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Nominate your friend for $250 of hemp oil.

Celebrate Someone Who is Making a Difference

Shine a light on someone that makes a positive impact in your community. Maybe they’re a friend or family member who goes the extra mile. Or they’re a neighbor or worker who is constantly bringing joy to people around them. It’s more important than ever that we recognize people who inspire us, so nominate someone today.

Know someone who deserves recognition?

Nominate them to win $250 of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

30ml peppermint flavored full spectrum hemp oil tincture
Shine a light on an inspiring person in your community.
Let us know who your nomination is, and follow us on Instagram to find out who earns the honor.

We’ll send the winner $250 of hemp oil, and if they’re up for it, feature them on our social media pages.

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hand holding 30ml peppermint flavored full spectrum hemp oil tincture

Nominate Someone to Win $250 in Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil