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How to Beat Stress and Relax Naturally

When it comes to finding your happy place, we all have our methods. Maybe it’s hiking, working out, cooking, or simply finding a calm and relaxing place to rest. But no matter how you find your zen, it’s easy to slip up on actually taking advantage of it. But no worries, we’ve all been there. Life can easily get the better of us, and after a while, the lack of self-care and ever-worsening habits start to take their toll. And at a time like this, when nearly all of our everyday routines have been shaken up for so long, we could all use a little help. So if you’ve been finding yourself asking “How can self-care help me find my happy place?” we think this post will make you smile.

What Is Stress and Why Does It Exist?

Great question. Stress is our body’s natural response to a challenge or demand. It is most often triggered by physical and/or emotional tension. While we have many negative-leaning synonyms for stress—frustration, anger, nervousness—in small doses, it can actually be a good thing. Stress is what helps us think on our toes, avoid danger, and meet deadlines. In fact, it’s an evolutionary must. But that doesn’t mean it comes without a price.

How Stress Affects Your Mental Health

If stress persists for a prolonged period of time, brain receptors can become overwhelmed and it can be increasingly difficult to get stress back to an appropriate level. This chronic stress can lead to depression, anxiety, psychosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some studies even show how chronic stress can affect your brain’s gray and white matter, which are its nerve cells and the connections between them, respectively. But what are the emotional signs of stress? Some of the most common to keep an eye out for are social withdrawal, shortening tempers, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

How Stress Affects Your Physical Health

Stress has no shortage of effects on your physical health too. What are the common physical signs of stress? Some of the most common are lack of sleep, weight gain, and drug, alcohol, or tobacco abuse. But they can also range all the way to less noticeable issues like effects on the heart, immune system, metabolism, and your body’s hormones. So it’s important to notice these effects and take action as soon as possible.

Woman Relaxing In Bubble Bath

Natural Stress Relief Tips

There are many mental and emotional relaxation techniques to reduce stress, as well as foods and drinks that help promote relaxation. Even some herbs and vitamins are known to help with relaxation. What makes all of these solutions so great is how simple, natural, easy, and effective they can be. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best stress relief and top simple relaxation tips.

1. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil
Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products like Synchronicity work with your endocannabinoid system to achieve homeostasis or balance. This can lead to many wellness benefits for your body, including stress relief and relaxation. Because Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is made from whole hemp plants, you get all the benefits of the plant—including but not limited to the CBD. Scientists have found that the individual hemp plant nutrients tend to work better in the body when together. So why just get one nutrient when you can get them all? Plus, they come in the ease and convenience of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures, capsules, and more.

2. Green Tea
This herbal tonic has soothed and calmed souls for thousands of years thanks to the natural chemical compound L-theanine. You could even add in a drop or two of Synchronicity Hemp Oil for even more quick and calming effects.

3. Chamomile
Another wonderful hot beverage to help ease stress is the timeless chamomile tea. It quickly and naturally increases your body’s serotonin and melatonin levels, helping you feel relaxed and refreshed. Again, simply add a drop of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and get even more out of every sip.

4. Honey
Drizzling a bit of honey in your tea, yogurt, or even just going in straight in with a spoon has shown the potential to help with  all sorts of problems from memory enhancement to anxiety and depression. And it pairs perfectly in any of the solutions mentioned above.

5. Meditation
Meditation is a powerful stress relief tool. It’s all about clearing your mind, connecting with your breath, and centering yourself through calmness, deep breathing, and mindful thinking. For best results, we recommend meditating while listening to music, between chores, while traveling, hiking, or simply spending time in the great outdoors. However you choose to do it, try to take time off and really give yourself the meditation time you need.

6. Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a uniquely relaxing way to slow your brain’s wavelengths until you enter an almost sleep-like state. Like meditation, it begins with a mindful deep breathing exercise, but then goes further to help you reach a deeper level of sleep where your body can more effectively clear space, repair cells, and rework limiting beliefs.

7. Sleep
Of course, sleep itself is also extremely beneficial. If you are not currently getting at least eight hours of sleep per night, stress may be only a part of the reason. While a drop or two of Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil can help support your sleep, a few other things to keep in mind are to never drink caffeine after 2 p.m., put down your phone at least an hour before bed, use ambient noise, set up blackout curtains, and use the restroom before bed.

8. Stretching
You don’t need a full yoga routine to reap the benefits of stretching. Even a light five-minute stretch can help relieve muscle tension, work out a few kinks, and help you relax and sleep better. That’s a pretty big return for a minimal amount of effort.

Man Sitting In Yoga Pose In Nature

9. Laughter
Call up a friend, meet up in the park, or lighten the mood with a comedy special on your favorite streaming service. Create a support system that allows you to laugh. It isn’t just good for the soul, it’s proven to relieve stress, release endorphins, and simply make life that much more enjoyable.

10. Go for a Walk
There’s nothing more natural than nature itself. So go ahead and get out of the house. Even the grass and trees in your own neighborhood can be a seriously powerful way to check out, slow down, and enjoy some relaxing time to yourself. Throw on a good podcast or listen to music to help remove you from your stress even further. And if it’s sunny out, you can soak up some good vitamin D, nature’s vitamin for relaxation.

No matter how you choose to relax, Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil can be a natural way to boost your results and obtain the True Entourage Effect™, where you retain all the beneficial nutrients of the hemp plant, including CBD. So take a load off and learn more about how Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil can help reduce your stress levels below.

