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The Full Story on Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

We believe that you should understand the differences between “CBD” and Whole-Plant, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Why limit yourself?

When you hear the term “CBD”, you’re only hearing half of the story. The CBD compound is only a part of the hemp plant and only part of its benefit. And yet, “CBD” brands charge full price for their “CBD” products, knowing you are only receiving a fraction of the full effect.

CDB = 1 Nutrient.

Synchronicity = 100’s of Nutrients… including CBD.

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It starts with our plant.

Not all hemp plants are equal. The best – like our patent-pending CBDRX-18 – are loaded with compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes. When all of these natural compounds work together with your body, they create The Entourage Effect – the full effect of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Simply put, CBD can’t do this alone.

True Entourage Effect cannabinoids in hemp plant

Home-grown and hand-crafted.

After growing and harvesting our nutrient-dense hemp plants, they are gently hand-pressed to retain all the beneficial phytonutrients. We then utilize our patent-pending LipidTrans technology to bind beneficial nutrients to organic coconut oil, resulting in higher bioavailability.

Most “CBD” products are created with harsh chemical extraction methods, damaging the very nutrients you are paying for.

Synchronicity vs “CBD”

synchronicity vs cbd

Synchronicity vs “CBD”

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The only way to feel the full effect.

Our expert team creates products with our hemp oil to aid sleep, anxiety, skincare, chronic pain, and muscle recovery. Now that you know the Full Story of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, we doubt you’ll waste your time or money on other “CBD” brands.

Instead, feel the Full Effect with Synchronicity.

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