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How to Make DIY Hemp Oil

This man is searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. At least, he was, but he gave up, and dived into a pot of his own gold. Homebrew Hemp Oil can be made, but is it worth it?

Once Upon a Time, a DIY Hemp Oil Adventure Was Born

In a city somewhere in the U.S.A., a loving couple married and moved into their dream home. They did chores together, cooked gourmet meals, and watched silly sitcoms at night. On weekends, they took their dog to the park and went to their favorite Italian restaurant. The couple lived a happy life until COVID-19 hit.

One day, the wife Aria stood in the kitchen, looking out the window. She didn’t notice when her husband, Mike, walked into the room in search of coffee. As he rummaged in the cabinets, Mike noticed the pensive look on Aria’s face. She looked a million miles away. Slowly, he leaned on the counter and looked up at her.

“What’s up, hon?”

“You know Wanda?” she said, turning to look at him. 

“You mean your over-the-fence COVID party buddy?”

“Right, our neighbor next door. You know this whole social isolation thing is hard — well — on everyone. However, Wanda has been all alone since her husband died. Her kids don’t even live nearby.”

“Yeah, it’s got to be rough,” Mike replied, standing at her shoulder and looking out the window. “At least she has you to talk to during your 5:00 at-the-fence cocktail hour.” 

“Well, I appreciate that time with her. But still, she must be lonely, and I think it’s getting to her. She seems a little depressed. Plus, she has arthritis, and now she can’t even go to her water aerobics class. I’m worried about her, Mike.”

He nodded and made his way over to the coffee maker. As he scooped coffee grounds into the basket, he spoke. “That’s a lot for her to deal with, isn’t it?”

“It really is,” Aria replied. “But, I have an idea.” Upon hearing that, Mike raised his eyebrows.

DIY Hemp Oil to the Rescue


By the blank look on Mike’s face, Aria stifled a giggle. She clarified, “You know, cannabidiol. It’s everywhere right now!”

“Isn’t that pot?”

“No! Well…yes, there’s CBD in marijuana. But, hemp is a better source because it won’t get Wanda high. And, there’s all this new research that says it may help with physical discomfort and balanced mood support.”

“Okay…sounds good,” Mike volunteered tentatively. He pushed the button to start the coffee brewing.

“Oh, it’s huge,” Aria continued. “People are using it in skincare and hair products. I even saw instructions for making a CBD bath bomb that sounded awesome.”

“Huh. So, you’re really going to get Wanda some CBD oil?”

“No. I’m going to MAKE her some!”

Finding a DIY hemp oil recipe shouldn't be too hard on the web. But do you really want to make it yourself when you have reputable suppliers of CBD like Synchronicity with rigorous quality control and a shameless devotion to creating only the best Hemp Oil Products

With that, Aria walked over to the counter and spun her laptop around. As she started tapping in the keywords for her search, Mike considered the best way to respond. The coffee gurgled in the pot behind him, and he reached into the cupboard to pull out a mug. 

“That’s really thoughtful,” he said slowly. “And, this whole DIY thing you’ve got going since the shutdown has been great. The sourdough bread was amazing and so was the blueberry ice cream. But, DIY Hemp Oil? Why make it? Why not get a bottle from one of those online CBD stores and leave it at that?”

In response, Aria shook her head but didn’t look up, too intent on her search.

Hemp Oil Is Expensive But Is DIY Hemp Oil the Answer?

“Have you seen what it costs?” Aria challenged. “CBD isn’t exactly cheap. I’m sure I can make it cheaper at home.”

“Are you planning to grow your own hemp or something?” Mike asked, pouring the coffee into his mug.

“No, of course not,” she said. “I’ll order it online, like everything else.”

“But, this seems like the whole thing could be pretty complicated. I mean…how do you know if you’re doing it right?”

She glanced up at him, then gestured at the screen. 

“I’m about to show you.”

Luckily, Mike was a patient man.

