoon coffee if you need a little extra focus without the dreaded caffeine jitters.

So, Is There One “Best” Time To Take Hemp Oil?

Ultimately the best time of day to take hemp oil is up to your individual body and your goal in taking it. One of the greatest potential benefits of hemp or hemp oil is its versatility and the unique ways in which it interacts with our bodies. Some folks will find that they can only take hemp oil in the evening or if they don’t have any rigorous activity planned, others will appreciate the relaxing effects of full-spectrum hemp oil at any time of day.

There’s no one right way on how to take cbd oil but Synchronicity is here and happy to help you get acquainted with it. No matter what method suits your needs, all of our products are made with care and held to the highest standards of quality. We’re certain that if hemp oil is right for you, our products will meet your needs, any time. And if now is not the right time, Synchronicity tested out the shelf life of CBD oil and found it our products last past 2 years.

Learn more about our hemp tinctures, hemp capsules, and hemp salve at our online store.


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