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Chinese Hemp Oil – An Inferior Product?

Hemp Oil from China vs American Hemp Oil. Is Chinese Hemp Oil Dangerous? Should I buy foreign hemp oil?

Chinese electrical machinery, computers, medical products, vehicles and fuels – the products and goods that are imported to the United States from China add up to trillions of dollars-worth of things to purchase.

And today, you can add Chinese hemp to the list.

China is the top supplier of what is known as industrial hemp into the nation. While cannabis was made illegal in China in 1985, with dire consequences for anyone found in possession, law enforcement agencies have looked the other way to hemp farmers and have even licensed farmers to grow the plant in some regions.

Of course, hemp is used for a wide variety of goods internationally. Industrial hemp, which is grown with a naturally low THC content so that it does not produce a psychotropic “high,” is made into clothing, linens and rope, as well as snack foods, beverages and cooking oils. Hemp is also used to create full-spectrum hemp oil or isolate hemp extracts such as CBC oil.

While the U.S. lags behind in growing hemp, there are benefits to having Chinese imports. However, there may be cause for concern when some companies use Chinese hemp to create hemp oil supplements, which is an herbal remedy used to support a body’s homeostasis, balance, & overall well-being.

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The problem, scientists say, is that the Chinese hemp is not regulated and, like so many products, may result in health concerns. For example, just recently Chinese drywall and Chinese-made toothpaste made headlines for causing serious illnesses.

Also, industrial hemp does not have as much of the valuable phytonutrients and nutritional compounds that independent scientists have found a number of therapeutic benefits. If your hemp is coming from China, you simply do not know what you are buying.

When you are considering purchasing full-spectrum hemp oil, be sure that you know the origins of the plant. Synchronicity, for example, grows a highly specialized strain of hemp on its state-of-the-art, farm in Colorado. Grown with sustainable farming practices, these plants are then harvested and processed by technicians in a laboratory also located in Colorado.

Our process for preserving the cannabinoids ensures we maintain every bit of the beneficial compounds that the hemp plant can provide. We take more care in ensuring we capture every cannabinoid in the cannabinoid chart than most other hemp companies do, and we’re proud of that.

If you are ready to buy some of Synchronicity’s Full-Spectrum hemp oil for yourself, we invite you to visit our online CBD store.

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