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5 Surprising Facts About Hemp & Heart Health

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Let’s talk about your heart. It’s an important but not necessarily pleasant topic. Today, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in America. Every year, more than 650,000 Americans die from heart-related health complications. So, what’s the solution to this crisis? Should we look to allopathic or naturopathic medicine for answers? Some of you may even be curious about the connection between hemp & heart health and whether hemp is safe for heart patients.

The world’s deadliest diseases (like smallpox, malaria, and cholera) tend to originate from a solitary cause, but the heart is a special case. It’s both the most complex and vital part of the human body.

There are also many risk factors for heart disease. This can make heart health complicated, given just how many things can go wrong. Add to that the fact that heart medication often has significant side effects, and it’s no wonder that people are looking for alternatives.

To find answers about heart health, we turned to an expert. Dr. Joel Kahn, a preventative cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University, recently became a Functional Remedies ambassador. An author of multiple books and treatises on heart health, Dr. Kahn has seen positive results from using Hemp products for relief. Now, he’s sharing his expertise with us, backed by science and personal experience.

Below, we reveal five surprising facts about hemp & heart health you likely didn’t know.

1) There's a Connection Between Cannabinoids and Blood Pressure Rate

High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for hypertensive heart disease, which causes chest pains, thickening of the cardiac muscles, heart failure, and heart attacks. Blood pressure tends to rise under stress, which is where a potential connection with the cannabinoids in hemp comes in.

In 2009, Brazilian scientists used rats to test this connection. They subjected a group of rats to stressful situations. In response, the rats experienced a measurable increase in their blood pressure and heart rates. Both, however, were lowered after the rats were injected with a dose of CBD, a central cannabinoid in hemp.

A 2017 study tried to reproduce these results with healthy human volunteers. These volunteers were also subjected to stressful situations. One group of volunteers was given a dose of CBD (the treatment group), while the other took a placebo (the control group). The measurably reduced blood pressure in the treatment group was statistically significant.

These are just two studies, of course. However, they both showed the same thing: hemp, and CBD in particular, plays an important role in lowering the blood pressure and decreasing the heart rate in stressful situations. Given that high blood pressure and rapid heart rates can lead to degenerative heart conditions, the connection between hemp and heart health may be a significant breakthrough if confirmed by further research.

Dr. Kahn, for his part, has seen similar results in his Detroit, Michigan, practice. When his patients use Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products from Synchronicity™, they obtain physical relief from symptoms related to stress. And, given the close relationship between stress and blood pressure, the connection to heart health becomes clear.

2) Hemp May Help Reduce Damage to the Cardiac Muscles

The swelling of cardiac muscles or the inner lining of the heart’s chambers is a serious condition. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, medications, and even autoimmune attacks are the likely cause of the swelling, which (if left untreated) can result in lasting problems and even death.

Hemp, due to a multiplicity of healing compounds, has shown great potential for reducing this type of swelling. The National Institutes of Health, for instance, classify cannabidiol (CBD) as “a phytocannabinoid … with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemopreventive” properties. That’s due to a three-step process that occurs when hemp interacts with the human body:

  • The 2-AG endocannabinoid binds with the CB2 receptor in the human body.
  • The immune system sends out fewer immune cells to attack.
  • This tends to lead to reduced swelling and physical discomfort.

When Dr. Kahn Speaks, the World Listens

The growing wealth of information supporting positive benefits that hemp and CBD has on human health has provided us with some neat insight on the roles that dosages of CBD can have on the heart.

A 2011 study on the subject appeared to confirm the positive effects of this chemical interaction. It calls hemp a “prototype for anti-inflammatory drug development” that deserves further study, thanks to its utility in treating a wide range of human diseases and disorders — including chronic heart conditions.

Again, more research is needed to confirm these findings. The human heart is a delicate but complex organ, and a single study may not suffice to conclude that hemp reduces the swelling of cardiac muscles. Still, given its relative lack of side effects (compared to prescription heart medication), hemp is an intriguing find that could result in significant breakthroughs for heart health.

Kahn’s insistence that any product he recommends to patients be supported by science is critical. If “America’s Healthy Heart Doc,” a world-renowned leader in natural and preventive medicine, advocates for Hemp Oil products, it’s worth paying attention. Studies show that low health literacy leads to negative outcomes for heart patients. So, set aside your apprehensions and learn how hemp can help you achieve optimal wellness. Choosing hemp may be one of the best decisions you make in 2020.

3) The Fatty Acids in Hemp May Improve Heart Health

Another, more established way of improving heart health is through omega-3 fatty acids. According to Healthline.com, these fatty acids provide wide-ranging benefits directly related to protecting the most vital organ in your body. These acids can:

  • Contribute to a significant reduction in triglycerides (up to 30%). High triglyceride levels, which can cause your arteries to thicken, are a major risk factor for heart disease.
  • Reduce blood pressure, which we’ve discussed above as another important control factor for heart health.
  • Contribute to the rise of HDL cholesterol levels, which medical professionals maintain reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in your body.
  • Help prevent the formation of blood clots in the heart, and according to one study, provide “early protection against sudden death.”

More Studies Demonstrating the Power of Hemp in Reducing Degenerative Cardiovascular Disease

The property seen here seems to be prime hemp farming country. Rich soils, and high elevations with lots of sunshine suits the growth of Hemp oil. Synchronicity grows a very special strain of hemp that only Synchronicity has access to. This proprietary species creates some of the most complex flavors and allows processors to keep more cannabinoids after cultivation and readying for consumption.