How to Find Your Happy Place With a Self-Care Routine

When it comes to finding your happy place, we all have our methods. Maybe it’s hiking, working out, cooking, or simply finding a calm and relaxing place to rest. But no matter how you find your zen, it’s easy to slip up on actually taking advantage of it. But no worries, we’ve all been there. Life can easily get the better of us, and after a while, the lack of self-care and ever-worsening habits start to take their toll. And at a time like this, when nearly all of our everyday routines have been shaken up for so long, we could all use a little help. So if you’ve been finding yourself asking “How can self-care help me find my happy place?” we think this post will make you smile.

What Is Self-Care and Why Is It Important?

We define self-care as any activity performed with the express purpose of taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. There’s no one right answer that everyone will find soothing. But finding what counts as self-care for you and you alone is the key to living a happy and well-balanced life. So here’s to you for making sure it is not overlooked.

What Causes a Lack of Self-Care?

Many events in life can cause us to start slacking in the self-care department. Perhaps it’s just a natural waxing and waning, or triggered by a redirection of interests after a new job, a promotion, relationship, child, or other life change. Or maybe because of a more serious event, trauma, or onset of anxiety or depression. No matter how it started, it’s important to know you don’t have to find a solution all on your own. There are plenty of resources to help you begin your self-care journey. But in addition to these, finding a self-care routine you enjoy is one of the most effective ways to make sure you stick to it in the long run.

The Power of Self-Care Routines

While routines in general get a bad rap, they’re actually incredibly important when it comes to controlling your own destiny. Creating a consistent, easy-to-stick-to routine can help you bring structure into your life, increase efficiency, ease stress, avoid roadblocks, and prevent bad habits from creeping in. All of these are essential prerequisites to finding your happy place, at least in any meaningful and sustainable way.

How to Begin a Self-Care Routine

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind as you begin your self-care routine:

  • Keep It Simple
    Don’t overload yourself with overambitious goals. Start with something that’s attainable to start, and then you can always add in a goal or two once you’ve got a good routine going. Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to figure out what an attainable goal for yourself actually means.
  • Plan Ahead
    Take an active part in setting your self-care routine. Don’t just “let it happen.” Add activities to your calendar, let others know about your plans so they can help keep you accountable, and consider keeping track of your success. For example, if you plan to work out three times per week, use an app like Productive to add a check on any day you actually follow through on your workout.
  • Remember Why
    Hold on to what sparked your interest in starting a self-care routine to begin with. Repeat it to yourself on a daily basis so you don’t lose sight of your motivation.

Visualizing Your Happy Place

If you aren’t quite sure what your happy place looks like or where it is, there are some visualization techniques that may help. Think of places that please your senses. Maybe the sounds of birds, a babbling brook, or the sounds of the city. Or perhaps the smell of your favorite dessert or flower, or even the sight of an open wilderness, expansive blue sky, or glowing screen with your favorite game or movie. Can a person be your Happy Place? A person certainly can be a part of it, but placing too much of your happiness on anyone else’s shoulders is bound to backfire. So we recommend a routine where you alone have full control.

Recommended Self-Care Routines

Remember that any activity performed with the express purpose of taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being counts as self-care. So make up your own, or try working a few of these self-care ideas into your daily routine.

Woman Hiking In Mountains

  • Staying Active
    Whether it’s walking around a nearby park while enjoying your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook, going for a run, or trying a new workout routine, make sure you do something active each and every day. And if you can’t do it in the morning, try a lunch break or as soon as you get home. Kids making it a handful? See if you and your partner can alternate days and give each other space to stay active and keep each other accountable.
  • Journaling
    It’s amazing how much joy can come from taking the time to write down whatever you’re grateful for that day, what thoughts may be bouncing around in your head, and writing without any specific destination.
  • Personal Time
    Do you love hiking, meditation, makeovers, massage therapy, yoga, video gaming, movies, art, or just mindlessly surfing YouTube? Perfect. Set aside some time every day just for that. Even if it’s just five minutes, making sure you do whatever you find fulfilling is a great way to practice self-care and keep your routine sustainable.
  • Eight Hours of Sleep
    No surprise here. While you may be used to four, five, or six hours every night, research shows that eight is the magic number. So put your phone down a bit earlier, set that alarm, and catch those elusive Zs.
  • Meal Prepping
    Making sure that what you eat is more than just a haphazard decision is a great part of many people’s self-care routines. If meal prepping scares you, or feels like too big a task to commit to, start by planning just a few snacks, then move up to lunches, and take it one step at a time.
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp-Oil
    It goes without saying, but what you put into your body is extremely important to how you will feel. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is a great place to start. Why? Because it retains all the beneficial nutrients of the hemp plant, not just the CBD. This can lead to all types of wellness benefits for your body. We’ll explore a few of those benefits, and how they can help you find your happy place.

How Synchronicity™ Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Can Help You Find Your Happy Place

Synchronicity works with your endocannabinoid system to achieve homeostasis or balance. That means it makes a wonderfully simple addition to any self-care routine. Simply add a drop or two from a tincture to your morning beverage, sip down a capsule, or rub on some body butter. You’ll enjoy benefits to your sleep, stress and anxiety levels, joint and muscle pain, acne, skin care, and overall mood. Then, use the extra clarity to focus on the activities that make you the happiest. What more could you ask for from a daily self-care routine?

What's Your Happy Place?

Already started your self-care journey, or simply want to share ideas of your own? Tag us on any of the social links below!

