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Hemp Oil for Dogs: I Gave My Dog Hemp Oil for 30 Days…

Trials of CBD for Dogs went well, so they're sold in the public. Can CBD help pets? I think so.
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Hemp oil for dogs is all the rage right now and I’ve heard about it for a long time. I personally take Synchronicity hemp oil daily and I love it, but I never thought my 3-year-old English Bulldog needed it. Lola has always been easy going and fit, especially for a bulldog. She loves to chase balls, meet other pups at the park, and nap in the sun that streams through the window upstairs. But one day at the park she was running and then stopped and laid down. At first, I thought she was just overheated but when I walked over it was apparent that she was in a lot of pain.

I rushed her to our vet and sure enough, she tore her ACL. I didn’t even realize that dogs could do this. Long story short, she needed surgery and a long recovery. Although she was still a young pup with a lot of energy, this is a hard surgery to recover from for any dog.

After surgery, her pain medicine made her crazy, cranky, and constipated. As if taking care of her around the clock wasn’t hard enough, she was an emotional handful. With another full week of pain medicine prescribed by the vet, I knew we both couldn’t go on like this. We’d drive each other straight to the looney bin.

One morning when I was putting my favorite Synchronicity hemp oil in my coffee, it was like the clouds parted and I saw the light. I thought, “I wonder if they make hemp oil for dogs!” And they do! After browsing on the site, I found hemp oil for pets. Not only did they have hemp oil, but they also made capsules that you can hide in pill pocket treats. Genius! Hallelujah! I ordered a bottle on rush delivery and had it in my hands in a matter of days.

It was about a week after surgery that I started Lola on her hemp oil treatment that would change both of our lives for the better.

On day 1, I didn’t notice much of a difference in her mood and it was difficult for me to determine her pain level anyways. She seemed pretty normal compared to what she was acting like since the surgery. It wasn’t hard to get the full dropper of hemp oil in her mouth as she was pretty lethargic, but she didn’t seem to mind the taste either. I gave her a treat immediately after and that made it all seem easier.

After the first week of a full dropper of hemp oil for dogs given orally, I really began to see a shift in Lola. She was eager to move around, she wanted to go upstairs, which was a no-no, but I loved that she was trying to get up to the sunshine that she loves to bask in. We also had a follow-up appointment at the vet and he was amazed by her healing progress and her mood. She said that most dogs who had this surgery weren’t walking after a week and a half and surely weren’t in good moods, asking for treats, and playing.

Week 2 was when things got really good. Lola was cleared for light movement and I had to get back to life, running errands and other tasks. I work from home, so staying with her during recovery was never an issue, but I still had to get out of the house for my own sanity and so my family could eat! Lola had always had a bit of separation anxiety. She would get super nervous when my husband and I weren’t in the house and we could tell that she would lose it a bit when she was alone. Toys would be destroyed and sometimes we’d get home and you could just tell that she’d been barking for a while. We never got complaints from the neighbors, but we also didn’t think she was quiet as a church mouse. Well, this was the week that all of that seemed to disappear. After an afternoon, about 4 hours, out of the house, I came home to a completely relaxed Lola. It was like she didn’t even realize I had left! This was huge.

The improvements continued and I kept giving Lola a full dropper of hemp oil every day. Some unexpected things started to happen in addition to her surgery recovery.

I Gave My Dog Hemp Oil for 30 Days: Here’s What Happened

  • Lola experienced a massive decrease in stress and anxiety
  • Her coat became soft and shiny like when she was a puppy
  • Her surgery recovery was swift and easy and her leg seemed to be stronger than before surgery
  • Separation anxiety when Lola was home alone seemed to completely stop and she was relaxed when we walked in the door after being away
  • Her mood toward other dogs at the dog park and on-leash walking around the neighborhood improved. She was always pretty calm but could have flare-ups of aggression in certain situations. That all stopped.
  • She seemed to be just a happier and more grounded version of her already sweet self
CBD for Pets is found in most pet stores anymore. Synchronicity doesn't provide CBD for pets but supports those who give cbd to their pets.

The whole month that I was giving Lola hemp oil for dogs on a trial basis became our new normal. I will always have Synchronicity hemp oil stocked in our house (for humans and dogs) because it has truly changed both of our lives. From surgery to all the unexpected improvements Lola experienced, we’ve had an incredible success story with hemp oil for dogs and I couldn’t possibly recommend Synchronicity more than I already do unless I turned myself into a living billboard. I tell everyone from the grocery store line to the dog park! I’ve gotten so many dog parents on Synchronicity CBD oil for dogs and it’s been so great to hear their stories.


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ContentsThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare

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