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How Long Does CBD Take to Kick in?

When you enter the world of CBD, you may find yourself faced with many questions: how much CBD should I take? What type of CBD should I choose? How long does CBD take to kick in?

Although CBD can be found in hundreds of products, from edibles and gummies to drinks and chocolates, not to mention lotions and soaps, there is no recommended daily allowance, nor is there a medical protocol about its consumption and effectiveness for different conditions or diseases. CBD is considered a supplement instead of medicine, so consumers need to gauge for themselves how much CBD they want to take, what type of CBD works best for them, and what their wellness expectations are.

The time it takes for Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to start acting in your body and mind depends on several factors, such as the product strength, the method of consumption, as well as more personal traits such as weight, metabolism, general health, genetics, and even age and exercise level.

What Are My CBD Choices?

CBD products can be categorized into four wide categories.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

CBD Oil contains over a hundred cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBN, CBG, CBDV, CBDA, THCV, etc. It also contains flavonoids, terpenes such as humulene and myrcene, vitamins, minerals, and more. For Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to be legal in the United States, it must contain less than 0.3% of THC per dry weight.

Many of these compounds carry their own potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-microbial properties. When they work together, research suggests that they produce an optimal overall effect—the so-called entourage effect. Put simply, Hemp’s botanical compounds work together to enhance each other’s effects. When it comes to Hemp, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Broad-spectrum hemp oil is similar to Full-Spectrum but without any traces of THC. This is usually the preferred product of people who are worried about drug tests at their work, since no THC metabolites will be detected by the tests.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate has gone through a specific extraction process that isolates CBD. It contains only CBD and is often found in powder form.

CBD Distillate

Occupying a place somewhere between CBD isolate and broad-spectrum hemp oil, CBD distillate consists solely of cannabinoids. This is useful to CBD producers who wish to create a proprietary broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD products with specific properties. However, it lacks the entourage effect.

Does the Type Of CBD Matter?

The type of CBD you choose makes a big difference regarding when the effects kick in.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is brimming with all of Hemp’s cannabinoids and botanical compounds. As these work together in a synergetic way, and so they may be more efficient. This means that Full-Spectrum CBD Oil may kick in faster and have a more lasting and potent effect.

How Can I Take CBD?

Your chosen method of consumption plays a big part in how fast CBD starts acting on your body. As a rule of thumb, the faster CBD enters your bloodstream, the sooner it exits it.


When you eat CBD edibles and gummies or when you take Full-Spectrum CBD Pills you are ingesting CBD.

The CBD travels from your mouth through your digestive system, where it is broken down and metabolized before it is allowed to enter your bloodstream. This takes time.

It can take up to two hours for ingested CBD to start having an effect. Ingested CBD stays in the body longer: the effects usually peak within 6 hours. After that, CBD is slowly pushed out of your bloodstream.


Sublingual use is when a few drops of Full-Spectrum CBD tincture are placed under the tongue. The tongue is equipped with capillaries that are directly linked to the bloodstream. When you place your CBD tincture under your tongue, you are letting the tongue capillaries soak in the CBD and direct it to the bloodstream. In the case of sublingual administration, CBD takes anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour to kick in but stays less in the body.


Topical use is when you apply CBD lotions, CBD facial creams, balms, and salves on your skin to moisturize it and keep at bay skin and joint inflammation. Topical use is meant to provide localized relief, and does not pass through the blood brain barrier. Meaning it will not enter the bloodstream through topical application. It takes two to three hours for CBD to work its power through topical use. The effects will be felt for longer, peaking at 6 to 8 hours.


Vaping is the fastest method of CBD consumption.

Just like we have tongue capillaries, we also have lung capillaries. When you vape CBD, it enters your lungs, where it is absorbed by the lung capillaries and immediately enters the bloodstream, thus bypassing the time-consuming digestive tract.

The effects of CBD are felt within 15 to 30 minutes. However, they dissipate just as fast, usually within a couple of hours.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Act?

Beyond the method of consumption, there are several other considerations to take into account before evaluating how long it takes for CBD to kick in.

Frequency of CBD Consumption

Consistent CBD consumption will build up the levels of CBD in your body. This means that when you take your daily dose of CBD, it will kick in faster and last longer.

Occasional consumption of CBD clears the body faster.


CBD is lipophilic. This means it attaches itself to fatty substances. Heavy people have more fatty tissue than leaner ones. When they consume CBD, the CBD blends in their fatty tissue and stays longer in their system.

Exercise Level

When people exercise a lot, they have an increased metabolic rate and any CBD they take will get metabolized faster. They will feel the effects faster but the effects will also wear off sooner.

Food Intake

If you take your CBD with food, particularly healthy fats like milk, yogurt, avocado, or fish, the CBD will hook up to the fatty compounds of these foods. It will take longer for CBD to take effect but the effect will linger far longer, since CBD has attached itself to the fat in the food.

How Should I Choose My CBD?

When you are about to buy your CBD, you should always make sure you are buying a high-quality CBD product. The excellence of your CBD products depends on the primary ingredients, especially Hemp, and the method of extraction.

Excellent Quality Hemp

Make sure your CBD is produced from Hemp grown by American farmers. They are required to carry licenses and to follow strict procedures when growing Hemp. Since Hemp is a phytoremediation plant, used to clean up polluted soil, this is the best way to ensure you don’t end up consuming herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and other pollutants.

Our Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is produced from American Hemp grown locally in Colorado under our supervision. We have adopted sustainable farming methods for our Hemp plants.

Method of Extraction

Most CBD producers extract CBD using harsh chemical processes. Instead, we process our Hemp using LipidTrans™, our patented infusion method that avoids solvents and chemicals.

We double-infuse our Hemp in coconut oil or MCT and let the carrier oil absorb all of Hemp’s beneficial phytonutrients. We then hand-press it gently to remove any fibers. LipidTrans™ is a gentle infusion process that lets the full integrity of Hemp seep into our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil—what we call Wellness Through Oneness™.

Your CBD Should Be Thoroughly Tested

A pure CBD product will be more effective and potent than a contaminated one.

The product’s purity can be easily checked through a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). CBD producers should carry tests on their CBD products, ideally at third-party labs. These tests will display the levels of CBD as well as other cannabinoids such as THC. They will also show the existence of any heavy metals, chemicals, and solvents in the final product.

Here at Synchronicity, we carry several tests throughout our production process, not just at the end. Every batch can be traced and carries its own CoA. Synchronicity has also received its US Hemp Authority Certification. We are compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices and licensed with the FDA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We have also received our GMP Certification from NSF and SGS and proudly carry our ISO 9001-2015 Certification.

All this ensures the highest possible quality for all of our products.

CBD Is a Versatile Botanical Compound

Because CBD gently interacts with our endocannabinoid system, its effect greatly depends on your body. While there are some general guidelines about the speed it takes for CBD to kick in, a lot depends on your body, lifestyle, and overall health.

Having said that, a major criterion that determines how fast CBD will kick in is the quality and purity of the CBD product you have chosen. By choosing Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil you are selecting the leader in the Hemp Oil industry.

To experience the full benefits of Hemp in its purest form, see our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products online. You will find several thoughtful product pairings, such as the Stay and Motion Pairing, Find Your Balance Pairing, Nourished Skin Pairing, Love Your Face Pairing, and Relax Now Pairing. See our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products online or try out our trial kit to find the perfect product for you. We offer free shipping on all orders and a no-questions-asked guarantee.

Help your body make the most out of nature’s gifts and Feel the Full Effect™ with Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products!


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