12 Best Wellness Podcasts for Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2020

According to Forbes, there are now more than 800,000 podcasts with over 54 million episodes currently available worldwide. This popular media format offers bite-sized chunks of content that can be consumed anywhere and are perfect for busy routines. Many of us are looking to become more informed on current events, or to be distracted from them. Either way, this relatively new form of edu-tainment is here to stay. Our team has compiled a list of the 12 best wellness podcasts for 2020, so you can use your spare time to improve in mind, body, and spirit!

What Are the Best Wellness Podcasts?

The Wellness Mama

The Wellness Mama is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life. It’s brought to you by mom of six Katie Wells of WellnessMama.com, an online resource for women and moms who want to live healthier lives.

This Week in Wellness

Every week, Brett Hill scours the globe to find the health news highlights you need. In just five minutes, he gets you up to speed on all the latest health and wellness news and shares what it may mean for you. As a chiropractor and public figure in Australia, he has inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live long, happy, healthy lives full of energy and vitality.

Science Vs

There are a lot of fads, blogs, and strong opinions, but then there’s science. Wondering whether you should drink detox teas like an Insta-celeb, or believe your drunk uncle’s rant about gun control? This science-based podcast strives to find out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. These friendly fact-checkers do the hard work of sifting through all the science, so you don’t have to. The current season tackles football concussions, heartbreak, 5G networks, sleep, free healthcare, police use of force, asteroids, and more.

>> Listen to the latest episode: “Coronavirus: Are We Back Where We Started?”

Woman Sitting On Deck In Yoga Pose

What Are the Best Fitness Podcasts?

The mindbodygreen Podcast

This podcast is brought to you by Jason Wachob, founder and co-CEO of mindbodygreen, the popular website that kick-started a new conversation about health and now has more than 5,000 contributors and an audience of 10 million people worldwide. A continuation of the mindbodygreen journey, Jason engages in open, honest conversations with the people shaping the world of well-being. After all, wellness is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Bulletproof Radio

Being bulletproof is the state of high performance where you take control and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison to help you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect. And do it all without burning out, getting sick, or acting like a stressed-out a-hole. Bulletproof Radio was born out of a 20-year, single-minded crusade to upgrade human beings using every available technology. It distills the knowledge of world-class doctors, biochemists, scientists, Olympic nutritionists, meditation experts, and mavericks. Host Dave Asprey has been obsessively focused on discovering, “What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything?” It used to take a lifetime to radically rewire the human body and mind, but technology has changed the rules. Follow along as Dave and his guests provide everything you need to upgrade your mind, body, and life.

Food Psych

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Christy Harrison talks with guests about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, weight and size acceptance, non-diet nutrition, exercise, body politics, feminism, self-compassion, and self-care. Along the way, Christy shares her own journey from disordered eater and dieter to food writer and anti-diet dietitian, and she offers tips to help you accept your body and let go of guilt about food. Every week, this podcast challenges diet culture in all its forms—including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness. It’s designed to offer safe, non-triggering support for listeners in recovery from eating disorders, weight stigma, and body shame.

What Are the Best Mental Health Podcasts?

Practice Makes Podcast

This self-improvement podcast features Jordy Wofford, a traveled linguist and American immigrant living in French Canada, and Tyler Kingsbury, a personal trainer turned scientist and future author of a self-help book. (Watch her TedxTalk.) Every week, they discuss topics meant to inspire and get you to rethink the way we live.

>> Listen to the latest episode: “Cognitive Distortions”

The Struggle Bus: Self-Care, Mental Health, and Other Hilarious Stuff

This is an advice show about mental health, self-care, and just getting through the damn day. Co-hosts Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin answer listener questions about family, friends, work, mental health, love, and literally everything else—no topic is off-limits and no problem is too big, too small, or too weird. Climb aboard and get advice from two friends who have lots of feelings and lots of opinions.

>> Listen to the latest episode: “Everybody Do Less”

Woman Doing Yoga Pose In Nature

The Dark Place: Honest Conversations About Mental Health, Depression, and Anxiety

This podcast offers a shame-free space where people talk about their struggles, difficult past memories, and what it’s like to live with mental illness. No matter the story, host Joel Kutz treats anyone and everyone with compassion as they discuss common topics like depression, anxiety, abuse, and trauma.

>> Listen to the latest episode: “Steve Austin”

What Are the Best Functional Health Podcasts?

CBD School

School is in session because this podcast is your comprehensive source for learning about how to get the most health and wellness benefits out of CBD products. From news to gossip and fresh discoveries, this podcast covers it all, so you won’t miss what truly matters. Tune in for countless episodes on the favorite compound at CBD School—cannabidiol.

Periodic Effects

Focused on the business and science of cannabis, CEO and Founder of Periodic Edibles Wayne Schwind hosts weekly interviews that give you an inside look at cannabis business operators and the latest studies on cannabis scientific research. If you’re operating in the cannabis industry, a budtender looking to learn more, or a consumer wondering how cannabis can help you, this is the place for you!

>> Listen to the latest episode: “Deep Dive into the Entourage Effect

The Hemp Chat

All about inspiration, education, and innovation of agricultural hemp, this podcast features episodes from Derek Cross, a blogger, writer, speaker, podcaster, and educator, as he sits down to discuss the ins and outs of the agricultural hemp industry. He strives to empower the industry by providing in-depth interviews with farmers, educators, innovators, product developers, and health professionals.

Do More Than Listen About Wellness

Take what you learn and start improving your mind, body, and spirit in a way that works for you. Like the podcasters above, we push ourselves to improve because we recognize the positive impact that natural supplements have on people’s lives. Learn how Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil has many potential benefits that allow you to build a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to learn about our products and how we can help you prioritize health and wellness.