Aria wandered into the living room three hours later, where Mike was reading. She flopped down next to him on the couch with a pad of paper in her hand. Copious notes filled the pad, some of them scribbled over while others were underlined or starred. Aria looked at the tightly-packed page and sighed. 

“So?” Mike asked. “How’d the research go? Got it all figured out?”

It's Complicated

“You’re right; it’s kind of complicated,” she admitted. “First, I have to find a trustworthy grower because it turns out that the strain of hemp and growing conditions matter when it comes to CBD levels. Plus, I don’t want any pesticides in the finished product. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few sources, but there seem to be many amateurish-looking sites out there.”

Mike set his book aside and shifted to face her, so she’d know that she had his full attention. She frowned at her notes and shook her head.

“Plus, there’s the carrier oil. There are lots of different opinions about that. Olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil — who knew there were so many carrier oils? And, it matters because the body can’t really absorb CBD without oil. From what I can tell, MCT oil is probably the best option.”

“Well, you figured that much out, then,” he said encouragingly. She shrugged.

“True. And, I even ordered some. Now I’m sifting through all these recipes, but everyone has a different opinion on that, too. You’re supposed to steep the hemp flowers in the oil, but at what temperature? Some websites say anything over 130 degrees will degrade the CBD, while other sites claim you can go up to 250 or 300 degrees. And, for how long? I saw one recipe that said to steep the hemp for just one hour but another one said it had to stay in the oil for 24 hours.”

Creating a homebrewed hemp oil concoction may not be all that hard depending on the tools you have at your disposal. If you have a mailbox at your disposal, you could just have Synchronicity Hemp Oil send you some CBD lotion or CBD tincture

“24 hours? That seems like a really long time.”

“Well, it may extract more of the compounds. Otherwise, you have to heat it under pressure. It turns out that there’s all this stuff in the hemp besides just the CBD. There are over a hundred different cannabinoids, polyphenols, and terpenes, and all of them do different things in the body. Plus, they seem to work better together to create something called The Entourage Effect. So, you want to get all of that out of the hemp, too.”

“I guess you really want to take your time, then.”

Crunch Time: to Proceed or Not to Proceed

“Yes, but even then you don’t really know what actually made it out of the hemp. I saw one recipe that said you’d end up with an oil that had between one and 10 milligrams of CBD per serving.”

“That seems like a pretty big range,” he said. 

“Right? It’s weird.”

Mike looked at Aria and then glanced at her well-scribbled paper.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he said. “It’s starting to sound like it may be even harder than the sourdough bread.”

She sighed and looked at her notes, too. Then she gave a single, determined nod and stood up. 

“I won’t know if I don’t try. And, I really want to help Wanda.”

“You’re going to take over the kitchen again, aren’t you?” he asked, but she was back to studying her notes. 

“So, how hot does the slow cooker get when it’s on low? I guess I could use a candy thermometer to find out. Do we have a candy thermometer, hon?”

Mike shook his head and picked up his book again.

Getting the DIY Hemp Oil Project Under Way

It took a few weeks for the hemp flowers to arrive. Shortly after the package arrived, Aria set to work. Soon, Mike came into the kitchen, his nose wrinkling. 

“What’s that smell?” he asked Aria, who was squatting in front of the oven, peering through the glass. 

“It’s the hemp flowers. I’m decarboxylating it. Do you think our oven temperature is accurate?”

“No idea. What’s decarboxylating?”

“It does something to the CBD so your body can use it better. You have to heat it to change the CBD from its acidic form…look, it says online that this is an important step to make it more potent. I just hope it’s not getting too hot in there. “

“It smells like…”

“I know. Those are the terpenes. They’re aromatic oils, and they have all these anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating effects,” she explained, opening the door a crack to peek into the oven. “It turns out that the CBD is actually more effective if it has the terpenes in the oil, too.”

“If we can smell them, does that mean we’re losing them? Like they’re evaporating or something?”

“I don’t know.” She tugged an oven mitt onto her hand and opened the door to grab the baking sheet. She pulled it out and set it on top of the stove. They both studied the hemp, a rubble of fuzzy olive-green nuggets. 

