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Can You Develop a Tolerance to CBD/Hemp Oil Over Time?

Some longtime users of Hemp Oil and other CBD products have wondered and asked if they might not be developing some tolerance to their regular use of such products. Such questions are normal and understandable for the following reason: when we are feeling out of sorts and use a product to alleviate such sensations, the change can be quite noticeable. However, once the human body has established the habit of using Hemp Oil and CBD products on a daily basis, the original discomforts and ailments from which we suffered have likely diminished, thanks to the addition of important and potentially healing cannabinoids which are now flowing through your system regularly.

That being said, when first consuming Hemp Oil and CBD products, smaller amounts can indeed be felt, since it is a new compound which is being introduced into your system. People familiar with consuming alcohol may experience a somewhat similar phenomenon: most people look back at their first drink and are amused at how strongly it affected them. However, over regular use, a single glass of wine, beer, or a cocktail likely will not have as strong an effect as the first time it was tried; on the other hand, no one goes on drinking more and more to continue to experience the effects of alcohol, but rather find their “limit” over time.

How Much Hemp Oil or CBD Do You Ultimately Need?

We previously offered an analogy about building a tolerance by using alcohol as an example; however, it goes without saying that alcohol and Hemp Oil are two very different elements which affect the human body in equally different ways. To state it bluntly, alcohol has few health benefits (the most obvious being an effective antiseptic or, to a lesser extent, a numbing agent) but can cause deleterious effects to your well-being through excessive use. Anyone who has studied or used Hemp Oil or other CBD products quickly learn that the overuse of those items does not harm the body, mind, or spirit, but instead acts similarly to vitamins: the excess is eliminated harmlessly from the body.

As with most consumables, each person must find their own balance of use. This applies to everything we put into or onto our bodies: foods, libations, and even things we inhale, sniff, along with lotions we apply to our skin. This is why, at Synchronicity™, we suggest every person begin with minimum amounts and work their own way up to the portion which seems to work best for them.

Typically, when a new compound is introduced into the body, its presence is felt stronger and the effects it delivers are often more noticeable than those consumables already being used and in the system. However, over time the body not only better adapts to the new ingredients being consumed, but it also builds up its own storage supply which it releases over time. Just like the food we eat, the body goes to work and distributes important proteins, carbohydrates, and other elements over time and often on demand. This is why you can take a serving of a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture at night and wake up feeling refreshed; the innate and natural intelligence of your body does the job of delivering the valuable cannabinoids where and when it is most needed in your body while you are sleeping and refreshing your mind and body for a new day.

Celebrating Your Uniqueness

The human body is more than a miracle: it is an intricate, complex organism which displays an amazing similarity to its fellow species while each individual is entirely unique from every other person (one minor exception involves twins who share the same DNA but have different fingerprints and other features – often quite similar to the other twin but not completely identical). It is thanks to our similarities that we can all consume almost the same items (taking into account personal preferences and possible physical reactions of certain consumables), but our individual experience is always one-of-a-kind. When we celebrate our differences instead of judging them, there is much to be gained; we learn that some people seem to thrive on spicy foods while others, sometimes in the same family, develop an aversion to particular spices, but that, in any and every event, all people are essentially equal as every person needs to supply fuel and energy to their bodies to stay alive and remain productive.

As humans, we have an amazing natural sense of what is good for us; when our minds deceive us, so we end up eating something rotten, spoiled, or even poisonous, our bodies step up to the plate and takes the necessary action to eliminate most things unhealthy or potential damaging to our physical system. Without being fully aware of it, we sample many items with our visual and olfactory systems before determining that it’s beneficial to consume; it is nearly impossible to pass bad food or drinks across our lips, since our nostrils are so sensitive it would halt our actions simply based upon the horrible odor. We even have learned to “feel” certain foods, such as fruits, to determine, without smelling or tasting, its freshness and possible good flavor; for instance, most people will pass on a soft apple or a hard avocado, as being overripe or not ripe enough, respectively but would love a hard apple or soft avocado.

We are all familiar with foods and drinks, as we have consumed these since we were weaned from our mother’s milk. But as we mature and develop into adults, we refine this innate sense of what is good for us with other consumables, such as capsuleslotions, and tinctures. Many of these types of consumables are used not for its flavor, aroma, or its ability to fill our bellies, but for more refined purposes, such as easing discomforts, boosting energy, or creating a relaxed state of mind and body.

Assessing Your Well-Being Needs

It has been established that we have a wonderful gauge within ourselves which can estimate how much we should consume of each item to enjoy the maximum effects and benefits. That being said, we must also recognize that us humans love extremes at times, which means we sometimes go overboard with our eating, drinking, or other consumptions. The old maxim, “Take everything in moderation… INCLUDING moderation,” says it best; no matter how disciplined one might be, it’s easy to go overboard once in a while. That works fine when we are talking about foods and drinks, but when it comes to those ingredients intended to aid in our well-being, it may not be damaging, but it can be considered unnecessarily excessive. Besides, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could accurately and reliably determine how much Hemp Oil or other CBD products will work best for you?