Why Infuse Body Oil With Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

When used regularly, body oil can help keep your skin feeling soft and smooth—and it can take moisturized skin to the next level when combined with nutrient-packed ingredients like coconut, jojoba, lavender, and even hemp. So what happens when you infuse body oil with Hemp Oil? We’ll take a closer look at the benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil—and the synergistic effects of essential oils—when applied to the skin.

What Is Body Oil?

Body oils are highly concentrated liquids that can enhance the appearance of your skin by creating a healthy balance of moisture. Along with their exceptional ability to hydrate your skin, the best body oils are extracted from roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Some body lotions contain unhealthy chemicals and can evaporate more quickly, reducing their ability to lock moisture into your skin for a meaningful amount of time. Body oils can help your skin feel soft and supple longer, so you look good and feel even better.

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil?

With its high smoke point and numerous health benefits, coconut oil is a popular alternative to traditional cooking oils that can also be used for moisturizing skin and conditioning hair. The secret to this superfood lies in its unique combination of fatty acids. Coconut oil is high in MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), a type of fat that your body metabolizes very quickly, so it can be used by the body much faster than other fats. MCTs are responsible for many positive effects coconut oil can have on your health, such as:

What Are the Benefits of Jojoba Oil?

A perennial plant that grows in North America, jojoba thrives in harsh desert climates. It produces a nut that can be made into an oil. Gentle enough to mix with other essential oils, many people use jojoba oil as part of their skin-care routine—and for good reason. Research supports the use of jojoba oil as a remedy for acne, dry skin, and other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

What Are the Benefits of Lavender Oil?

One of the most widely used essential oils and an important component of aromatherapy, lavender oil has many extraordinary properties. Extracted from the flowers of the lavender herb, lavender oil has a fresh, floral scent that has the power to calm restless minds and promote relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of Arnica Oil?

Derived from the arnica flower, arnica oil helps reduce inflammation. Its topical use can alleviate pain and swelling associated with bruises, sprains, pulls, muscle aches, and even arthritis. Because arnica oil helps boost circulation and speed up the healing process, it can help you stay in motion to work, move, and play.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Oil?

Full-Spectrum Hemp Body Oil, which contains hundreds of cannabinoids including CBD, taps into the nutrient-rich hemp plant and the aromatic properties of popular essential oils—coconut, jojoba, and lavender—to create a topical treatment that’s fragrant, relaxing, and full of beneficial compounds.

Is Hemp Oil Good for Anti-Aging?

As you age, your skin gets drier and thinner, making it more susceptible to environmental factors such as damage from free radicals that can make you look older. Topical Hemp Oil is packed full of antioxidants that have proven anti-aging properties. Along with moisturizing and soothing your skin, Hemp Oil helps improve skin quality to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and protect the skin to prevent signs of aging from even developing.

Is Hemp Oil Good for Puffiness, Dark Circles, and Acne Scars?

You can also use Hemp Oil on your face to combat puffiness, brighten dark circles, and fade stubborn acne scars. The plant nutrients in Hemp Oil have highly effective anti-inflammatory properties shown to reduce inflammation of the skin around the eyes to prevent or relieve puffiness, even out skin tone under the eyes, and help prevent scarring by taming acne before it starts.

Drops on Hemp Leaves

How Often Should I Apply Body Oil?

You may think that oil is heavy and will leave your skin feeling greasy. The truth is that body oil soaks in quickly and easily to leave your skin feeling moisturized all day long. Body oil can be massaged into damp or dry skin below the neck every day for an instant shot of hydration as part of a natural skin-care routine. Because everyone is unique, we recommend starting with a small amount of Full-Spectrum Hemp Body Oil to gauge your response.

Why Infuse Body Oil with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

When you infuse body oil with Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, the large number of phytocannabinoids, plant terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients combine to magnify and multiply its therapeutic potential. Basically, the synergistic properties of individual plant elements combine to produce a True Entourage Effect™.

We use sustainable methods and clean processes to retain all the benefits of the whole hemp plant, including CBD. Our rich, hemp-infused body oil is a balancing blend of essential oils and our signature Hemp Oil for softer skin and a relaxing end to your day. Adding hemp-infused body oil to your routine is an easy way to enhance your self-care ritual and whole-body wellness. Use the body oil on its own or create DIY Hemp Oil topical treatments by adding our body oil to your favorite cream or lotion.

Experience Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Yourself

We encourage you to try our unique lipid-infused products to experience how Full-Spectrum Hemp Body Oil can make you feel. While this natural plant product is well-tolerated by most people, the phytocannabinoids in Hemp Oil are known to interact negatively with several prescription and nonprescription medications. Always check with your doctor before adding Hemp Oil products to your daily routine.

Still not sure Hemp Oil is right for you? Schedule a FREE one-on-one session with one of our knowledgeable Hemp Oil consultants today. Plus, get a 30% discount just for chatting with us.

How to Make Your Own Hemp Oil Skin Care Products

There’s a good chance by now you’ve come across skin care products that contain hemp oil or CBD. Major retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Whole Foods have lined their shelves with a wide variety of hemp oil topicals. But as you’ve also probably seen, these can come with a bit of sticker shock. Yes, quality hemp oil skin care products can be expensive depending on the testing and purity of the product. However, that should not deter you from trying hemp oil in your favorite skin care products to see if it improves your wellness. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on how to infuse hemp oil into the skin care products you’re already using.

