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Colorado is growing fast, and not just in population. We’re growing jobs, leaders, and entire industries. We’re even growing the future – and Synchronicity Hemp Oil is busy planting the seeds.

We’re a long-time Colorado pioneer promoting wellness through the highest-quality, most innovative and sustainable Hemp Oil products on Earth. From our patented Hemp genetics to gentle hand-press process, the advancements we’re planting today will have a lasting impact on the world tomorrow.

Even better, we’re doing it with plants sourced in Colorado’s rich mountain soil, with employees who call Colorado home.

We’re leading the health and wellness industry into the future, and we’re taking Colorado along for the ride.

Sko Buffs!

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A Natural Partner

Located right down the road, The University of Colorado at Boulder is dedicated to forging the new generation of leaders while becoming a top University in innovation. With the development of their WHOLE athlete initiative, built to elevate the health and wellness of their athletes and students, the CU Athletic department is leading the charge. It’s a natural and soulful connection to our own values, which is why we’re happy to announce that the CU Athletics Department has selected Synchronicity Hemp Oil as their exclusive CBD Oil partner.

Like CU Athletics, we are the best at what we do – and only getting better. In the coming months and years, we will work together to improve the health, wellness and recovery of athletes, alumni and the world itself, with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil as a launchpad.

Synchronicity is the future.

CBD is the past.

A hemp plant is loaded with dozens and dozens of cannabinoids, terpenes, bioflavonoids, omegas, nutrients and minerals that work together to deliver the full benefits of muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, better sleep, calmer mind, and more. It’s what we call the True Entourage Effect™ because it gives your body the power of the whole plant – exactly as nature intended. CBD is one compound in the hemp plant that has been isolated and ripped out. This diminishes the full and natural power of the plant. It’s a big difference. A difference you can feel.

Why Synchronicity Hemp Oil?

Synchronicity has set the standard for the highest-quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil you can find anywhere in the market. Our patented plant genetics, gentle hand-press process, and third-party certifications guarantee that our products deliver the most nutrient dense Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and powerful natural benefits available anywhere – so you can feel The Full Effect your body and mind deserves.

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