The most ideal solution to such a conundrum is to discover a methodology which goes beyond rough estimations and focuses in on precise amounts to use, particularly when using Hemp Oil and CBD products to enhance and improve your well-being. Fortunately, in these technologically-advanced times, we are being offered more and better tools to help us identify our best use practices, which we can then put into place and proceed without worrying or wondering if we got it right this time.

What Your DNA Knows About You

Surprisingly, the answer to your question of how much Hemp Oil and other CBD products you should regularly consume can be found in your DNA! Actually, those with a scientific bend are likely not surprised, as, over time, DNA has revealed lots of amazing things about you and the rest of the human race, including:

  • ADHD – a genetic “stutter” in the DAT1 gene is associated with this condition
  • Diseases – the increased likelihood of certain diseases can be predicted through your DNA, including:
    • Breast Cancer
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Familial adenomatous polyposis (a bowel cancer)
    • Huntington’s
  • Eye Color – by analyzing four different genes, eyes can be classified into one of three color types – light (blue or gray), dark (black or brown), or hazel
  • Hair Color – redheads contain a different gene which prevents the hormones responsible for creating dark pigment
  • Longevity – some versions of the Klotho gene appear to influence age-related conditions like heart disease and strokes
  • Obesity – if you have a variant of the FTO gene, chances are you tend to weigh more than the average person
  • Risk-taking – a gene sometimes found on the X chromosome can increase the tendency to indulge in impulsive tendencies and sensation-seeking
  • Sex – the simplest and perhaps first trick DNA can perform: determine whether you are male or female
  • Sleep Cycle – one gene, Per2, is associated with early sleepers and risers, while the presence of the Per3 gene indicates a potential night owl

Now you can add one more important and valuable feature which DNA can reveal: how much CBD and/or THC works best for your unique system.

Meet GreenWay DNA

As our longtime clients already know, at Synchronicity™ we remain on the constant lookout for other services and products which can assist you in your quest for attaining and maintaining an optimal state of wellness. So imagine our excitement when we discovered GreenWay DNA, who has developed an amazing patent-pending DNA test which uses your saliva to determine and describe the specific needs of your cannabinoid system.

Although the methodology employs advanced scientific procedures, the process on your end involves three simple and easy steps:

  1. Order Your Kit – once placed, GreenWay DNA sends you a kit, which completes your activation; you’re given complete and easy step-by-step instructions for proceeding
  2. Provide Your Sample – you are provided a saliva collection tube, making it easy to fill, close, and seal; you also have a prepaid envelope in which to send your sample back to GreenWay DNA
  3. Learn Your CBD Needs – within two to four weeks, you will receive a full detailed report outlining your specific individual needs as it pertains to CBD (and/or THC); you will also receive a helpful wallet dosage card you can carry with you at all times

While the science behind the process is quite complex, it can be easily explained to the layperson: GreenWay DNA employs a patent-pending algorithm which identifies and analyzes 20 genes along with 40 genetic variants, all of which are directly associated to responses generated by your endocannabinoid system, which in turn impacts your overall health and well-being.

The bottom-line result for you is that you no longer need to depend upon your instincts to determine your personal best-use regimen, but can instead look to science for an accurate and reliable recommendation of the amount of CBD you should be adding to your system on a regular basis. You can thank your gut for leading you in the right direction towards a better state of being and wellness, but should be extra grateful that you can now pinpoint your precise needs as it concerns your CBD intake, thanks to GreenWay DNA.

After you have a better picture of your CBD needs, you still have lots of choices remaining in your own hands: specifically, once you know how much CBD you should be taking daily, you get to decide how you want to deliver it to your system. Fortunately, our entire collection of high-quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products offers you an excellent variety of methods for getting your much-appreciated CBD and other key cannabinoid compounds, all of which work in unison to maintain harmony and balance within your system.

Now that you know how best to optimize your CBD requirements, enjoy the results! As ironic as it may seem, sometimes your CBD products are working their very best when your body is humming along like a well-oiled and finely-tuned machines: all those minor (and major) aches, pains, and discomforts seem to disappear, so your body no longer screams for attention and tender loving care.

In other words, if life is great and your body is functioning at its peak, then you know your CBD regimen is working its magic; it’s kind of like fixing the squeaky wheel of your life! And remember that no matter how much or little Hemp Oil you may require, always keep a good supply on hand so you never run out; storing your Hemp Oil in a cool, dry, dark place will ensure that its effectiveness stays strong for even longer.

Of course, we would love to hear from you once you have received the results of your own GreeenWay DNA test; in particular, we would be curious to see how close your own instinct was in determining the appropriate portion of CBD for your body as compared to what your DNA tells you. We wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself closer to the actual mark than you expected: us humans can come up with very accurate estimates when we don’t second-guess ourselves. And we are happy to collaborate with you on determining a good combination of our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products which meets your CBD needs and personal preferences alike!


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