Why Hemp Oil Is Good for Your Skin

Hemp is a pretty spectacular plant. It’s filled with hundreds of plant-based nutrients that work with your body in many ways to support your overall wellness. When it comes to skin care, hemp oil, which is already rich in moisture, becomes even more beneficial when combined with other premium skin care products that contain many other essential oils and moisturizers. According to some studies, the nutrients in hemp oil can help with rashes, acne, and other skin conditions that might impact your wellness. So basically, when you add hemp oil to skin care products, you’re taking your routine to the next level.

How to Start Making Your Own Hemp Oil Skin Care Products

Here are a couple quick tips to get you started using hemp oil in your skin care products.

Select the right kind of hemp oil.

You’ve already spent good money on your favorite skin care products, so it’s understandable you might be apprehensive about adding hemp oil to them. It’s best to make sure the hemp oil you use stands up to the quality of your skin care products. As you’ve seen, there are tons of hemp oil or CBD products on the market, and it can be tricky to navigate which ones are living up to their labels. For instance, Synchronicity is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, meaning you get all the nutrients of the hemp plant, including CBD, for the full experience. When you see labels like Full-Spectrum CBD, be careful because that doesn’t technically mean you are getting all the nutrients. Also, you want to start your DIY skin care product using hemp oil tincture so you can better control the concentration levels in your products.

Get proper containers to store your DIY hemp oil skin care products.

When you are ready to start mixing your skin care products with a hemp oil, start with a clean, sanitized container. This helps for a couple reasons. First, it lets you start with a small batch to give it a try. Second, you can label what kind of product you are making. Whether it’s a body butter, face mask, or a lotion, the separate container helps avoid cross contamination. Different types of containers can easily be sourced on Amazon.

How much hemp oil to use in a skin care product.

This is a very important step as you start mixing and creating your own DIY skin care products with hemp oil. Here are some suggestions to help guide you. But keep in mind that everyone reacts differently. You may find you want more hemp oil in your products or possibly less if you start ingesting hemp oil as part of your routine.

  • 1 oz. container, use 10–15 drops of hemp oil
  • 2–2.5 oz. container, use 20–30 drops of hemp oil
  • 3–4 oz. container, use 1 tablespoon of hemp oil
  • Over 4 oz. container, use 2 tablespoons of hemp oil

African American Woman Mixing Ingredients In Her Studio

Skin Care Products That You Can Make with Hemp Oil

There are really endless possibilities when it comes to what skin care products you can make with hemp oil. The best rule of thumb is with a product you use daily so you can start to compare before and after results. Here are a couple suggestions to get you started.

  • Face and body moisturizers
  • Face and neck serums
  • Wet masks (for dry masks, just add some drops of hemp oil as you’re mixing the dry product with water or apple cider vinegar)
  • Bath bombs
  • Lip balm

Overall, get creative and have fun! There are so many benefits to adding hemp oil to your favorite skin care products and now you know how to do it at home. Check out Synchronicity to learn more about Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Here’s to your glowing skin!

Four Wellness Reasons to Use Body Butter with Hemp Oil

Skin care is part of any good wellness routine. And rightfully so, since our outward appearance can have a tremendous positive impact on our overall physical and mental health. It’s not vanity, it’s taking care of your body. When it comes to dry or irritated skin, you probably have go-to lotions, moisturizers, and body butters, but because our bodies are constantly changing, you should always consider exploring new options to ensure that your skin is receiving the best possible care. Here are our top four reasons and benefits for using a body butter that includes Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.

  1. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Contains Hundreds of Skin-Loving Nutrients

    When you use a body butter that contains Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (not just one with CBD) your skin will receive the natural vitamins and minerals found in hemp oil, like vitamin A and E, potassium, and magnesium.

  2. Better for Your Pores

    Oils are rated on a scale of 0–5 by how much or how little they will clog your pores. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil gets a rating of zero, which means that it’s the least likely to clog your pores. This makes it an ideal oil to use in body butters.

  3. The Lipids In Hemp Oil Are Similar to the Lipids in Your Skin

    Lipids are our skin’s natural fats. They are responsible for a number of important roles, from helping keep our skin hydrated to protecting it from damage. It turns out that the lipids in our skin are very similar to the lipids found in hemp oil.

  4. Loaded with Skin-Calming Omega-6 Fatty Acids

    In addition to lipids, there is an abundant amount of omega-6 fatty acids in hemp oil. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is one of the many ways to supplement your body’s omega-6 fatty acids, which may help prevent skin rashes and irritation. 

These are our top four reasons to make the switch to a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil body butter like Synchronicity. Many skincare companies are even starting to add hemp oil to their products because of its beneficial nutrients. But again, it’s hard to determine the source of the hemp oil used in these products. Because Synchronicity Body Butter is only made with our sustainably farmed whole-hemp plants, you know that you’re getting the best possible Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for your skin. Don’t accept rough and irritated skin, get soft skin that’s healthy and full of life.

Benefits of Hemp Oil Capsules

Should I Add Hemp Oil Capsules to My Wellness Routine?

We’re always exploring the many forms that hemp oil comes in, so let’s take a deeper look at capsules and if they should join your daily supplement routine. Hemp oil capsules, or pills as they are sometimes called, are one of the most common ways to get the benefits of the hemp plant. These tiny capsules, like the high-quality ones from Synchronicity, are easy to swallow, easy to carry, and easy to manage your dosage.

Why Take Hemp Oil Capsules?