And, that’s just the beginning. Other studies also show that fatty acids reduce swelling as well as prevent a build-up of plaque that hardens arteries. A 2017 study by the University of Illinois, using animal tissue, revealed a “cascade of chemical reactions that convert omega-3 fatty acids into cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory benefits.”

Most of these studies, it should be said, have been conducted with fish oil, traditionally the largest natural source of fatty acids. However, hemp is an effective alternative to fish oil, given its similarly high fatty acid contents.

Medical experts like Dr. Kahn now consider Hemp Oil to be one of the world’s healthiest oils, thanks in part to its natural richness in omega-3 and omega-3 SDA. Some have even argued that Hemp Oil may soon replace fish oil as the preferred natural protection against some of the above-mentioned risk factors.

4) There's a Link Between Herbal Remedies and Heart Health

It may not surprise you to know that diet plays a major role in heart health. Specifically, eating a healthy diet is important if you want to protect yourself from degenerative heart disease. Herbal remedies, in particular, play a major role in that process.

Take a look at some of the tips the Mayo Clinic provides for a more heart-healthy diet:

  1. Reduce your portion size but eat more nutrient-rich foods.
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruits, which are natural sources of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Eat whole grains, which are good sources of fiber and other nutrients that regulate blood pressure.
  4. Limit unhealthy (saturated and trans) fats and increase your intake of healthier fats found in safflower oil, fish, nuts, and seeds.
  5. Choose low-fat protein sources like lean meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, and eggs.
  6. Reduce the sodium in your food, ideally to no more than 1,500 milligrams a day.
  7. Plan ahead by creating daily menus that allow you to make realistic changes.
  8. Allow yourself the occasional treat to balance things out and satisfy your occasional cravings.
A healthy diet no doubt plays an utterly crucial role in your wellness. Studying nutrition, or visiting a dietician may be the best choice some can make for their own health. Maybe one day, we'll learn that CBD can play stronger unique roles in our health from the stance of our gut and digestion.

But here’s the thing: sticking to this exact schedule, without any deviations, can be incredibly difficult. That’s why even the most health-conscious individuals among us turn to supplements to provide some of the nutrients missing from their regular diets.

You’ll want to be careful in the types of supplements you ingest, of course. Some, but not all, are beneficial for your heart. Talk to your medical professional, and you’ll find supplements that work for you.

In his search for natural supplements to improve his own health, Dr. Kahn tried Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil in capsule form. The results were impressive enough that he’s now the global hemp ambassador for Functional Remedies.

5) Hemp & Heart Health: Those Negative Effects You Read About Aren't True

If you’ve done your research on cannabis and ways to combat heart disease, you may have come across some medical research that portrays hemp negatively. You may be surprised to learn, however, that this research is not actually related to hemp.

A 2019 article by the Harvard Medical School, for instance, found potentially significant heart risks associated with marijuana and THC. For example, “people with established heart disease who are under stress develop chest pain more quickly if they have been smoking marijuana than they would have otherwise.”

However, the article makes it clear that these negative effects are related to marijuana, not hemp.

We’ve written extensively about the differences between these two strands of cannabis, of course. It’s true that they are related, but they’re far from the same thing. As one of our scientists explained in a related article,

“They’re two forms of the cannabis plant that are actually very different from each other. That difference is especially apparent in their chemical makeup. The main distinguishing factor centers on a lower proportion of THC and a much higher proportion of CBD in industrial hemp, compared to its marijuana counterpart.”

Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, meaning that the aforementioned negative effects of marijuana don’t actually apply to hemp and Hemp Oil products.

That’s important to keep in mind, as you consider adopting hemp into your daily routine. The risk factors for heart health, from what studies have shown, originate from marijuana, not hemp (as popularly thought).

Leverage Synchronicity™ Hemp Products to Protect Heart Health

The science and evidence surrounding the benefits of Hemp Oil for heart care is still growing. But, it’s important to understand that increasingly, medical professionals like Dr. Kahn have begun to recognize the potential of hemp in treating their patients.

Dr. Kahn specifically was intrigued by a partnership with us because of the quality of our products:

“I was drawn to Functional Remedies because I not only saw phenomenal results using their products myself and with my patients—but the company is also backed by strong science, a team with integrity, and delivers the highest quality products that set the industry standard.”

And it’s that natural element that especially drew Dr. Kahn in:

“Whenever I open a bottle of Functional Remedies Hemp Oil, it makes me feel closer to nature; like smelling fresh-cut grass. I don’t get the same experience with other Full-Spectrum hemp products on the market. Functional Remedies uses a different process of extraction that captures the whole family of compounds that are in this plant and you can tell just by smelling it.”

That whole family of compounds, of course, is what our Synchronicity line of products is all about. Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products have been refined over two decades, delivering a multitude of benefits that range far beyond what CBD alone can offer.

The cannabinoids, polyphenols, terpenes, and fatty acids in our products work in synergy to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts — creating the True Entourage Effect™ we’re so proud of.

The medical community is still exploring the potential connections between hemp and heart health. However, our products can help in a variety of ways. Contact us to learn more about the types of products we offer, from tinctures to topical solutions, and how they may benefit your life and health.


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