“Do you think it’ll work?” he asked. 

“I hope so.”

He nodded and patted Aria on the shoulder encouragingly. “I’ll leave you to it, then. Good luck!”

The Mystery Deepens

A few hours later, Mike stuck his head into the kitchen to ask Aria a question. However, when he caught sight of the scene before him, he paused in mid-sentence. Aria was standing over the slow cooker, stirring its contents slowly with a wooden spoon. There was a splash of oil on her shirt and a small puddle on the counter was dripping onto the floor. Aria was stirring with one hand and with the other, clicking between tabs on her laptop browser. She was muttering to herself. She had that look in her eye, he thought. An interruption wouldn’t be appreciated. 

Mike withdrew quietly. 

The next morning, Mike walked into the kitchen. He stopped to survey the scene. Aria was pouring the last few drops of oil through a tiny funnel into a small brown glass jar. Around her, the counter was littered with bowls, a candy thermometer, ladles, syringes, mixing cups, and strainers. The slow cooker looked empty. Meanwhile, a small pile of discarded hemp flowers sat in a bowl, an oily ring puddling in the bottom. 

CBD allows this lady to get through her day without paying too much attention to her arthritic aches. What can CBD do for you?

Success or Failure?

Aria tapped the last few drops carefully of the funnel and into the bottle, then carefully screwed a dropper cap on. She turned to Mike and held it aloft with a triumphant flourish. 

“It’s done,” she announced. “I hope Wanda likes it. I just wish I had some way of knowing exactly how much CBD is in it. And, if it has THC. I know she’s worried about that because she mentioned a few times that she doesn’t want to get high.” 

Mike nodded and then asked, “So, are you glad you did it? Think it was worthwhile?”

“I think so. I just hope it does her some good, you know? However, some things still bother me. There were so many things I couldn’t quantify. How do I know I received premium quality hemp to start? Was it really organic? Did I overheat it? Should I have used alcohol to “winterize” it? Did I steep it long enough, and did I use the right olive oil?”

Mike walked over to her and put his arms around her. She relaxed against his chest. 

“I’m sure it’s great. And, Wanda will be so touched you went through all of this for her.”

“Well, it’s worth it if it helps her feel better. And now, I have to clean up this mess,” she sighed, looking around the kitchen.

“You sound a little stressed,” Mark said, a smile forming on his mouth. “You know, I hear that CBD is good for that.”

At that, Aria laughed.

And, now, we’ve come to the end of our story. But, did Aria’s DIY Hemp Oil turn out right? Specifically, did it help Wanda? Alas, you may not be privy to the fact that Wanda takes medication for her arthritis. So, the question remains: how does CBD react with prescriptions? And, what are the risks of combining DIY Hemp Oil with allopathic medicines? Specifically, how did Wanda fare with Aria’s concoction? Join our mailing list to find out.

Facing Roadblocks With DIY Hemp Oil? Synchronicity Can Help

At Synchronicity, we’ve worked hard to perfect our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. We control every step of the process, from planting until final delivery to your home. We do this to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. Our hemp is sustainably grown and we’ve worked hard to perfect the Superior Genetics that produces the ideal ratio of cannabinoids and high levels of phytonutrients.

Unlike some companies, we never use harsh or toxic CO2 extraction methods. Instead, we start with the finest ingredients and use our unique hand-pressed LipidTrans™ Infusion Process to coax the most beneficial compounds out of the hemp for a True Entourage Effect. You can trust that what we put on our label corresponds to what’s in the bottle because we work with third-party testing facilities to ensure every batch is safe and pure. 

CBD isn’t a fad at Synchronicity. We’ve been dedicated to the pursuit of making the finest Hemp Oil for over two decades because we truly believe in our products and what they can do.  

So, go ahead and leave the work to us. We’re proud of the quality of our products, and they are available at many different price points. Looking for more answers to your questions? We invite you to take a look at what we have to offer via our Full-Spectrum CBD Products. For more information, contact us. We’d love to start a conversation about CBD, DIY Hemp Oil, and Synchronicity.


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