As you determine which form of hemp oil is right for you, here are some reasons why capsules could be the way to go.

First, it’s important to note that the physical benefits from capsules versus other ingestible forms of hemp oil remain the same. So say you’re hoping for better sleep, then either capsules or tinctures may be a good fit for you. However, the quality of the product you take might result in different efficacy. It is always important to know how your product is made to ensure you are putting the best into your body.

Here are a couple good reasons to take capsules over other ingestible forms.

  • Controlled Serving Size: Since each capsule contains a predetermined amount of hemp oil, you always know exactly how much you are taking. Tinctures have a dropper with measurements on the side to allow for fluctuation in dosage, but you have to be disciplined in knowing how much or little you are taking each time.
  • Portability: Like your other supplements, hemp oil capsules allow you to add them to your pill case for easy transportation if you take your supplements throughout the day.
  • Easy to Swallow: The small capsules are simply taken orally with water which eliminates the taste factor. Hemp oil products definitely don’t have the same stigma that fish oil has in regard to flavor, but since hemp might not be as familiar to your taste buds it can take some getting used to. Capsules reduce that factor.
  • Easily Integrates into Your Wellness Routine: Since capsules are a common way to take other supplements, this form makes it easy to include them in your daily schedule.

Okay, So What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD Capsules?

Starting to think capsules are for you? Then next make sure you are taking a product that works the hardest for you. Keep in mind that all hemp oil and CBD products contain .3% or less THC in them to meet the legal requirement.

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules
    Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products like Synchronicity are made from whole hemp plants. Which means you get all the benefits of the plant including CBD. Scientists have found that the individual hemp plant nutrients tend to work better in the body when together. So it begs the question, why just get one nutrient when you can get them all?

  • Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
    As the name suggests, this type of oil is made from pressing the hemp seeds. Sometimes people use hemp seed oil and hemp oil interchangeably, but there is a difference. You’ll most commonly find hemp seed oil in cooking and skin care products.

  • CBD Capsules
    CBD by now is the most widely known form of hemp oil. But the truth is that it’s only one nutrient of the plant. Many companies use harsh processes to exact the CBD from the rest of the plant, which can degrade the CBD nutrient in the process. It’s always good to know how your hemp oil is made.

When Should I Take Hemp Oil Capsules?

Figuring out when to take hemp oil capsules really depends on a number of factors. First, why are you taking hemp oil in the first place? If you are using it as part of your sleep routine, you might want to take a capsule about an hour before going to bed. This will give it time to absorb into your body. If you are taking them to relax or for calming purposes, then consider taking one before you know a stressful situation might happen in your life.

Second, once you take a hemp oil capsule be sure to wait awhile to ensure you are feeling the effects before taking another one. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Give your body at least an hour before you take another capsule.

Third, you should consider if you want to take hemp oil capsules as part of your daily wellness routine or just every so often. There are reasons for both and that decision is purely up to what you are trying to treat.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil – 30 Capsules Bottle On Rocks

Where to Buy Hemp Oil Capsules?

When deciding which capsules are right for you, be sure to do your research so you know exactly how your hemp oil was made. There’s a big difference between CBD and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, and many companies are starting to call their products Full-Spectrum CBD—which can be confusing about what you’re actually getting. When you buy Synchronicity, you know you’re getting 100% Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil made from sustainably farmed whole hemp plants. Which means you get all the nutrients of the plant including CBD. Products with just CBD on the label limit you from all these additional nutrients.

Many retailers are starting to carry hemp oil products so it’s good to do your research prior so you can compare products beyond price. A good rule of thumb is to first order products directly from companies online. This will give you time to explore options and contact the company directly if you have specific questions about what is in their products. Synchronicity has a team of experts ready to answer your emails or calls so you can make the most informed decision.

Final Word on Hemp Oil Capsules

As far as hemp oil ingestibles go, capsules are a solid natural option to easily add to your health and wellness regimen. They are easy to keep track of dosage and capsule count so you’re able to purchase them on a schedule and save money at the same time.

Hemp Oil Serving Size: How Much Hemp Oil Should I Take?

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

When you start exploring the world of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil as part of your wellness routine, one of the most important questions you’ll have is: How much hemp oil is right for me? The simple answer is that it’s not one-size-fits-all because our bodies respond to hemp oil differently, and there are a wide variety of reasons that people use it. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out the right amount of hemp oil for your body.

First Rule: Understand the Hemp Oil Serving Size Label

Most companies offer different potency levels for the same style of product. For example, Synchronicity tinctures come in bottles of 500 mg or 1000 mg, which means that servings from these bottles will vary in strength. So when purchasing, be mindful of which potency you’re selecting as they can vary greatly in price. Also, keep in mind that not all hemp oils are made the same. High-quality hemp oils, like the whole-plant ones from Synchronicity, are tested for purity and potency so you know you’re getting accurate results. Some CBD companies claim high quality and potency, but without proper testing, these claims may be inaccurate.

Second Rule: Determine What You Are Addressing with Hemp Oil

This might sound obvious, but before you start taking hemp oil, know what you are taking it for. Since hemp oil can support everything from poor sleep to anxiety to stress, it’s important to identify why you are taking it so you can determine which dose level is best for you. We suggest listing and prioritizing your health concerns and exploring how hemp oil makes a difference with the concerns at the top of your list. It’s important to know that the FDA regulates all dietary supplements, which can limit a company’s ability to describe benefits and recommend dosages. As of right now, the FDA has not provided Recommended Daily Intakes or Daily Values for daily hemp oil use. That’s why it’s important to focus on what you want to address and listen to your body as it responds to the treatment.

Third Rule: Start Small with Your Hemp Oil Dosage

Even though serving sizes are called out on the label, don’t think that you have to start with a full serving. It’s actually better to start with a lower amount to see how your body responds to the hemp oil. Tinctures offer an ideal way to experiment with dosage because the dropper is clearly labeled with calibrated measurements.

When starting out, make sure to take the exact same amount of hemp oil a couple times a day. From there you can decide if you want to increase or decrease your dosage to get the ideal results for your body. As you discover your sweet spot in terms of dosage, you may find that some days you need a little more and some days a little less. That’s the beauty of Synchronicity and why it is better than other hemp oils—it aligns with your body’s ever-changing chemistry.

Fourth Rule: Give It Time

As you start dialing in which hemp oil dosage works for you, be sure to notice how quickly it takes effect with your body. Some people can start to feel the effects of hemp oil in a few minutes. For others, it can take a little more time. So before you think it’s not working and that you should take more, make sure you allow a few hours for your body to react.

What Others Are Asking About Hemp Oil Dosage and Serving Size

The great thing about this is that millions of other people have the same questions you do. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions we get when people start adding Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to their wellness routines.

Can I take too much?

The simple answer is: No. Hemp oil is considered non-toxic and acceptable for humans in high amounts. But because all bodies react differently, it is possible to take a dosage that is too strong for you. That does not mean it will harm you. This is why it is important to start with a small dose and work your way up. Do not assume that if you are a larger person (like a male who is 6’5″ and weighs 225 lbs.) that you need more right away.

Can I use hemp oil daily?

Yes! Think of Synchronicity as part of your regular wellness routine. Just like you take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is a natural supplement designed to help you achieve balance and a better quality of life.

Can I give hemp oil to my kids?

It is true that hemp oil might be safe for all ages, but we strongly recommend you contact your pediatrician or physician to determine if hemp oil is right for your child and how to determine a dosage.

Can I give hemp oil to my pets?

Many people purchase hemp oil for their pets to help with aging joints or anxiety brought on by separation or noise. Our recommendation is 1 mg for every 10 lbs. of weight for dogs, 1 mg for every 20 lbs. of weight for cats, and just 5 mg for every 1,000 lbs. of weight for horses. Start with two servings a day and closely monitor the animal.

Should I take Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil or CBD?

It’s very important to know the difference between Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD, as some companies use them interchangeably, but they are very different. CBD is just one of the hundred nutrients found in the hemp plant. To make CBD, many companies use harsh CO2 processes to isolate it, which can decrease the potency of the nutrients. On the other hand, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is made from the entire hemp plant, so you receive all the nutrients including CBD, but without the harsh extraction process. Basically, it’s better for your body. Synchronicity products are 100% Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and go a step further to only use our own sustainably-farmed proprietary hemp plants.

We hope this detailed guide to determine how much hemp oil you should take was helpful. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us. We are always happy to have a conversation about Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and how it can lead to a better way of life.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Which Is Better?

Everything You Need to Know About Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Yes, CBD oils and tinctures have been all the rage for the past couple of years. But what if we told you that you could get all the benefits of CBD plus hundreds of other cannabinoid nutrients in a cleaner, purer, more potent product? It’s called Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. And whether it’s in an oil form or tinctures, we’ll tell you why it’s the better choice for your body. 

What Is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Before we weigh the pros and cons of hemp oils vs tinctures, let’s start by understanding Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is made by pressing whole hemp plants and infusing them with an MCT oil to maintain all the cannabinoid nutrients of the plant. Like CBD, it can come in many forms, from oils to tinctures to topicals. But unlike CBD, it’s not made by using harsh CO2 extraction processes. So, in the end, you get a cleaner, purer, more potent product.

Why Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil?

There are many reasons to take Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil instead of just CBD oil, but here are the main two.

  1. CBD oil companies use harsh CO2 extraction methods to isolate the CBD from the rest of the hemp plant. That’s not good for you or the plant.  
  2. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products like Synchronicity use the whole hemp plant so you get all the benefits, including CBD, but without THC and any of the nasty production methods. It’s a win-win.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil – Comparison Chart

Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Tinctures

Now the next step, selecting a form of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil that suits your needs. There are many forms, but we will compare and contrast two of the most popular forms: oils vs. tinctures.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oils

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oils are cannabinoid nutrients from whole hemp plants infused with an oil solution. For example, Synchronicity uses an MCT oil that is a premium coconut oil, which allows for maximum absorption. Pure hemp oil products are more highly concentrated than tinctures.

The most common way to consume hemp oil is by vaporizing it with a vaping device. You can consume it orally, but due to the concentration level, it is not as pleasant-tasting as tinctures.  Also, some people like to mix it with food or drinks, but again, tinctures are a much better option because they have a more pleasant taste.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures

Here’s where there might be some confusion. Tinctures are made from hemp oil but are a less concentrated form based on their method of creation. Basically, the hemp oil is mixed with alcohol or another oil just like before, but then it’s heated up to bind the molecules together. You’ll also find that many tinctures have natural flavors added to them so they are easier to take.

Tinctures are sold in small bottles with droppers and are intended to be taken orally and swallowed. Unlike hemp oils, tinctures cannot be vaporized. However, they are much easier to add to your favorite beverages or foods. You can easily put a few drops into your morning coffee or incorporate it a small amount into a salad dressing. Tinctures are very versatile in that way.

The convenience of the tiny bottles makes tinctures easy to take with you and use throughout the day. The dropper attached to the top of the tincture lid allows you to easily measure and adjust your dosage. This means that you can take tinctures in the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on how your body reacts to individual doses.

Final Word

As you can see, the oils vs. tinctures question really comes down to how you want to consume Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. If you are new to Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, give Synchronicity Berry Lemonade tincture a try. It contains all the beneficial cannabinoid nutrients, including CBD, and has a taste that’s easy to enjoy.

As you dive deeper into the world of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, make sure to compare and contrast products on the market, as they can vary greatly in quality.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Acne

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Acne

Millions of people suffer from acne that makes it difficult for them to have the confidence they once had without acne. With the many reported benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil, many users have experienced and improvement in their acne. 

There has been an explosion in products that include full-spectrum hemp oil. From beauty products to coffee, you can find full-spectrum hemp oil or CBD (cannabidiol) oil is just about everything if you know where to look. 

While acne is common in high school as a teen, many people suffer from adult acne which can be much more emotionally trying. Skin problems make people turn to all kinds of different products, remedies, solutions, and entire systems to solve. Many of these solutions are toxic and have tons of chemicals in them. Not to mention skin care products with an emphasis on clearing acne can be very expensive.

With the many products on the market, many people are turning to topical and ingestible full-spectrum hemp oil to help them clear acne and restore balance to the skin. There are many causes of acne, and everyone is different, but at the base of all dis-ease and every ailment is an inherent imbalance in the body. Where there is an imbalance within the body, the skin is the first to show signs, like the body’s alarm that something isn’t right. 

Causes of Acne

From hormones to clogged pores and dry skin, there are many reasons for acne, especially in adulthood. We live primarily urban lives which exposes the skin to all kinds of toxins, chemicals, lack of fresh air and sun, and disconnection from nature. At the root of a pimple is imbalance and  inflammation, which is why the skin is visibly red and irritated.

Among the most common causes of acne, we see an imbalance. There is either too much or too little of something, and that is when we see a breakout happen.

  • Pores clogged by dead skin
  • Excess sebum produced
  • Excess Bacteria
  • Hormone change or imbalance

Everything from clogged pores to cystic acne is frustrating and painful. Treating acne prone skin from the inside and the outside simultaneously can help to restore balance to the interior of the body so the exterior can glow.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Acne

Full-spectrum hemp oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant, but it can’t get you high, don’t worry. Cannabis and its cousin hemp have been used for thousands of years for healing various ailments, acne and skin irritations and imbalances included.

A 2016 review of the cannabis plant highlighted its antibacterial and anti-fungal effects. These effects may help reduce infections from dirt and other pollutants on the skin. Additionally, full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD oil is known to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. 

Topicals like balms and lotions made from full-spectrum hemp oil are wonderful for the exterior, and full-spectrum hemp oil helps bring balance to the interior. When the body is in a state of homeostasis, acne, stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and many other ailments can come back to their neutral state and be resolved.

Full-spectrum works with the body’s own cannabinoid receptor system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), to bring balance back to the body. The ECS was discovered in the late 1980s and it revolutionized our understanding of how the body works as a singular organism, rather than in segmented parts studies by medical specialists. When we view the body as a singular organism, it becomes easier to understand how an imbalance in the gut could result in an imbalance in the skin, etc. 

Additionally, the ECS can both produce and receive cannabinoids, which full-spectrum hemp oil is full of. Using the whole plant ensures that all the parts of the hemp plant can work together and interact with the ECS at a high level.

The receptors in the ECS, CB1 and CB2, can receive THC and CBD, two compounds found in the hemp plant and included in full-spectrum hemp oil. And this is where it gets really cool. When we consume full-spectrum hemp oil, the ECS doesn’t have to work as hard to produce native cannabinoids and can receive them from the tincture. If the body is imbalance and not in homeostasis, then the ECS is also not performing at its optimal rate and things like stress, anxiety, mental clarity, pain, sleep, and appetite can be affected. 

How to Use Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Acne

There are many ways to include full-spectrum hemp oil in your skin care and beauty routine. Coming at the problem from both the inside and the outside will garner the best results. And working with a high-quality product like Synchronicity will make all the difference. 

Here’s an easy daily regime to follow to try full-spectrum hemp oil for your acne:

Morning: Wash your face with a soothing cleanser, not an exfoliant. Put 3-5 drops of Synchronicity full-spectrum hemp oil* in your palm and gently massage into your entire face and neck. Follow up with 25mg of full-spectrum hemp oil under the tongue, or take the equivalent in capsule/edible form. 

*Full-spectrum hemp oil tincture is more concentrated than a topical lotion or balm, and is recommended for this type of application. You can use a full-spectrum topical in addition if you like. 

Afternoon: With your lunch, put 10-15mg of full-spectrum under your tongue, or in capsule/edible form.

Evening: Repeat the steps from the morning and go to bed with a clean, moisturized face.

The combination of full-spectrum hemp oil being metabolized by the body and absorbed by the skin is crucial. The skin is our largest detoxifying organ, and coming at the problem from both ends will address and issues and imbalances from the inside out. 

Results may vary and you may have to go through some trial and error to find the correct dosage for your skin. In addition to helping your skin from the inside, consuming full-spectrum hemp oil may also help you find more mental focus, less anxiety, better sleep, balance appetite, and much more.

The key to all of this, however, comes down to a high-quality and trusted product like Synchronicity. There are so many products on the market these days, and working with the best of the best will garner the best results.